Best Ab Machines at Gym For 2022: Top Rated Abdominal Machines Review

Think about your money management. When you save some money after expenses, what do you do with it? You keep it in your bank. When you save some more money, you add it to your account. The more money you add, the fatter your bank balance becomes.

This is exactly how your body works with calories. Most of the times you intake more calories than you need. And the body transforms the extra calories to fat and stores it on your stomach. This process is like your money management system.

The result is devastating. As much as it supplies the extra fats to other body parts like heart, it interferes with your movements. And, last but not least, your popped up stomach gives you a ridiculous look.

5 Best Ab Machines at Gym: Editor’s Pick

Working out on abs muscles intertwines working out on fat. Here our target is to help you find an instrument that you can use to perform the best abs workouts. “Top 10 Best Ab Workout Machine” is our review title. But we are introducing not just ten instruments but ten groups of instruments. You can perform effective abs exercises with any of these tools.

10 Best Ab Machines at Gym:

1. Adjustable Sit-Up Bench

  •  XMark 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416.1

XMark 12 Position Ergonomic Adjustable Decline Ab Bench XM-4416.1
  • ADJUSTABLE: With 12 levels of decline adjustment on a 47 inch rail using a locking pop-pin and a leg holder, this XMark Adjustable Ab Bench will target your ab muscles and challenge anyone from fitness novices to the most dedicated of athletes
  • CONVENIENCE: Features a bullhorn handlebar for easier and safer mounting and dismounting of the ab bench. Rear transport wheels make moving this bench a breeze. Easily position it in any area of your workout space or roll it out for easy storing
  • STABILITY: Sports a heavy-duty 14-gauge steel mainframe construction and a 2 inch by 3 inch back support, making it extremely stable, all coated in a baked scratch-resistant powder coat finish
  • ERGONOMIC: Designed to prevent or reduce back strain with an ergonomically positioned leg holder which has large 4-inch contoured roller pads and extra thick 2.5-inch double stitched sweat and tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl cushions
  • AB STRENGTH: XMark has got your back. This Adjustable Ab Bench will meet you at the level you’re at to enable you to achieve your fitness goals whether it’s sculpting a six pack, whittling the waist, or simply maintaining an active lifestyle

Are you dreaming of enhancing your abs? Are you dreaming of building a perfect six-pack? Are you dreaming of cutting down the extra layer of fat hanging over your stomach? Then here is the good news. This home gym equipment offers you a whole nine yards of workouts to shape your midsection the way you want.

It allows the performers to aim their abs from several different angles. It allows them to work out several critical exercises to achieve the goal. You use your own body weight for resistance with this instrument. You can perform declined crunch and decline sit up.

It allows you to work out also inclined leg raise, inclined knee raise, and slanted twist. It has a comfortable slope platform for lying down. The angle of this platform is adjustable at 12 different positions.

Thus you can change the amount of resistance by changing the angles. Its features include also a support handle and two panels of leg rollers. Thick cushions make the lying down bench and leg rollers comfortable. 14 gauge steel constructs its main frame.

And thus it guarantees extended durability as well as steadiness. Also it is scratch proof. You would want to keep it visible because of its classy look. You want this instrument to enhance both your physical appearance and home decoration.

  • Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench

Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench
  • Thickly padded bench with durable stitched vinyl upholstery
  • Bench adjusts to 4 levels
  • Adjustable, split thigh support. Recommended use- Use with or without dumbbells for ripped abs and a strong back
  • Heavy-duty 2” steel frame construction
  • Easy-to-reach extended hand grips
  • Pivoting foam rollers hold your lower leg in place for hyperextension exercises, and feet in place for crunches
  • High-density foam pads add comfort and support

The Stamina Ab/Hyper provides you terrific midsection power, peeled abs, and strong back muscles. It enables you to work out on your top and middle abdominal muscles. And you can perform them in four crunching positions ranging from 180 to a 30 degree slope. You can aim your bottom back muscles with stand-up hyper extension workouts.

A pull in and out system pin enables you to adjust the bench’s angle in quick and easy manner. This change allows you to enhance and lower your exercise intensity.

The thigh support of the ab (hyper) bench is adjustable to match the length of your leg. The foam on the pivot ankle rollers secure your ankles to align your body in the proper workout position.

This instrument comes with thick padded bench for lying down and 4-level adjustable bench. It provides comfortable vertical split thigh rest platforms. Its footrests protect your feet against slipping. The hand grip bar has a universal width to match all hand sizes.

Its heavy-duty steel structure makes it durable. The slip-proof rubber foot caps protect the floor. Its assembled dimension is 56 x 27 x 35 inches. And it is portable.

You can perform knee raise and leg raise from horizontal position. It allows you to perform also standing reverse abs pull and horizontal knee twist. The manufacturer provides 5 year warranty for frame and 90 days warranty for parts.

  • TKO Commercial FID Dumbbell Bench

TKO Commercial FID Dumbbell Bench
  • Easily adjustable incline/decline bench for free weight workouts
  • Ideal for use in the home and light commercial gyms
  • Incline adjustments from 0 to 80 degrees; decline adjustment to -10 degrees
  • Transport wheels and a handle for easy storage
  • Measures 54 by 24 by 53 inches (HxWxD)

The TKO Commercial FID Dumbbell Bench is not an exclusive abs working out machine. Rather, it is an instrument for free weight workouts. Then why have we brought it up in this review? It is a great instrument for supporting many of your abs related free weight exercises.

It is a sitting platform with back rest. It is perfect for balance training. It does not have any feature to render you automatic support for stability. Thus it forces you to develop your own system to maintain equilibrium. This is something that is vital for the athletes like acrobats and boxers.

You can perform all free weight exercises that need sitting position. You can perform knee raise and leg raise with this machine. It has inclined and declined angles ranging from 10 to 80 degrees. Heavy duty steel ensures its great durability. It has an amazing classy look within a 53 x 32.5 x 54 inches dimension. Manufacturer’s warranty is available.

2. Power Tower

  • Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower
  • SPACE SAVER GYM EQUIPMENT FOR HOME: The PT600 Power Tower takes exercise back to basics. Single-side design can be placed by a wall or corner of home gym garage gym. Use it for vertical knee and leg raises, as a dip station, as a lat/pull-up bar, or as...
  • VERSATILE HOME GYM EQUIPMENT: With so many different workout possibilities, you'll be able to easily do strength training, targeting specific muscle groups without the need for weights. Tone your shoulders, biceps, chest, legs, and even abdominal muscles.
  • NO WEIGHTS REQUIRED: Once you have this at-home fitness equipment set up, you'll be able to work out and circuit train easily without anything extra. Now you can easily build muscle and increase definition without purchasing expensive weights.
  • STURDY DESIGN: We designed this standing power tower with traction-ready grips, a height-adjustable frame, padded cushions to protect your arms and back during workouts, and a steady, sturdy base that sets up virtually anywhere, from tiled dens to the...
  • WORKOUT EQUIPMENT FOR HOME WORKOUTS: The Body Champ PT600 Power Tower is perfect for use in a home gym or home office, even if you have limited space. We offer this useful pull up bar station at a more affordable price than similar products that offer the...
  • Sport type: excercise & fitness

The Body Vision PT600 is a product of Body Champ Inc. It is a knee lift station for building abs muscles and upper body. It is a versatile machine that helps you perform many upper and lower body related exercises. The PT600 is a solution for a long lasting fitness and replaces the mobile pull-up bars. It is a steady and strong station that you can set up anywhere you like.

It is suitable for the shiny tiled floors as much as it is for the backyards. You can perform abs crunch, isolated pec work, leg lift, and straight knee lift with this machine. Also, it enables you to perform chin-up, dip, pull-up and push-up. It offers a vertical knee raise (VKR) station and multiple hold positions.

Its features include also stretched grip positions. It has friction-ready holds, dip platform, steady foot hold, and bars for push-up. Durable solid steel builds the PT600’s frame.

It is a 3-platform fitness tool with box fashion cushions. The frame height is adjustable. Its assembled dimension is 57.5 x 42.5 x 84.63 inches. This 64 pounds structure comes with manufacturer’s warranty. This is a seasoned machine for home as well as gym.

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  • Weilder Power Tower

Weilder Power Tower
  • Learn How to Strength Train with iFIT; Gain access to on-demand trainer-led workouts with a full-access 30-day iFIT membership; Wifi and credit/debit card required, cancel anytime
  • Push-up and Dip Stations; Lock in your form for a high-powered upper body workout at the 2-station design; target triceps and activate large muscle groups in upper and core regions of the body
  • Knee-Raise and Pull-up Stations; develop full-body muscle by activating core, upper, and lower-body muscle groups simultaneously with two simple stations
  • Ergonomic Padding; Hand grips, back padding, and elbow padding are designed to keep you focused on your workout and remove distractions and discomfort
  • 300 Lb. User Capacity; Protected with a 90-Day Parts & Labor Warranty; 84" H x 41" W x 57" L Footprint

The ICON Health & Fitness manufactures the Weider Power Tower. The Weider is one of the most renowned brands and fitness tools. It is dominating the market for more than 25 years. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself recognizes it as one of the most effective machines. It is a versatile abs workout machine. Its engineering reduces the difficulties in your exercise process. Are you looking forward to toning and sculpting your midsection? Losing inches from your waist?

Then it is a perfect solution for you. It is a high quality home gym instrument for total strength training for everyone. It is perfect for even those with tight schedules.

This is something that you need to stay in shape and healthy. Its features include Vertical Knee Raise (VKR) platform and Vertical Olympic Rods. It provides Multi-Hold Pull-Up Bar, Dip Unit and Leg Enhancer. It comes with Independent Utility Seat and Adjustable Safety System. And it renders comfortable Hand Holds and Arm Rests.

Its assembled dimension is 57 x 41 x 84 inches with a 94 pounds weight. It is a durable structure and comes with manufacturer’s warranty. You can use this instrument to maintain perfect form. It is fantastic for isolating your core to improve lean and sculpt abs.

You can perform arms based knee and leg raise as well as twist and isolation. You can do the same from the hanging position. This equipment helps you to perform also chest, back, and arms related workouts.

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  • Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Stamina 1690 Power Tower
  • WHY POWER TOWER? Power Towers allow for many different bodyweight exercises, helping you lose weight, build muscle and improve heart health. Bodyweight routines are invigorating and effective for major muscle groups.
  • DIMENSIONS: 49 x 42.5 x 81 | Weight: 61 lbs
  • ALL-IN-ONE FITNESS EQUIPMENT: The versatile Stamina Power Tower 1690 can be used for pull-ups, dips, push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, vertical knee raises and more.
  • STABLE AND COMFORTABLE: Secure foam hand grips at each exercise station provide stability and comfort during exercise. The durable steel frame supports users of up to 250 lbs.
  • FITS MANY SPACES: After an easy assembly, the Stamina Power Tower 1690 is a compact tower, making it ideal for any indoor or garage space. Non-slip endcaps protect whatever surface the Power Tower may rest on.
  • WARRANTY INCLUDED: Comes with 5-year frame and 90 day parts warranty.

Stamina 1690 is the unit you need if you are looking for a serious workout. Get rid of power hour and embrace the Stamina 1690 Power Tower. This is one of the best home gym instruments. The designer of this machine has dedicated to building a more defined and stronger you. Its multiple workout stations support sit ups, pull ups, push ups, dips, and many more.

The manufacturer has designed it at the dimension of only 49 x 42.5 x 81 inches to fit in small spaces. Also its 54 pounds weight allows you to move it around without much effort. It has a strong steel frame for concrete support. Anti-Slip End Caps prevents slipping.

It is a man-to-machine user friendly device. It has pull up, dips, push up, chin up, and sit up stations. And the grips of these platforms come with foam pad. Manufacturer’s warranty is available.

This is an effective power tower for strength training and shaping your abdominal muscles. You can perform straight knee lift, leg lift, raised knee twist, and sit up with this tool. Also it enables you to work out on also your biceps, triceps, chest, back, and shoulder muscles. This machine is among the first row abdominal muscle builders.

3. Roman Chair

  • Marcy Roman Chair

Marcy Roman Chair
  • VERSATILE EQUIPMENT – This training bench can be used for a wide variety of abdominal workouts. It helps strengthen the lower back while targeting the glutes and hamstring muscles for superb definition. Carve out the rock-hard abs you’ve always wanted...
  • HYPEREXTENSION BENCH – The Marcy Roman Chair features a back hyperextension station that lets you position yourself correctly while performing a variety of movements. Sit and lean backward to develop your core or flip over to perform back workouts with...
  • INTEGRATED PADDING – This gym equipment comes with high-density foam, padded handles, adjustable two-foam leg holders, and polymer upholstery to accommodate a variety of workout regimens for your convenience and maximum comfort.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – Made with a sturdy, heavy-duty tubing frame with a powder-coated finish, this equipment is guaranteed to stand the test of time! It won’t sway under your weight, as the structure’s solid frame and ergonomic style...
  • GYM-AT-HOME EXPERIENCE – Whether you’d like to strengthen your core, ease back pain, improve your posture, or build your six-pack abs, the Marcy Roman Chair will bring you a safe and solid way to work on your fitness goals right in the comfort of...

Are you thinking about performing some serious abs workouts? The Roman Chair is something that you need. It is an exercise instrument for working on plural body parts including abs. Its alternative name is Hyper Extension Bench. Many companies have manufactured many Roman Chairs.

But the Marcy Roman Chair is the most popular. And there is the valid reason for it. The Marcy Roman Bench offers you the highest quality product within a reasonable price.

This instrument allows you to leave the floor to stretch and empower your abs and back muscles. By using this machine, the enhanced fitness you will achieve will surprise you. Its features include cushioned sitting bench, padded supports for ankles, and horizontal handles. Its leg holders are adjustable.

The Impex has used rock solid steel to build its frame. And thus there is no question about its extended durability. Its assembled dimension is only 43.5 x 28 x 38 inches. Manufacturer’s warranty is available.

With this instrument, you can perform some challenging workouts without any trainer. Also, you need no extra weight since your own body weight works as resistance. It enables you to perform perfect sit ups and reverse abdominal muscle pulls.

Also you can perform locked leg side to side body twists. This chair is a safe and concrete way to succeed in your fitness aim. And its classy look enhances the style of your home.

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  • Stamina X Hyper Bench

Stamina X Hyper Bench
  • Thickly padded bench with durable stitched vinyl upholstery; Bench adjusts to 4 levels; Adjustable thigh support
  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction; Easy-to-reach extended hand grips
  • Pivoting foam rollers hold your lower leg in place for hyperextension exercises, and feet in place for crunches; High-density foam pads add comfort and support
  • Non-slip rubber frame caps also protect floors
  • Folds for easy storage

Are you looking for an instrument to carve and strengthen the midsection of your body at home? Are you searching for a workout tool to achieve better balance and reduce the risk of injury? Then grab the Stamina X Hyper Bench without a second guess.Besides burning fat, this station will give you the handsome core you want.

With this machine, you control the intensity of the exercise as you can use it with or without weights. Since it allows you to use your own body weight as resistance, you don’t need any external weight. Its cushioned seat provides you ultimate comfort to sit on.

The same is true about its ankle locker. Its padded horizontal handles offer non-slip grip. The bench angle is adjustable and thus you can enhance or reduce your exercise intensity. It has non-slip rubber frame footrests and floor caps. When you flip over, you can use the bench as a thigh rest also.

Using these features, you can perform many different workouts. It allows you to enjoy crunches, sit ups, and reverse abdominal muscle pulls. You can perform locked leg body twists from both lying down and flipped over positions. By holding the handles from sitting position, you can free your legs and perform knee and leg raises. It is skid and scratch proof. Its portability allows you to fold it for storage.

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  • XMark 45 Degree Ab Back Hyperextension Roman Chair XM-4428

XMark 45 Degree Ab Back Hyperextension Roman Chair XM-4428
  • Twelve levels of adjustments
  • Tricep dip handles
  • Oversized 8” x 4” contoured rollers
  • 14-gauge steel mainframe construction with scratch resistant powder coat finish
  • Extra thick 2.5-inch high-density cushion and double stitched, tear-resistant Duraguard vinyl

The XM-4428 is a workout instrument you can use for several exercises. It is suitable for both gym and home. It targets on improving your abs, lower back, and oblique muscles. You can develop your stretching, motion range, and circulation with this machine. It helps you build, trim, and define your body.

It is a superb Hyper Extension Bench perfect for your home exercise. You can use its cushioned slope bench as both seat and thigh rest.

The materials used for building the bench provide you with ultimate comfort. Its padded ankle lock panel stabilizes your ankles from both front and back positions. Its features include also horizontal dip handles and slip-proof footrests. It is skid proof too.

The default position of the bench is 45 degree. But you can adjust it at 12 different angles. In accordance, it is an ideal tool for decompressing your back. The material used for constructing its main frame is 14 gauge 2 x 3 rectangle shaped steel.

Thus it is perfect to meet your expectation for durability. Its wide horseshoe patterned base ensures stability. The materials used to wrap the bench, hand grips, and ankle lockers resist against sweat. You can perform crunch, knee raise, and leg raise to work on your abdominal muscles.

The exercises include also body twist and flip over midsection muscles pull. This machine allows you to gain the most out of every training session.

4. AB Rocket

  • Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer

Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer
  • Ab workout device for toning abdominal muscles or strengthening core
  • Back and head apparatus comfortably supports you head and neck
  • Rolling cushion delivers gentle massage while you work out
  • 3 resistance levels, requires only 5 minutes per day, weighs 10 pounds
  • Includes low-calorie meal plan and instructional DVD; folds for storage

Some say that the Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer can strengthen the abs muscles in just five minutes! But we are reluctant to confirm that. It is up to you to find it out. What we confirm is this machine does define your midsection within a short period of time.

The time length may be eight to twelve weeks depending on the intensity of your performance. There is a lot of competitions in the abs fitness equipment market.

The Rocket Abdominal Trainer has survived in that ring. Why? It has succeeded because of its evident efficiency. What we are talking here about this instrument is not just a bunch of jargon but its track record. Its unique user friendly design supports your head, neck, and back.

So, you don’t inflict pressure on improper areas while working out your midsection exercises. Its simplistic construction allows you to work on different parts of your abs muscles. The makers of this machine kept in mind that all performers would not have the same fitness and size.

That’s why they made it adjustable. You can adjust the tension as per your needs. It is adjustable to suit different levels and sizes. This machine has supportive gears for your head and neck.

The most interesting aspect of this machine is its rollers! They massage your back in the course of your exercise. It is a great instrument for limited space. Its weight is less than 20 pounds. Also you can fold it to store even under a bed.

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  • Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer

Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer
  • Abdominal chair designed to work upper abs, lower abs and oblique's
  • Backrest includes padded massage rollers that pivot with your body
  • Padded swivel seat twists and turns with your lower abs for core strengthening
  • 3 resistance levels: yellow (low), blue (medium) and red (high)
  • Comes with 4 fat-blasting DVD workouts and low-calorie meal plan

The Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer offers the most outstanding way to define abs. Use this machine to build your midsection without any side effect whatsoever. Don’t have time to go to the gym every day?

Don’t worry. This machine assumes the responsibility for shaping your abdominal muscles. It is a torso workout chair. You can reach your goal with no back or neck strain. You need no personal trainer, no expensive gym memberships.

You can work out at your convenient time and place. What else do you want? This instrument offers you a whole nine yards. All you have to do is to get on this chair, rock, and twist. Done deal. You will start to see the result within a week.

Its padded seat provides you comfort in sitting. The side handles supports you for balance. And the comfortable back rollers massage your back while working out. It provides three levels of resistance.

It allows you to perform isolated crunch from vertical position. You can perform also knee and leg raises. You can twist to build your oblique muscles. Its resistance springs provide just right amount of resistance you need. This tool is something that’s all you need to define your top and bottom abs as well as obliques. It is a portable 19 pounds machine having 24 x 7 x 14 inches dimension.

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  • Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer With Flex Master Attachment

Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer With Flex Master Attachment
  • Ab Rocket workout device for toning abdominal muscles or strengthening core (Ab Rocket Twister is not included with this package)
  • Back and head apparatus comfortably supports you head and neck; folds for storage
  • Flex Master workout device provides resistance strength training
  • Strengthens and tones upper and lower body, hips, buns and thighs, arms, and chest
  • Includes low-calorie meal plan and instructional DVD

It is a dual-piece equipment. The package includes an Ab Rocket Abdominal Trainer and a Flex Master Attachment. We already talked about the Ab Rocket above.

So, now let’s examine what the Flex Master is. It is a resistance provider. While using the Rocket, you can use it to make your abs workouts more intense. It also converts the main machine to a full body worker. It builds both upper and lower body.

You can assemble and disassemble it in a minute. Its resistance cables are adjustable. It is a small and light weight tool. You need nothing else when you have the Rocket with this attachment.

5. Ab Crunch Equipment

  • Perfect Fitness Crunch 

Perfect Fitness Crunch
  • Perform crunches comfortably and effectively
  • Flip over for pushups, dips and total body workout
  • Reduce strain on head and neck
  • Perfect for all fitness levels

The Perfect Fitness Crunch is a perfect home gym machine for perfect abs crunches. You need this equipment to concentrate on your abs muscles without distraction. It reduces tension and supports your head, shoulder, and neck. And thus it leads you to focus on the targeted abdominal muscles. It helps you perform crunches in a comfortable and effective way.

It is a perfect tool for all fitness levels. It is a one piece tool for plural workouts. This instrument enables you to perform crunches and isolated crunches. You can switch from crunch mode to dip mode, push up mode to dip mode, and every mode to every mode in a matter of seconds.

Efficiency and simplicity are what the designer kept in mind in designing this equipment. There is no movable part in its structure. And thus you have to worry about nothing to adjust in the course of your workout progression. Its small shape and light weight allow you to set it at any place in your house and to move it around as you please.

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The Ab Roller Evolution takes the stress off your neck, shoulder, and head. Thus you can better able to concentrate on your abdominal muscles. Have you ever thought why you experience neck and back pain while doing crunches? The pain occurs because of the poor techniques. The Ab Roller Evolution prevents application of improper techniques.

You can work out painless crunches because you can keep your neck and head in a neutral position. This is a machine you need to produce result from your abdominal crunches. It is suitable for any and all fitness levels.

This is a multi-functional instrument. You can reverse it to perform a full body workout. This one piece instrument helps you perform your abs workouts in instant and easy manner. There is a fantastic scope for creating an advanced session.

You can add weight for extra resistance. This is a durable structure. This compact piece of instrument is so small that you can set it in any size room or gym. You can now perform all abdominal exercises you need in the comfort of your home.

  • RitFit Ab Roller Evolution Abdominal Machine

RitFit Ab Roller Evolution Abdominal Machine
  • 【TONE YOUR STOMACH】Tone and sculpt your core muscles with this easy-to-use crunch tool.Allows you to perform effective abdominal crunches at any level. Works your core instantly. Flips over for a total body workout.
  • 【YOUR WORKOUT INSTRUCTION】The machine helps you to ensure you will work out the entire abdominal region, including upper and lower abs, and the obliques. It's better to focus on special muscles that are well controlled using your abs.
  • 【STURDY AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN】 Made of durable steel, this abdominal exercise machine has a sturdy construction and build to last.Contract your abdominal muscles and support your neck, lumbar and transverse abs while exercising. Supports your neck,...
  • 【EASY TO USE】Advanced ergonomic protective and no assembly needed headrest helps to provide comfort and relieve pressure/pain on your head while training. Our new headrest made from high-quality, high-density, thick EVA foam for increased durability.
  • 【EASY TO ASSEMBLE】The assembly process of this exercise equipment is very simple and does not require the use of other auxiliary tools.

Working out on abdominal muscles is one of the most popular workouts among the athletes. But it takes more than just crunches to get a trimmed and defined belly. You can have a well defined six pack but it still can be invisible because of the extra layer of body fat on it. This machine rescues you from these problems.

It reshapes you towards the appearance you want. This machine can do a magical job to trim the midsection and shrink the abdominal area. It is a perfect instrument for toning and sculpting your central muscles.

Crunches often produce neck, shoulder, and back strains. The design of this equipment eliminates those strain producing factors. It is a man-to-machine user friendly exercise system.

This one piece workout tool has comfortable slip-less grips. Its box shaped padded seat is great for comfortable sitting, chest rest, and back rest. You can use it with external weights. It has only 22.5 x 24.5 x 27.0 inches of dimension with lengthy durability.

This machine allows you to perform instant work out on your center and to flip it over for full body exercises. It is suitable for performing efficient abdominal crunches at all levels.

6. AB Wheel Review

  • Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro
  • Ultra-wide ab roller with built-in resistance and ergonomic handles to help maximize results of ab roll-out exercises
  • Interior kinetic engine uses a carbon steel spring to provide resistance and amplify abdominal and arm workout
  • Ultra-wide wheel tread offers stability when carving left, right or center for targeted work on obliques
  • Ergonomic hand grips are angled to activate arm and core muscles; handles are removable for easy storage and transport

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is an ab wheel for building abdominal muscles. Ab wheels are small devices that strengthen and define the entire trunk of your body. They work through your body weight exercises.

There is no doubt about that the ab wheels fall among the best instruments for shaping abs. And we are sure you know that there are many ab wheels available in today’s market.

Which one is the best among them? The answer is the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro. Why? Because the unique technology it bases on helps you perform effective abdominal exercises.

The US Navy Seal invented it to provide the soldiers more functional core training. Rolling back and forth is the main process you use to work out with it. The robust spring inside it functions to make the rolling process smoother.

It uses the random motion (aka kinetic) and your body weight as resistance. Thus you can call it Kinetic Assisted Mechanism. This technology guides your motion to automatic accuracy.

So, even the beginners can make proper use out of it. In accordance, it is a fantastic machine for all level performers. You can hold it in firm grips because of its curved handles. It is a perfect instrument for abs and arms workouts.

  • Fitness Master Ab Wheel Roller with Knee Mat

Fitness Master Ab Wheel Roller with Knee Mat
  • ULTIMATE ABDOMINAL AND CORE TRAINER -­ Adults, Men, Women, Children, Kids, Boys, and Girls can burn unwanted belly fat with our uniquely designed ab roller. The Fitness Master Ab Roller builds muscle density and sculpts abdominals, obliques, shoulders,...
  • ERGONOMIC DOUBLE-WHEEL DESIGN ­- Wobble-free non-skid wheels promote stability and control. Foam handles prevent slippage and provide a secure grasp and minimizes hand fatigue while maximizing comfort and control.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION ­- Built to last a lifetime with high quality hard plastic and stainless steel parts. Durable, safe and high load capacity supports any weight.
  • VERSATILE - Not just for floor exercises, this unique fitness equipment can also be used against walls. Great for stretches and extending mobility - even the wheelchair-bound or arthritic sufferers can benefit!
  • MANUFACTURER'S LIFETIME WARRANTY - If there are any issues with your product, simply contact us and we will give you a full refund and send you a new replacement. You don't have to return the product.

The Fitness Master Ab Wheel Roller with Knee Mat is an ab wheel you can bank on. You can rely on this machine for a trimmed six pack and powerful abdominal muscles. It is a high quality core exercise device.

It guarantees you to get your trunk in game. This double wheel ab wheel is a symbol of stability and strength. You can take this small and portable robust power ball with you anywhere you go.

It has two skid proof wheels and a stainless steel handle. The foam wrapped hand grips ensure you no-slip holds. The materials used for framing this tool guarantees lifetime durability. It is a fantastic user-friendly device for a full-scale central body and abdominal workouts.

It increases the core balance and power of your abs, arms, hips, and thighs. It does the same for your shoulders, upper back, and lower back.

Also it minimizes lower back pain. You can use it not only on floor but also on wall. This machine is suitable for performers of all levels. It makes your rolling workouts easier than ever.

Last but not least, it trains you to gain total control over your workout program. So, it is a must for you to keep it in your shopping cart.

  • Elite Ab Wheel Roller

Elite Ab Wheel Roller
  • NO WOBBLY ROLLOUTS WITH OUR ABS ROLLER, you will find the double wheel design provides more stability than a single wheel design. using a better balanced exercise wheel like ours, means you will have more confidence in the exercise itself, and finally the...
  • SMOOTH ROLLING ABS WORKOUT EQUIPMENT THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME, for such a simple device, it sure packs some punch. this lightweight, smooth rolling and compact ab wheel is as sturdy as they come and it will be the last you ever buy. we’re positive...
  • OUR AB WHEEL ROLLER COMES FULLY ASSEMBLED AND READY TO GO, our abs roller pro comes fully assembled and ready to go straight out of the box. you’ll also love the non-slip handles. the handles are really comfortable, and made of a combination of had...
  • HANDY VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS ON OUR WEBSITE FOR YOUR AB WHEEL WORKOUTS, we also have some very helpful “how to videos” on our website (URL on packaging) for those that need some video instruction
  • OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU, at Elite Sportz, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. All fitness equipment from Elite Sportz Equipment come with a 1 year Warranty.

The Elite Ab Wheel Roller launched a revolution in the field of ab workout. It gives you an outstanding fat burning total body exercise that you can perform at any time and any place. It energizes and defines your midsection. Also it shapes your upper and lower body muscles. – You can sit in a parked car and you don’t need to use your leg on the ground to keep the car balanced.

The car stands balanced without your support. But does a parked bicycle behave the same way? No. Why not? The math is simple. Bicycle has no wheels installed side by side. The same principle applies when comparing the Elite Ab Wheel Roller with other ab wheels.

There are two wheels in this machine. They are set side by side and apart from each other. So, it ensures more stability than the rollers with a single column of wheels.

Its user-friendly grips allow you to have a stable hold. And you will feel no strain on your hands. Its portability and small size enable you to carry it around. The materials used for constructing this device are the best of all. Thus it comes with manufacturer’s guarantee for lifetime durability.

7. AB Lounge

  • Ab Lounge 2 Abdominal Exerciser

Ab Lounge 2 Abdominal Exerciser
  • Abdominal workout chair for focusing ab workout on stomach muscles
  • Sturdy floor-based position helps users experience total range of motion
  • Supports body, head, neck, and back; works out upper and lower abs
  • Unique rolled steel frame supports up to 250 pounds; includes workout video
  • Measures 39.5 x 44.5 x 30 inches (W x H x D); 90-day warranty

The Ab Lounge 2 Abdominal Exerciser is like an easy chair. You can perform up to eight abdominal workouts with this equipment. Neck and back strains are usual occurrences when performing abdominal exercises on the floor. But you will not experience these inconveniences with this machine. It is a guarantee. – The Ab Lounge 2 employs a motion called JACKKNIFE.

This technology provides enhanced focus on top and bottom abs as well as oblique muscles. your abdominal muscles are the core target of this instrument. Its steel frame supports as high as 250 pounds of weight. It provides a well built floor-based setting to allow you to experience a full scope of motions. And thus it renders you easy workouts for your upper and lower abs as well as oblique muscles.

Your back, head, body, and neck find total support throughout your entire exercise session. So, it protects you against the accidental strain that may result from poor form. It has an overhead holding ribbon, side handles, and leg locker. Its dimension measures 39.5 x 44.5 x 30 inches.

And you will find it easy to assemble and disassemble. The exercises it allows you to perform include crunch, knee raise, and leg lift. This is a perfect machine for all.

  • Ab Lounge Sport

Ab Lounge Sport
  • Abdominal workout chair for focusing ab workout on stomach muscles
  • Sturdy jackknife design helps users experience total range of motion
  • Works out upper and lower abs; supports body, head, neck, and back
  • Unique rolled steel frame supports up to 250 pounds; includes workout DVD
  • Measures 39.5 x 44.5 x 30 inches (W x H x D); 90-day warranty

Are you suffering from shoulder, back, or wrist pain? Is it hard for you to apply proper form? Do you find it difficult to work out on the floor? Don’t worry anymore. The Ab Lounge Sport is your solution. This machine guarantees to rescue you from these obstacles. This easy chair like the machine is your comfort zone.
You can perform several abdominal exercises with this piece. Its JACKKNIFE motion mechanism makes your midsection workouts easier than ever.

It has an overhead holding ribbon, side handles, and leg locker. Its dimension is 39.5 x 44.5 x 30 inches. It is a portable instrument in the sense that you can take it apart and reassemble it within a couple of minutes.

Its floor-based structure along with the jackknife technology offer you automatic stability. This combination renders you a full scope of relaxed and effective motions.

The mechanism also provides utmost concentration on your whole abs and oblique muscles. You can perform many abdominal exercises. It allows you to perform the crunch, knee fold, and leg raise. This equipment is not just an instrument but your trainer also. This is something you need for comfortable workouts as well as proper movements. It is a solution for every performer.

  • Ab Lounge Ultra

Ab Lounge Ultra
  • Abdominal workout chair for focusing ab workout on stomach muscles
  • Unique ergonomic design helps support head, neck, and back
  • Focus Strap and Iso-Grip handles allow multiple hand positions
  • Rolled steel frame supports up to 250 pounds; includes workout DVD
  • Premium mesh seat material; foldable footprint; 90-day warranty

The Ab Lounge Ultra is a comfortable and effective abs builder for every fitness level. It renders effective works for your top and bottom midsection. It also builds your oblique muscles. Its jackknife technology enables you to perform better abdominal exercise than regular crunches. And because you are not on the floor, your muscles have a full scope of movements for better outcomes.

This model offers an overhead harness and padded handles. These features allow various hand positions. It is like an easy chair on which you can rest with comfort. Its user-friendly feature guards your neck, head, and back for the whole workout session.

Its rolled steel skeleton supports as much as 250 pounds. The soft cushioned seat accommodates comfort. It has a 39.5 x 30 x 44.5 inches dimension with 32 pounds weight. Its portability allows easy storage.

This machine brings you closer to your ever dreamed flat and strong stomach. With this machine, your ab workouts focus on all the essential areas. Are you trying to achieve a quick and effective result?

Then the Ab Lounge Ultra is your solution. It is worth mentioning that it is a wonderful abs building tool for women after surgery.

8. Ab-Doer Twist Abdominal Equipment

  • Ab-Doer Twist Abdominal Trainer 

Ab-Doer Twist Abdominal Trainer
  • Abdominal-based workout that combines muscle toning with aerobic training
  • State-of-the-art Torsion-Flex technology works hard-to-reach muscles
  • Anatomically correct positioning minimizes stress and pain for increased efficiency
  • Contouring arm bars for toning upper body muscles; comfortable swivel-action seat
  • Includes workout DVD with 3 workouts Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced and the Quick Start Guide

The Ab-Doer Twist Abdominal Trainer is what it says it is. This machine is a midsection trainer. It works like an ignition switch of many muscle groups. This machine leads you to energize your muscles and experience an efficient aerobic exercise. And you can do it from sitting position.

And don’t worry about the proper position! The design of this instrument provides you with automatic proper alignment. All you have to do is to just sit on it.

While performing swivel movement, the Ab-Doer Twist burns down your excess body fat. At the same time, it works on the other active muscles of your whole thigh. And you will feel no collateral stress and strain because of the proper alignment.

Its features include user friendly design, comfortable bench, and sweat resistant handles. It comes with a back roller and a footrest as stabilizer. The machine massages your back during your workout session.

It allows you to perform knee crunch, knee raise, and leg raise. The handles enable you to stabilize your body to perform intense leg and knee twists. Besides, you can work on your biceps and triceps as well as upper body.

Its dimension is 27 x 11.4 x 22.4 inches with just 37.4 pound of weight. It is a portable instrument. So, you can fold it for easy storage. This is an exquisite instrument for toning your midsection.

9. AB Coaster

  • Ab Coaster PS500 

Ab Coaster PS500
  • GET A COMPLETE CORE WORKOUT - Target hard to reach lower abs with bottom up motion. Freestyle swivel seat allows you turn and work on troublesome love handles.
  • PERFECT FOR IN HOME USE - The sleek design allows it to fit in a compact space. Easy assembly and detailed instructions will have you set up in minutes!
  • HIGH QUALITY AND DURABILITY - All Steel Construction, 1.5" Rails, Steel Bearings, Vinyl Covered Molded Foam Pads, 300 lb Weight Capacity
  • EXTRAS- DVD and Meal Plan Included, Digital Workout Counter, One Year Warranty

Its previous name is Ab Coaster Pro. It is an extreme machine for energizing and toning your abs and oblique muscles. It is one of its kinds. It launched a revolution in the fitness world. The exercise process it employs is 180 degree different from the ones in the same area. The other traditional instruments work your abdominal muscles from the top down. But the Ab Coaster works them from the bottom up. Well, then it’s natural for you to question what benefit this approach provides?

It helps you to reach and stimulate the most ignored bottom ab muscles. It sets you on the quick track to muscular midsection. Just kneel down on its comfortable cartage and lift your knees upward. As you pull, the knee cartage glides along the curved track. Thus it engages your bottom abs first and then the mid and upper regions. As a result, it provides you an extensive abdominal exercise from the bottom towards up.

This device stabilizes the core by isolating the mid area. The Ab Coaster helps you stay in perfect form and makes it smooth for every one of every fitness level. It is for you if you want to execute correct and efficient exercise every single time. And, of course, it protects you against strains. It measures only 61 x 53 x 33 inches dimension. This is the ultimate abs machine for your home gym.

10. AB Circle Pro

  • Strength and Training Equipment Bundle

Strength and Training Equipment Bundle
  • Friction-free track lets you pivot your body to work ab muscles
  • Challenges your upper, middle, and lower ABS and oblique's
  • Three resistance levels; folds up for easy storage under a bed
  • Includes 3-minute express workout DVD and nutritional guide

The AB Circle Pro takes you off the floor and aims your total core for a toned and defined stomach. It is an interesting and user friendly training equipment. The AB Circle Pro functions like a treadmill for your midsection.

This instrument eliminates the need for crunches and sit-ups but is great for gaining perfect abs. It uses your own body weight as resistance. Related best spray mop. You work out by swinging your body.

This exercise instrument works on your top, mid, and bottom abs. It gives your entire trunk a thorough workout that burns down fats in one simple movement. It allows you to work to energize muscles in your hip and thighs. You can switch workout type by a simple and quick change of a pin.

It is adjustable to meet different heights and fitness levels. Thus every member of your family can use it for the same purpose. You can carry this small instrument everywhere you go. Because of its unique classy look, it can serve as a showpiece in your home.

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Final Verdict

Abdominal exercise is mandatory for all fitness lovers. After reading this review, you know how there are many ways to work on your midsection. What instrument you would choose depends on the specific pattern you like. So, we are reluctant to endorse any particular one.

Rather, it is our position that all these tools are the best of the bests. And we have chosen them to cover all types of abs workouts. Thus we would let you decide which one suits you best.



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