10 Best Cash Register For Small Business For 2021 (Updated)

Most small and large businesses especially those involved in retail cannot operate efficiently without a cash register. As a matter of fact, most businesses that engage in selling goods and services and collecting payment must have a good cash register.

These machines carry-outs several functions such as keeping records of the business as well as preparing sales reports. All cash register’s come with a cash drawer, which is a safe place to keep the money made from sales as well as receipts produced following each transaction.

These machines also possess a lock mechanism which is important for maintaining the highest level of security when the machine is idle. Also, several cash register models come with printers that enable business owners to deliver receipts to their clients.

Top 5 Best Cash Register: Editor’s Pick

However, there are many cash registers in the market and it may be difficult for you to choose the best or choose a machine that will meet all your requirements. This is especially true if you have never bought or used a cash register before. Thus, you need a guide on which cash register to buy and the properties you should look out for according to your needs.

This is why I have come up with the cash register reviews to provide you with an in-depth analysis of some of the best cash registers available in the market today.

Best Cash Register Review:

1. Casio PCR-T273 Electronic Cash Register

Casio PCR-T273 Electronic Cash Register
  • 8 departments/24 departments
  • 999 PLUS/8 Clerks numbers
  • Built-in Rear Customer LCD Display with large font

Casio’s is a well-reputed company, producing a wide variety of quality home and office items to make people’s daily lives easy and productive. An example of such item is their electronic cash registers. Casio’s PCR-T273 is one of the best cash registers for small business, combining style with functionality in a well-designed cash register which balances performance with cost.

In addition to using electricity, this cash register also uses batteries, thus you do not need to worry if there is a power cut. Also, with the Casio T-273 cash register, you will not lose your transactions because it will back up every transaction you have done. However, you must ensure that you are using fresh batteries in your system.

Furthermore, if you are not very good with mathematics don’t worry about how much change to give your customers because the Casio T-273 will calculate the change you are supposed to give the customer when you subtotal and enter the amount tendered.

Another unique feature of this cash register is that allows you to include the name of your store and phone number on the receipt if you desire. It also allows you to have an excellent record of all your daily transactions. This machine also has a single tape thermal printer, providing receipts provided to customers and you can keep transaction records using a hard printed journal tape.

Furthermore, the Casio T-273 has a large LCD screen in front and behind, allowing the customer to also view the prices the operator is entering on the machine. It also has 8 departments and 999 PLU’s for tracking individual item sales. The lower part has a heavy-duty metal cash drawer with 4 compartments for bills and 5 for coins. This compartment can be locked with a key.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses electricity and batteries
  • The price is fair
  • Has a large LCD screen in front and behind
  • Compartment can be locked
  • Calculates customer’s change
  • Can customize receipt

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2. Touch Screen POS System for Retail Stores with Online Management Portal

This cash register has taken technology to another level. If you are looking for a cash register that will allow you to enter all your products online and manage them through an online portal, then this is for you.

It is one of the best cash registers for small retail business because it makes it faster and simpler for you to manage your inventory, compared to conventional cash registers.

Another beautiful feature of this cash register is that its touch screen, enabling you to instantly add items purchased by a customer to the check-out list. Also, if you want, you can attach a bar code scanner to the cash register to increase the efficiency of your check out.

Furthermore, with this cash register, you get everything needed to make it an efficient POS: table stand, touchscreen Android tablet, extremely fast POS receipt printer as well as a cash register drawer.

Interestingly, though the machine’s robust cloud-based management system and free basic pos software you can gain unrestricted access to your business’s inventory and sales report using any device that can gain access to the internet.

This software can be upgraded to a higher version as required with as little as $39 monthly. Since the software is completely Android-based, it means the system is very stable and does not stop working; ensuring that your business is not left stranded in the middle of rush hour.

Additionally, when you purchase this cash register, you are entitled to a free, fully set up credit card terminal which will be activated when you obtain approval for your merchant account application. This cash register is also one of the best cash registers for the restaurant because you won’t have to spend too much on iPad or Windows systems to run your business effectively.

The PoS software of this machine has functions such as; daily shift reports, item discounts, item options, multiple tender options, among others.

Highlighted features

  • Simple to set up the PoS system
  • Comes with cloud based management
  • Multiple upgrade options
  • One year warranty on machine and other hardware
  • Makes your business run smoothly
  • Your product information is secure even if hardware fails
  • Has a touch screen
  • Software system is completely Android-based

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3. SQUARE POS BUNDLE – USB Printer and Epsilont Cash Drawer

SQUARE POS BUNDLE - USB Printer and Epsilont Cash Drawer
  • IMPORTANT - NOT A LAN/NETWORK PRINTER. Square Stand is not compatible with...
  • STAR MICRONICS RECEIPT PRINTER - Integrates easily with Square POS....
  • SQUARE POS STAND - Transform an iPad into a countertop point of sale with...

With Square’s POS system, your staff do not need extra training because of its simple user interface. You can divide your items into categories, drag and drop them accordingly, personalize it to your taste and place popular items prominently. Furthermore, as the globe’s first eco-friendly POS printer, this machine decreases paper consumption by 75% because of its smart paper management system.

Thus, you can ask customers to request receipts as digital copies in email or message. Also, to keep your workers smiling all day, the machine has a tip option suggestion mechanism. Another important feature of this machine is that you will be notified when an item is running low and can alter the details of any item in real-time.

Moreover, there is absolutely no need to create a different processing account because you can take different types of cards, check, cash and even gift cards with your PoS. With payments taken both offline and online.

Highlighted Features

  • Can be connected to apps that can streamline your business
  • Has email marketing platform
  • Can be connected with other PoS software
  • Different options for providing receipts
  • Comes with USB receipt printer, cash drawer and iPad stand

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4. Casio PCR-T2300 Electronic Cash Register

Casio PCR-T2300 Electronic Cash Register
  • 30 Departments/200 Departments
  • 7,00 PLUS/50 Clerks numbers
  • 2-line built-in Rear Customer LCD Display

The Casio PCR-T2300, made by one of the world’s renowned makers of computing items is one of the best cash register for small retail business. It is made with an exquisite blend of world-class functionality and exquisite design.

Its keys are ergonomically made (slightly protruded) to ensure that you or your employee is comfortable while typing commands. Its keyboard has 30 department keys, while its “DEPT SHIFT/DEPT” button is meant to enable you program the number for up to 200 departments and manage them effectively when you need to identify a product quickly and for using the cash register quickly.

Furthermore, this cash register enables you program at least 7000 PLUs which is useful for superbly fast sales. In addition, it has 2 data output displays: one in front of the sales clerk and the other at the rear for the customer to confirm the total price of the transaction.

The output display in front can be tilted to enable the operator to see their data input clearly. The output display not only shows the price of an item or items, it also displays the name of the item and the subtotal. Furthermore, this cash register prints two transaction details, one for the customer and another for the company records.

In addition to this, every data that has been inputted into the machine is saved in its memory for future use. Furthermore, you can decide to personalize the receipt with your company logo, promo messages, or item description.

If you wish, you can also connect a payment device to your cash register to enable you to collect payments with credit and debit cards. This will reduce the time you need to complete a transaction. The lower part has a sturdy cash drawer with 5 compartments each for bills and coins. The SD card space can be used to backup a program or even reload an existing program.

Highlighted Features

  • Has space for SD card
  • Front and rear display
  • Sturdy cash drawer (five for bills and five for cash)
  • 7, 00 PLUs and fifty clerk numbers

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5. Royal TS1200MW Touchscreen Cash Register with 12″ LCD Screen

Royal TS1200MW Touchscreen Cash Register with 12
  • Easy-to-use, convenient features like age verification and table tracking
  • Two serial ports to connect your PC and bar code scanner #582-018, sold...
  • Includes accounting software for your PC

The Royal TS1200MW is one of the best electronic cash registers because it is designed to make it simple for you or your employers to use, so you can concentrate on running your business. It is a touch screen and the majority of its functions are carried out by touching on the right key on its screen.

Furthermore, the menu is simple to navigate and also guides you through any task you want to carry out. This simple electronic cash register comes with an in-built journal that gives information on the date and every detail of stored data.

Another interesting feature of this cash register is that it can calculate at least 4 tax rates automatically, including add-on, Canadian tax as well as VAT. Its LCD touch screen is colored and 12 inches wide. Furthermore, this cash register enables you to program at least 5000 PLUs which is useful for superbly fast sales.

To guard against selling items like alcohol to the underage customer, the Royal TS 1200MW devices the sales clerk to verify the age of the customer through their ID. Also, the machine also protects the stored memory with the aid of an internal rechargeable battery.

Highlighted Features

  • Automated tax calculation
  • Up to 5000 PLUs
  • Alerts the sales clerk verify customer’s age with ID
  • User prompts enables easy operation
  • Prints both alphabets and numbers
  • Has a touchscreen
  • Simple user interface

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6. Sharp XEA407 Advanced Reporting Cash Register

Sharp XEA407 Advanced Reporting Cash Register
  • 7000 Price Look Ups (PLU's), 8 line display, dual receipts
  • 32GB SD card computer connectivity
  • 6 Coin compartments and 5 bill compartments

If your business requires a cash register with more advanced functions, then the Sharp XEA407 is perfect for you. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best cash register machine available today. One of its outstanding properties is the advanced sales reporting system that is specifically made to be used with the well-known accounting application, QuickBooks Pro.

Furthermore, it possesses two large displays, one in front of the sales clerk and the other behind for the customer. Importantly too is the ability of this machine to print 2 copies of receipts, one each for the customer and sales clerk for record purposes.

This cash register is easy to use because you can differentiate the type of products you have in stock by making use of the 99 pre-programmed departments and to make fast and accurate entry, use the 7000 PLU’s.

Additionally, it has a slot for SD card where you can program your store with the aid of PC-link software. This cash register also allows you to add logos and other information you may want on your receipt with its intuitive graphic logo generator. Moreover, you can set up and start using this machine in a matter of minutes.

The Sharp XEA 407 also allows you to connect a credit card terminal to it directly. By so doing, the total price is automatically sent the machine to the credit card and when it has been approved the cash drawer will open. Also, it comes with a backup battery to ensure that the machine continues running and your information is safe in case of power outage. This reliable cash register is sturdy and carries out its tasks quietly.

Highlighted Features

  • Possesses 7000 PLUs
  • Displays up to eight lines
  • Prints two receipts; one for your company and one for the customer
  • Has six coin and 5 bill compartments
  • Simple user interface
  • Credit card terminal can be connected directly to the machine
  • Has SD card slot
  • Have 99 pre-programmed departments
  • It has a currency converter

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7. Sharp XEA107 Entry Level Cash Register with LED Display

Sharp XEA107 Entry Level Cash Register with LED Display
  • Drawer slot for quick, safe handling of bills and cheques
  • Key-activated mode switch for secure operation
  • Locking cash drawer with 4 bill and 5 coin compartments

If you recently opened your business and searching for the best cash register for small business, the Sharp XEA107 will be perfect for you. It might be small in size, but its performance is big and excellent. It comes with several useful features and has been designed with a simple user interface.

The result is a durable cash register with an affordable price tag. The Sharp XEA107 comes with eight departments, four clerk numbers as well as eighty PLUs. To make the programming process seamless, its operation has been made simple. Also, this cash register has an external bill tray, while its keytops can be removed to enable you to clean it properly.

Furthermore, the Sharp XEA107 has a slot in front of the cash drawer to make it easy, fast and safe to put away cash and checks without the stress of lifting the coin tray each time. Thus, the sales clerk can attend to customers faster. Its display is also large, while its high contrast LED makes it easy to read the input and output. However, being a less expensive cash register, it does not have display for the customer. Moreover, its locking cash drawer has four slots for cash and 5 slots for coins.

In comparison to other cash registers that have been reviewed earlier, the Sharp XEA107 utilizes serial printing which slower than others. While this can be seen as a disadvantage, its other features make up for this slight disadvantage. When you buy this cash register, Sharp supports you with inter-based tools and manuals 24/7 to help you setup and operate this machine hassle free.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 8 pre-programmed departments
  • Eighty PLUs
  • Clear and easy to remove keytops
  • Large and clear LED screen display
  • 4 cash slots and 5 coin slots

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8. Casio SE-G1SC-PK Electronic Cash Register

Casio SE-G1SC-PK Electronic Cash Register
  • 8 departments/24 departments
  • 999 PLUS/8 Clerks numbers
  • built-in Rear Customer LCD Display with large font

If you desire to get the best cash register machine at an affordable rate, the Casio SE-G1SC is perfect for you. It is not as sophisticated as the other in this list, but it is very compact, has a multi-purpose tray, large and visible display as well as 8 physical department keys.

Also, it has a display screen at the rear for the customer to confirm the final transaction. Furthermore, it has a thermal printer which delivers a fast and seamless operation, in addition to allowing you to customize the message on the header of the receipt. It has a backup battery that you can use in case there is power outage; this ensures that your settings and data will not be lost.

In addition to the fact that it is simple to use, it is also easy to set up because of the machine prints instruction on how to use it when you finish setting it up.

The Casio SE-GISC comes in three colors: pink, red and blue. This means you can buy the color that compliments your store décor. Also, even if your shop has a range of products, its 999 PLUs will capture all or most of your products.

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy design
  • Front and rear LCD display
  • Eight departments with three shift keys
  • 999 PLUs
  • Has 4 bill slots and 5 coin slots

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9. Aldelo Pro POS Complete Restaurant Point of Sale System 2 Station Bundle

Aldelo Pro POS Complete Restaurant Point of Sale System 2 Station Bundle
  • $200.00 when you process your credit cards with us!
  • Top Rated POS Software by Restaurant Magazine
  • Pixel Point POS v19 - Hospitality Suite - 2 Seat License

The Aldelo Pro is the best cash register for restaurant, perfect for those running a restaurant in a busy area. This is because it has two work stations and allows you to employ multiple terminals to effectively handle the fast pace customers order and pay for meals. Furthermore, all the tools and features needed to make this machine run smoothly are provided by the Aldelo POS engine on which this machine operates on.

The POS runs on a Windows 10 / 128 SSD / 4GB RAM / 2.0Ghz Quad Core. Thus, it processes client card information very fast. Furthermore, it has a thermal printer which delivers a fast and seamless operation. The Aldelo Pro also comes with its own Ethernet printer. To ensure that you do not have any issues with setting up and using this machine, the company provides thirty days training on how to handle software and hardware through the internet.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a thermal printer
  • Heavy-duty cash drawer
  • Comes with two workstations
  • POS processes card information fast
  • Company trains you on how to set up and use the machine

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10. Casio PCR-T500 Electronic Cash Register

Casio PCR-T500 Electronic Cash Register
  • 25 Departments/200 Departments
  • 3,000 PLUS/40 Clerks numbers
  • built-in Rear Customer LCD Display. Your cash register is designed to...

Casio has gained reputation for its innovative products aimed at making life easier for its customers. This is why the PCR-T500 is among the best cash register machine in terms of performance, features and cost. Its LCD screen displays up to 10 lines which makes it easy to enter longer transaction details with fewer errors.

However, the sales clerk can view up to 5 items along with the subtotal as well as the price of the last item. On the rear of the machine, there is a 2 X 2 display screen for customers to confirm the transaction (subtotal, name of last item and prices).

Furthermore, you can program the receipt to write up to four lines with the logo of your company on it. Therefore, you can wish to add promos, thank you and store information. Another interesting feature of this cash register is that it has seven modes: Off, Refund, Transaction, Program, and three reporting modes.

While the silver keys have two modes, the black has all the available modes. With up to 3,000 PLU’s, you can easily keep up to date with your products, while the four tax tables make it easy to calculate tax rates. Moreover, it comes with 25 department keys which can be programmed or have prices of items entered into the machine manually. It allows you to load in papers very easily and quickly into the thermal printer and it prints two copies of every receipt: one for the customer and the other for the company.

This cash register like other innovative models comes with an SD card slot to back up your program or re-load the program if necessary. There have been cases of customers reporting difficulty in programming the cash register with the aid of provided instructions manual from Casio. Thankfully, YouTube has several videos that provide more comprehensive instructions on how to effectively handle the setup and use.

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Things to Consider When Looking For Cash Register Machine

Apart from the 10 machines we have looked at in this cash register review, there are still a lot of options available on the market. For this reason, you need to be aware of what to look out for when you need to buy a cash register so you can make the right choice. Here is a list of things to look out for when planning to buy a cash register.

SD Card Slot

The function of an SD slot is to transfer data and ensure that the machine has a backup. Furthermore, in case there is a power outage or machine malfunctions, the SD card slot keeps your data safe. Moreover, the fact that the SD slot is inbuilt means that it does not have to be hooked up to a machine through a USB cable, making it convenient if your store is small.

Inventory Management

It is not easy to keep track of your inventory, especially if you are doing it manually. However, with the modern-day POS software in cash registers, you have your job cut out. Thus, it is now possible to set up your register to send you alerts when the stock of an item goes low.

Managing Staff

If you have recalcitrant staff, this is one feature you should consider when purchasing a cash machine. Some machines have an employee time tracking software. With this, your employees can log in their resumption time via terminals, meaning that they spend more time on their work than in the admin.

There are even expensive machines that can be connected to a POS that allows you to run individual performance reports to enable you to make decisions on staff training and task allocation based on data generated by the system.

Targeted Customer Marketing

It is easy to carry out targeted customer marketing when you have adequate information about the customer such as email address and preferences. If you aim to be involved in such activities, get a machine that can connect a POS and make it easier to collect and save customer email addresses.

If customers agree to receive promo messages, such machines enable you to send them personalized messages based on recent purchases.  Some machines also allow you to send e-receipts.

Screen type

Basically, cash registers have 2 types of screens. While certain types come with basic electronic screens that only show the total of the transaction, advanced models make use of LCD screens that show the items entered into the machine. However, there are even newer versions with touchscreen LCD’s. The advantage of LCD screens is that they are simpler to read, but be warned that errors are more common in them.

Common features

A wide range of cash registers can configure the various number of product look-ups (PLUs). These assign codes to specific products for the purpose of identification. If you run a business that that has a large stock of products, you will need a cash register that has this function.

The number of PLUs varies from one machine to another, so you should check your inventory before deciding which machine to buy. Another important common feature to consider is the thermal printing property of the machine you intend to purchase. This is because they are cheaper to print and maintain in the long term than those with ribbon ink printers.

Software Integrations

Some cash registers have the capacity to be connected to PoS that allows them to make use of certain types of software that can help your business. For instance, you can easily enter daily sales into accounting software. It also allows you to process customer card information very fast, especially during rush hour.

How to Use Cash Register Machine

Even though there are different models of cash registers with diver features, setting them up is basically the same.

  • First of all, place the register on a hard, flat surface. This should be where you can attend to your customers, with space for them to place their items. Plug the machine directly to a power source.
  • If the machine came with batteries, fix them in the register before you program the required functions. In some machines, you may have to use a screwdriver to remove the lid to where you can fix the battery. Follow instructions to fix the battery. It is advisable to change the battery every year to ensure they function optimally.
  • Next, fix the receipt paper by removing the lid to the compartment which houses the receipt paper. Ensure that the edge of the paper is straight to allow easy access to the paper feeder. Fix the paper roll so that it runs through the front of the register to enable you to tear off customer receipts. After fixing the paper, press the “feed” button so the register can feed it through.
  • Open the till drawer. Keep the key in a safe place so you can lock the machine when needed.
  • Depending on the design of the register, the ON/OFF key may be at the back, side, front or top of it. Turn it on or turn the key to register (REG) mode. New models may have a “mode” button in place of a key. Turn the button to a REG or operational mode.
  • Program your register to categorize store items by similarity or price. This can be done by turning the key to PRG or P or changing the mode button to program. Some older models have a manual key under the receipt tape to switch to the program option. The number of tax buttons varies from one machine to another and you can program them accordingly by following the instructions in the manual.

To make a sale

  • Before using modern machines, you have to enter a clerk number or password. The essence of clerk numbers is to ensure that the sales made by a particular clerk can be traced in case of errors. For those in restaurant business, it is wise to enter a clerk code along with table number and number of clients you served. Newer models may need you to enter an email ID and password.
  • Type the amount for the item; there is no need to add decimals, the register is programmed to do this. Newer models use a scanner to read the barcode and the item’s price will be entered automatically. This means you won’t press the department button in the next step.
  • If you are not using a scanner, you have to press the department button to get the category the item you are selling belongs. You can program the department keys to be taxable or otherwise by following the manual that came with your machine.
  • Before you add a new item, press forward arrow or “feed” key to allow the receipt go upwards and enable you read the prices being entered on the receipt
  • After entering the price and department, enter the percentage of discount for that item by pressing the number (e.g. 5 for 5%) and then press the % button.
  • Enter the exact amount for the remainder of the items, ensuring you press the department key that corresponds to the item each time. However, if you have several options of a similar product, key in the number of items, press the “qty/x-time” key, price of the product and finally its department key. For instance, if there are three bags with a price tag of $45, press 3, then QTY/X-TIME, then 45 and finally the department key.
  • After you have entered that last item, press the subtotal button. This automatically adds the required tax that you have pre-programmed.
  • Finally, it’s time to collect the money and you can do so in cash, credit card or check. If its cash, enter the amount of cash received and press the button CASH/AMT TND. Certain models inform you of the change to give the customer, but with others, you have to do the math yourself. The tilt drawer opens up and you can place the cash appropriately and hand out their change. For credit card, press the CREDIT key (or CR) and use the PoS to run the credit card. To receive a payment in check, enter the amount, press CHECK or CK key and place the check in the drawer.
  • If you want to open the drawer without making a sale, press the “no sale” or NS key. However, in some cases, the manager may be the only person who can access this function using his key or by putting the machine in another mode.
  • Ensure that you close the drawer after each use to prevent theft. It is also advisable to empty the contents of the till after the close of business every day.

Correcting a mistake

  • In case you have entered the wrong price for a product or the customer no longer wants to buy the item you have already entered, you need to void the sale to remove it from the subtotal of the transaction. To void an item before entering another one, enter the amount for the item you want to remove, hit the department button, and press VOID (or VD) to delete it from the total. However, if you have already entered all the items, subtotal the items, press VOID, enter the exact amount for the item you want to remove and hit the department key. Also, if you need to cancel the entire transaction, go through each product and void them individually.
  • If you want to refund money after selling an item, hit the REF button, key in the exact price of the product and press the correct department key. Press the subtotal button and then the CASH/AMT TND key. This opens up the till and you can refund the customer’s money. However, the manager may have to be informed before any decision is taken regarding refunds.
  • Certain models make beep or make error sounds when the wrong button is pressed. To stop this, hit the CLEAR or C button.

How to Take Care of Your Cash Register Machine

  1. Ensure your register is always clean by removing dust and dirt which can distort the workings of the feed roller and advancement gears. Use a can of compressed air to blow away any particles at least every two months.
  2. The machine must be kept dry at all times. If you are using the machine in a bar, do not hand customers their glasses directly over the register. If you are using it outdoors, cover the machine with plastic or a garbage bag. If any liquid gets into the printer, soak it up as much as possible with a clean, dry cloth. Make use of the paper feed button to put paper in the printer until you no longer notice any signs of wetness.
  3. Replace the ribbon as soon as you notice that the prints are no longer thick. This ensures that the dot heads function properly and make receipts legible.
  4. If your cash register uses ink, do not allow it run out of paper because this can damage the feed roller. If the roller stops working, it may affect other parts of the printer.
  5. Always ensure that the paper is unrolling correctly. In most models, the paper feeds from the bottom of the roll.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cash Register 

1. What are the key differences between a conventional cash register and POS?

A cash register is markedly different from a POS system. While a POS can be used to make sales and hold cash, it is meant to manage your entire business. On the other hand, a traditional cash register cannot manage your business. With POS, you can manage your inventory, manage employees, make sales estimates, etc. A traditional cash register cannot do all this.

2. How do I program my cash register?

Programming your cash register depends on the model you bought. However, many models contain detailed instruction manual that will help you set up and program your register yourself. Some companies have a dedicated support email and phone line to assist you. If you still have difficulty programming your machine, go to YouTube, you will find helpful videos.

3. How long does it take to set up a cash register?

The time it takes to set up a cash register depends on the model of your machine. Some models take a longer time than others. Generally, though, most models are not difficult to set up and you can finish them in a matter of minutes.

Final verdict

The aim of this cash register reviews is to provide you with an in-depth knowledge of the best cash registers available for your business. This list is not exhaustive of all the best cash registers available in the market, but these are some of the machines that will help you run your business smoothly.

They are easy to set up and maintain and have some very helpful features. However, it is always advisable to decide on what you want in a cash register before you go ahead and buy one. By so doing, you will get a machine that suits your business needs.

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