10 Best Chicken Coop Heater In 2022: Review and Buying Guide

Chickens can adapt to cold weather if you allow them. Supplemental heating is not a necessity — it’s a luxury. Chicken feathers trap an insulating air layer between them and the skin.

But if your concern is to keep them comfy, be sure you have a backup heating plan.

Cases of power outages wiping the entire flocks aren’t new — they happen all the time.

And because air is a poor conductor, it retains much heat. However, moisture (atmospheric humidity) can impede them from maintaining the lifesaving layer.

The best chicken coop heater tries to redress this shortcoming. Be sure your chicken coop is free of draft, wind, and moisture. Avoid sealing vents and insulating.

Proper ventilation is crucial to ensure the removal of wet air, which can surge to dangerous levels, causing ammonia buildup and respiratory problems.

Top 5 Best Chicken Coop Heater: Editor Recommended

Poop, pee, and breath carry lots of moisture. Ensure you clean up the mess all the time.

In this chicken coop heater review, we have compiled a list of chicken house heaters that we think can guide your buying decision. It’s a result of many hours of analysis, fact-checking, and research. We hope you will find it useful.

Best Chicken Coop Heater Review

1. K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed

Cozy Products CL Cozy Safe Chicken Coop Heater 200 Watts Safer
  • OUTDOOR WARMTH: Outdoor heated dog bed with soft orthopedic foam base and includes free soft washable fleece cover
  • KEEP PET COMFY: Thermostatically controlled to automatically respond to temperature changes to warm to your pet's normal body temperature
  • FLEXIBLE FOR ANY SPACE: Ideal for sheds, garages, barns, or any sheltered area your outdoor pets hang out
  • SAFE EFFICIENCY: This 19" x 24" heated dog pad features a 5-½ feet steel wrapped cord and uses only 40 watts of power, great for multiple cats too
  • RIGOROUSLY TESTED: Product have been thoroughly tested & certified by MET Labs to exceed USA/CA electrical safety standards
  • BRAND YOU TRUST: Designed by K&H with OVER 20 years of experience in creating safe, innovative, quality products

If you raise chickens as pets, you will delight in K&H Pet Products 1090. Also, if you bought day-old chicks, you are in luck. You can rely on the item to keep them warm until they feather out.

As well, grownup chickens can lie on its top to receive warmth (unlike the case with heating plates whereby chicks lie underneath). It’s 25.85-inches (2.2-feet) long, 10.65-inches (0.89-feet) wide, and 3.15-inches (0.26-feet) deep.

With an approximate area of two square feet, the smallest dimension can accommodate one adolescent (one-or four-month-old) chick.

It’s the best chicken coop heater for a brooding chick who consumes just 1/2 feet square of floor space, according to the Colorado State University Extension.

Hence, the smallest model can comfortably hold up to four baby chicks! Allocate two square feet of space for each adolescent chick to maximize comfort and avoid overcrowding, experts say.

Fortunately, larger versions exist, the largest being 25-inches (2.1-feet) by 36-inches (3-feet), for an area of 6.3 square feet. Thus, the biggest K&H can accommodate a maximum of three adolescents or 12 babies.

You will require just 60-watts, which is a considerable power saving when you compare it to a 250-watt bulb. As babies mature, the bed area is constant and can’t keep up.

Eventually, the baby chickens will outgrow it. As long as the coop or brooder is dry and out of draft or wind, adult chickens can survive harsh weather.

However, if you live in an area where temperatures fall below minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit regularly, or you keep small-bodied (bantam) breeds or breeds with large combs and wattles, then K&H is a real lifesaver.

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2. Cozy Products CL Cozy Safe Chicken Coop Heater 200 Watts Safer

Cozy Products CL Cozy Safe Chicken Coop Heater 200 Watts Safer
  • LOW HEAT OUTPUT: Unlike traditional high wattage heaters, this 200 watt warmer puts out a low amount of heat which is ideal for chickens and young chicks, is much safer than heat lamps, and saves a lot on energy costs
  • A CHICKEN COOP WARMER DESIGNED WITH SAFETY IN MIND: Safer than brooders or dangerous heat lamps, the Cozy Coop is ETL listed and rated for zero clearance; Third party certifications ensure that product is safe to use
  • PROTECTED CORD: Our cord is protected and durable, so chickens are not hurt if they peck at the electric cord with their beaks, and it keeps curious chicks, ducks, chickens, pets, or small birds safe in the barn, hutch, coop, or outdoors
  • ULTRA FLAT DESIGN FOR ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE: No lightbulbs or lamps to replace; Simply plug into a power source; Cozy Coop comes with a convenient stand; The heater can also be safely mounted to a wall
  • PERFECT HEAT FOR SMALL ANIMAL HOUSES: Radiant heating panel provides consistent gentle heat without overheating your pet dog, cat, or your animal’s habitat; Ideal for outdoor coops and freezing winter temperatures

If you breed a flock of fowls that aren’t cold-hardy, like bantams and those with large wattles and combs, then you need an item that keeps them warm when temperatures fall.

Also, if temperatures persist below minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, Cozy Products CL-COOP is worthy of serious consideration. The model features a panel 18.98-inches (1.6-feet) long, 12.01-inches (one-foot) wide, and 0.63-inches thick.

All you need to do is mount on the side of the brooder or coop near where chickens roost. The area (1.6 square feet) may be too small for a chicken that consumes a space of between two and three inches.

You may require several panels to keep a large flock happy and comfortable. Thus, CL-COOP’s area is large enough for brooding chicks who consume just half square feet.

It is adequately cozy for three baby chicks, but as they grow, wrangling (pecking at each other) can arise as they scramble for the precious resource.

It’s also a far, far safer alternative than heat lamps but consumes nearly as much wattage as its less energy-efficient counterpart.

And so it’s almost as hot as the bulb, maxing out at 180 degrees Fahrenheit. While savings on electricity bills aren’t much, CL-COOP is a costlier alternative to the traditional options.

It makes use of power to generate radiant heat that warms any bird that comes near it. While chickens are tolerant to cold, they can’t withstand excess heat. CL-COOP provides just the right temperatures to keep them happy.

All-in-all, it’s the best chicken coop heater to have when you don’t have a place to suspend the heater.

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3. Brinsea – USHD500 Eco Glow Brooder for Chicks or Ducklings

If you are unable to convince the broody hen to do all the hard work for you in raising the baby chickens, you require a fuss-free emulator. USHD500 Eco Glow meets your criteria.

You are no longer at the mercy of the hen’s temperament. Eco Glow simulates the shuffling of the fluffy feathers of the mother hen and features a flat, rectangular plate under which the babies lie to receive warmth.

The plate emits radiant heat that comes from an 18-watt source. It’s more energy-efficient than other options because it doesn’t have to heat the whole space, allowing the poultry to seek heat when it’s necessary.

The USHD500 is also safer than heat bulbs and lamps because it has a low risk of fire. It’s 12-inches (one-foot) long, 8-inches (0.67-feet) wide, and stands 8-inches (0.67-feet) high, for an area of 0.67 square feet.

While one baby chick requires a space of 0.5 square feet to be comfortable, the manufacturer states that the plate accommodates up to 20 chicks. Babies will outsize it eventually. You will also delight in Brinsea if you are unable to find a place to hang the heater.

Also, a brooder-raised chick is friendlier than a broody-raised counterpart. It’s also the best chicken coop heater for brooders because they have a simple design and accustom the baby chickens to the night/day cycle.

Also, if you are looking to wean cockerels and pullets off of the heat early, Brinsea is a great go-to choice. The model is the best chicken coop heating pad for early feathering out. The USHD500 is one of the priciest alternatives, however.

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4. OMAYKEY Ceramic Heat Lamp

OMAYKEY Ceramic Heat Lamp
  • ✔ This 100W black infrared heat lamp is made of solid ceramics element, it has a perfect heat radiation feature and no light emitted. Great for pet, lizard, coop, chicken, turtle, snake, chameleon, bearded dragon, aquarium, with one digital thermometer...
  • ✔ This ceramic heat lamp is simple and easy to install, just screw it into a standard porcelain E26 or E27 screw socket (ATTENTION: Use only with a porcelain socket, because the plastic socket may melt the lamp holder)
  • ✔ This heat lamp bulb is ETL Listed, input voltage is AC 90-120V, power is 100-Watts, full size is diameter 3.15 inch x height 4.13 inch
  • ✔ This ceramic heat emitter bulb is 24hr heat source, with 100% efficiency, perfect for reptiles and amphibians. It could last 9000-15,000 hours, even longer.
  • ✔ This bulb‘s surface temperature is very high when working, please do not use your hand to test the temperature. Do not touch the heat lamp immediately after turning off, please wait at least 1 hour to cool down. Also please adjust the distance...

If you raise flocks of poults in a place, like a basement, porch, or barn, where temperatures rarely exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit, then the birds require supplemental heat.

OMAYKEY should come top of your mind. Also, not all breeds are cold-hardy. If you keep bantams and, or birds vulnerable to frostbites, like the large-combed or -wattled fowls, OMAYKEY is worth considering.

Above all, people who keep reptiles like snakes, turtles, and lizards will find great joy in using this item to keep their pets comfortable and happy. It is also the best chicken coop heater for baby chick brooders.

It consumes 100-watt power to emit infrared heat, but it doesn’t produce light because it has a ceramic makeup.

And because no light comes out of the tool, baby chickens can acclimate to the normal day/night cycle, giving it an edge over the traditional 250-watt heat lamps. It allows the chicks to sleep at night.

Yet, it still gives out more than 430 degrees Fahrenheit, qualifying it as a fire hazard in as dusty a place as a coop. Beddings are also flammable. You will also need to supplement OMAYKEY with light.

However, continuous light is detrimental to the bird’s maturity — they also overheat, and any unsuspecting soul can accidentally touch it. The ceramic heat lamp is also less energy-efficient than heat plates.

Be sure to secure it in place to reduce the danger of falling apart or falling off. OMAYKEY, like any other heat lamp, has found use since man invented electricity.

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5.  Aiko per NY1507-17QR Space Heater

Aiko per NY1507-17QR Space Heater
  • 【Meet Your Heating Needs 】 Three heat settings ( 600w/900w/1500w ) and ECO mode,suitable for medium to large rooms which need constant heat in the chilly season . Large LED display and each function with clear button, which makes your operation...
  • 【Silent Warmth & Easy Operation】Unique design maximize heat flow into the room without fan noise and other annoying sound , with 24-hrs auto on/off timer and remote control( battery included) , you can adjust any heating mode without leaving your cozy...
  • 【Patented Technology】Built in safe technology of tail fin separation for overheat protection. Far above the international safety standards. Auto-shut-off safety includes tip-over protection. Anti-freeze setting to help prevent freezing pipes , this...
  • 【Lower Your Heating Bills】With digital thermostat, you could set a temperature in a 1°F interval range from 40-95°F. Also ECO setting can adjust the room temperature and heat settings automatically to optimize energy consumption, which could save...
  • 【Convenient and Portable】 The heater comes with caster wheels,which makes more portability and easy to move from room to room.

If you are looking for the best chicken coop heater for supplying the whole space with a constant stream of heat for a long while, then the NY1507-17QR is the kind of tool you need.

While ceramic heaters warm up much faster than the oil-filled radiator, a single bird can receive quick heat with Aiko per. The 26.06-inches (2.2-feet) tall model consumes little floor space for any room heater.

When you dial in a particular temperature on its large LED display, the NY1507-17QR warms the room quickly and consistently. Aiko per steadily holds that temperature until the hour ends. The control panel is easy to navigate.

The space heater also comes with handheld remote control. It features 1500-watts as the highest heating setting, with 900- and 600-watts being the medium and lowest, respectively.

Aiko per also comes with a 24-hours timer, which allows you to set a certain number of hours, switching itself off when the time elapses, and thus minimizing energy losses.

The model can also hold up well after a long period of use. The NY1507-17QR also has built-in cooling features that eliminate overheating and tipping over; hence, minimizing fire hazards.

Be sure to keep it three feet from the flammable bedding, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Aiko per is also good-looking without sacrificing much functionality.

It maxes out at 95 degrees Fahrenheit, although the lowest temperature setting is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. While it’s a costly heater for a chicken coop, it’s the best tool to offset coldness in a drafty room.

Chickens can withstand cold, but draft and humidity pose risks of frostbite. Aikoper is a valuable tool to keep their feet dry and out of the draft.

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6. 50W 2 Pack Ceramic Heat Lamp, Bulb Emitter Lamp for Pet Coop Heater

50W 2 Pack Ceramic Heat Lamp, Bulb Emitter Lamp for Pet Coop Heater
  • This 50W black infrared heat lamp is made of solid ceramics element, it has a perfect heat radiation feature and no light emitted 24hr Heat Source 100% Heat Efficiency
  • This heat lamp's input voltage is AC 90-120V, power is 50-Watts, full size is diameter 3.14 inch x height 4.13 inch
  • This ceramic heat bulb is simple and easy to install, just screw it into a standard porcelain E26 screw socket (ATTENTION: Use only with a porcelain socket, because the plastic socket may melt the lamp holder), great for pet, coop, chicken, lizard,...
  • This black ceramic heat emitter is the perfect 24 hour heat source for reptiles and amphibians. It could last 9000-15,000 hours, even longer
  • This bulb‘s surface temperature is very high when working, please do not use your hand to test the temperature. Do not touch the heat lamp immediately after turning off, please wait at least 1 hour to cool down. Also please adjust the distance between...

The W-E26/B50W-2 has ceramic makeup and gives out radiant heat. You will find it suitable if you keep cold-blooded reptiles like turtles and snakes, although it’s also applicable to chickens.

It’s an edge over the red 250-watt bulb because it doesn’t emit light; hence, it doesn’t accustom the baby chicks to artificial lighting, which can be a detriment.

However, it’s not much different from the heat lamp when it comes to posing a fire hazard, although it’s more energy-efficient, as it consumes just 50-watts to give the output.

Ceramic heaters can overheat and cause flammable substances like beddings to catch on fire. Wuhostam can supplement heat lamps, though. However, you will need to monitor the coop and not leave it unattended.

Unsurprisingly, ceramic bulbs are popular options because they are affordable. They have a legacy, as they have been in use since man invented electricity.

You can find them invaluable if you live in places where temperatures usually drop below minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s not advisable to use any heater on chickens since they need to adapt to the cold weather.

Otherwise, you run the risk of losing the whole flock to power outages. However, if you raise fowls who are less cold-hardy than usual, Wuhostam can come in handy.

But the W-E26/B50W-2 can produce temperatures above 430 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a bit overkill, given that chickens have low heat tolerance.

If you also use basements, barns, or porches as coops, Wuhostam can help maintain temperatures above 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

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7. Rent a Coop Chick Brooder Heating Plate

Rent a Coop Chick Brooder Heating Plate
  • 🐥 EXACTLY LIKE A MOTHER HEN! Chicks stay warm and cozy underneath our heating plate, just like they would naturally. Simulate a mother hen even more by purchasing our comfort feathers to add!
  • 🐥 CHICKS STAY WARM from direct contact with the heated underside of the plate! It’s hot to the human touch but just right for chicks! Heats between 105 and 110 degrees F, Just like a mother hen.
  • 🐥 EASILY ACCOMMODATES the size of your growing chicks with 25 adjustable height settings ranging from 1”-7” and can be customized to fit your flock’s needs!
  • 🐥 SAVE MONEY! A resourceful and safer alternative to a heat lamp, see our chart for more details. Less of a fire risk! 12”x12” Heating Plate warms up to 20 chicks
  • 🐥 Includes: One heating plate with 6ft attached power cord, 4 adjustable legs, instructions and the world’s best customer service for any additional questions! Uses Type A 110V plug. Best paired with RentACoop’s Anti-Roost Cone to keep your heating...

Chickens wear down jackets in chilly weather, but if you have just bought day-old chicks who haven’t feather out, they require a constant supply of warmth for like a month or two.

Rent a Coop simulates mother hen, imitating the shuffling fluff of the feathers to warm the baby chickens. It features a 12-inch (one-foot) by 12-inch (one-foot)plate that’s flat and rectangular under which the chicks lie in contact.

Rent a Coop utilizes the power of 66-watts to raise the temperatures, which can vary between 70- and 95-degrees Fahrenheit. According to experts, a chick needs to consume half a square feet of floor space to be comfortable and happy.

And so, going by the standards, Rent a Coop should accommodate two chickens, although the manufacturer states that 20 chicks can lie beneath.

Irrespective of which side of the debate you support, chicks’ size will exceed the plate. Hens and roosters require larger sizes — as long as space is wind-, moisture- or draft-free, Rent a Coop is the best chicken coop warmer.

But it ceases to be effective when temperatures fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also not a practical option if you rear chickens in barns, basements, or porches, as it can’t attain more than 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides, experts recommend you leave the chickens to harden out, but if your concern is to keep them comfy, be sure you have a backup heat source so that you don’t lose the entire flock in case of an outage. Rent a Coop can short-circuit. Even such cases are rare.

That it doesn’t overheat indeed is a huge plus.

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8. PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Chicken Heated Pad, Black, 12.5 Inches X 18.5 Inches

PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Chicken Heated Pad, Black, 12.5 Inches X 18.5 Inches
  • OUTDOOR WARMTH: Perfect for peeps and chickens, our heated chicken pad is specially designed to keep chickens and peeps warm when sitting or lying on the pad
  • VERSITALE: Chicken heater is for indoor or outdoor use and can be mounted vertically or horizontally in your chicken coop to provide your flock with warmth when on or beside the pad
  • DURABLE: Peck resistant features like rigid ABS plastic construction, steel wrapped cord and rounded edges make it perfect for large flocks and baby chicks
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: Thermostatically controlled 12.5” X 18.5” heated outdoor pad is low wattage using only 40 watts of electricity to keep your feathered friends warm
  • SAFETY: This heated chicken pad has been tested & certified by MET Labs and exceeds USA/CA electrical safety standards; K&H doesn't just use safety listed parts, we safety certify the entire product
  • BRAND YOU TRUST: Designed by K&H with OVER 20 years of experience in creating safe, innovative, quality products for pets; one-year limited warranty

This model has a length of 12.5-inches (one-foot) and a width of 18.5-inches (1.5-feet) for a total area of 1.5 square feet. By expert standards of comfort and happiness, it’s too small.

Three baby chicks (less than a month olds) can stand or sit on the flat, rectangular pad, 1.4-inches (0.12-feet) thick. K&H is the best chicken coop heater for warming the bird’s feet. The problem is that chickens poop and pee on its top.

And so, you will need to clean up the messes all the time, which isn’t a practical option, given our busy city lifestyles. But animal wastes and breath carry moisture that can boost ammonia levels and reduce the bird’s ability to maintain the insulating layer.

But the 100213019 is energy-efficient, at least more than the heat lamps and bulbs. It takes up just 40-watts when you compare it with the traditional red 250-watt bulb.

While many breeds of chickens can survive the harsh cold weather without the need for any form of heater, K&H can be a lifesaver if you keep flocks that aren’t cold-hardy.

Besides, barns, porches, and basements are usually colder than 110-degrees. Chickens who reside there may need supplemental heat. Any owner of bantams and large-combed or -wattled fowls will find great joy in using K&H.

Also, if you have no way to suspend a heater, the 100213019 has a side-mounting option. For best results, be sure to mount it on the sides of the coop or brooder where chickens perch. Or, you can hang it on a stand.

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9. K&H Pet Products 2110 Thermo-Chicken Perch

K&H Pet Products 2110 Thermo-Chicken Perch
  • HEATED PERCH: Not more frozen toes! Chickens lose a lot of body heat through their feet, a heated chicken perch prevents frozen toes
  • AUTOMATIC: Dual internal thermostats regulate the perch to the perfect temperature, day, and night to keep your beaked buddies warm
  • CIRCULATION: Heated perch warms the entire body utilizing the bird's own circulation system
  • ERGONOMIC: Shape is designed especially for chickens that prefer non-rounded perches when roosting
  • SIZES: Chicken warming perch is available in 26” or 36” lengths
  • BRAND YOU TRUST: Designed by K&H with OVER 20 years of experience in creating safe, innovative, quality products for pets

Model 2110 isn’t just a source of technological fascination — it’s a practical option when your concern is to avoid wet feet and dangerous ammonia buildup.

According to the University of Maryland Extension, ‘heat conductors’ like metals (including plastics) aren’t suitable for constructing perches. Instead, they recommend wood, as it’s a poor conductor.

Flat-surfaced (ideally 2-inches by 4-inches) models provide adequate cover for the feet. K&H more than meets those criteria. It’s a 26-inches by 8-inches (diameter) rod that stands 14-inches high.

While it relies on 40-watts of power to distribute heat across the entire length, a longer (36-inches) exists, which requires more (55-watts). Two built-in thermostats are behind the distribution that maintains the bird’s body temperature through blood circulation — not raises it.

After all, you want your flock to adapt to the cold season, avoiding power outages catching them by surprise when they haven’t adequately prepared (wear down jackets) themselves.

Besides, with the model, you don’t need to seal the ventilation as a measure to insulate the birds. In a dry coop with adequate ventilation, ammonia and moisture won’t build up to harmful levels.

Also, with low wattage power usage, short-circuiting and overheating chances are minimal. K&H is less of a fire hazard than heat lamps. The item complies with MET safety standards.

The model 2110 is a deceptively simple product, and it costs much more than heat lamps. But the price is well worth the salt, given its safety compliance and reliability.

The novel Thermo-Chicken Perch should come top when thinking about the best chicken coop heater.

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10. SWEETER HEATER Infrared Heater for Chicks & Pets, Overhead 11×30,

SWEETER HEATER Infrared Heater for Chicks & Pets, Overhead 11x30,
  • Safe and energy efficient infrared chicken & pet heater
  • No hot spots and develops a uniform heat pattern, using less power
  • 100 watts of power and will heat 330 square inches
  • Overhead Mount (top) for suspending overhead, chain & hooks included
  • Sweeter Heater has been tested and proven by our customers since 1995

It’s by far the absolute best chicken coop heater for brooding up to 50 chicks when ambient temperatures are 70 degrees Fahrenheit, when you suspend it 4.5-5-inches overhead, and when the brooder is out of the draft.

It features an 11-inch (0.92-feet) by 30-inch (2.5-feet) heating plate for an area of 330 square inches (2.3 square feet). It’s among the safest, most energy-efficient, and reliable heaters you will come across in the market.

Plus, its design and creation originate from the United States of America! Sweeter Heater relies on a 100-watt heating element to raise the plate’s temperature to between 100- and 180-degrees Fahrenheit.

While the regular heat bulbs produce more than 430 degrees Fahrenheit, overheating, Sweeter Heater’s temperature range is ambient — it’s neither too hot nor too cold.

Sweeter Heater thoroughly deserves splurging on for your poults, not just it is pricy. Its manner of infrared heat generation is gentle and safe. While costlier than heat lamps and other alternatives, it will have broken even by the 22nd week, recouping your money in electricity bill savings.

Best of all, the item comes with a generous three-year warranty, not that the material is delicate and brittle. It’s also a tool that has demonstrable evidence in keeping the chicks happy and quiet — no irritative chirping noise when you are sleep, as it does not emit a bright light that agitates them.

You don’t need to fiddle with dials — it’s a plug-and-play item. You also can side mount it on the coop wall. And when grownup chicks roost and poop atop the plate, where a plastic shell, which is easy to wipe down and spray lies, cleaning up the mess should be hassle-free.

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The Best Chicken Coop Heater Buying Guide

A host of factors are worth considering before you splurge on a chicken coop warmer for your flock. In this chicken coop heater review, all the answers lie herein.

Chicken Breed

Not all chicken breeds are cold-hardy. If you keep bantam, large-wattled and -combed, crested, or feather-footed breeds, then your chicken coop is a ripe candidate for a heater.

Also, if the poult is tall, slim, and long-bodied, they need extra heat. Feathers that frizzle or frazzle isn’t good at retaining heat.

If your backyard poultry exhibits such a feather pattern, be sure to provide them with a heat source.

Power Consumption

Electricity bills can increase and spiral out of control, falling out of your budget range. Spikes aren’t desirable, as they leave your chickens vulnerable.

Be sure to select the most energy-efficient heater. Lower-wattage heating elements consume less energy than their higher counterparts.

Some heaters emit radiant energy that doesn’t heat the whole place, unlike the space heater. They release what’s necessary.


We can’t stress this enough. It’s a key determiner. Space heaters and lamps pose a fire hazard. A faulty electrical system or a loosely dangling heating element can fall off or fall apart, setting the place ablaze.

Experts have hailed the plates as the safest options, but they can short-circuit, although that is a remote possibility.

The good thing with them is that they don’t overheat, as they max out 185 degrees Fahrenheit unlike clamp lamps, and room heaters can go above and beyond 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dust and beddings can ignite because they are flammable substances.

Flock Size Versus Plate Size

Baby chicks consume just half a square feet of floor space while adults consume four times as much, according to experts. However, manufacturers assume the chickens would snuggle together.

After all, adult chickens emit 10 Btus (British Thermal Units); they are heat sources themselves. However, plates don’t grow, but chicks do. Overcrowding can cause pecking at each other, a bad habit that’s difficult to break.

Ambient Temperature

When you keep your hens, roosters, pullets, and cockerels in a basement, garage, or barn, they are likely to face colder temperatures than 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Experts recommend between 70- and 95-degrees. Grownups can survive at between -20- and 185-degrees.

Read more:

Final Say

Chickens are naturally weather hardy. They may not need a heated chicken coop. While they may be tolerant to cold, they are heat intolerant. Their bodies trap a layer of air between the feathers and the skin, insulating them from chilliness.

Even so, large-combed and -wattled chickens are less cold-hardy. Also, when temperatures consistently fall below minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit, your fowls may need supplemental heat, lest they suffer from frostbites.

But above all, the chicken coop should be out of wind and draft. The best chicken coop heater addresses these concerns, even though it’s recommendable to leave your pets to adapt to the weather.

Humidity (atmospheric moisture) is also harmful, as it predisposes their combs and wattles to frostbite. These parts of the chickens are sensitive because they radiate heat.

More than anything else, be sure to clean poop and pee. These messes carry moisture, whose buildup subjects them to frostbite. Ammonia can also accumulate to dangerous levels.

In this chicken coop heater review, you have tips that we hope will help you make the right purchasing decision.


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