Best Digital Caliper For Reloading of 2021 – Top Product Reviewed!

If you are a professional engineer, car’s mechanic or your work allows for accurate calculations and measurement of small objects then having a scale, measuring tape and ruler aren’t enough. Improper or inaccurate measurements by even half a centimeter can cause the parts to be fitted faultily and lead to project failure. Since precise and accurate readings are every worker’s requirement, the right equipment is a digital caliper. The digital caliper is used by experts to measure depth, diameter, thickness and circumference of items like pipes, holes, etc accurately.

5 Best Digital Caliper For Reloading: Editor’s Recommended

You don’t need to be skilled in using a digital vernier caliper; all you have to do is place the small object between the claws and get your desired result on the screen instantly. With so many different types and models of digital calipers on the market today, it’s not easy to find the best digital caliper that fits your needs. If you want to get hands-on the best digital caliper, have a look at our top digital calipers review listed below.

It’s time to make some space for digital calipers in your toolbox!

15 Best Digital Caliper For Reloading:

1. VINCA DCLA-0605 Quality Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

VINCA DCLA-0605 Quality Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper
  • Higher quality lower price stainless steel digital caliper with...
  • Fine polished stainless steel and NEW processing of depthometer's groove...
  • Measure Range: 0-6 inches/150mm; Display: 1/2"x1 1/2" (13mm x 38mm) extra...

If all the professionals, new users or home DIY looking for the best digital vernier caliper to make measurements super-easy, fast and accurate, then VINCA DCLA electronic caliper is the best option. VINCA offers a variety of calibers with measuring ranges that include 4, 6, 8, 12, and 24 inches that are manufactured by advanced numerical machine. This 0-6 inches caliper offers an accuracy of ±0.001″/0.03mm.

This digital caliper comes with 3 measuring modes: the first one is metric, inches and the last fraction. Moreover, this caliper allows 4-way measures that include outside and inside diameter or length. The step measure is for objective height or length that is hard to measure by using external jaws. The depth measuring is for small objective depth which is difficult to reach by regular measuring tool and distinguished by a long scale bar. It also features RS232 data transfer function to your computer via a micro USB port switch on top of the caliber.

All you need to do is loosen or unlock the screw to make the digital caliber moveable. It is constructed from high-quality stainless steel with a fine polished finish. The special depthometer’s groove processing offers smoother sliding and accurate readings. This portable caliber has an LCD 13mm x 38mm display with a resolution of 1/128″ and powered by a 1.5V LR44 battery. The VINCA digital caliber is better looking and provides more precision. It is highly valued by crowds’ men who needed exceptionally accurate measurements.

Highlighted Features

  • 3 measuring modes
  • Smoother sliding
  • More precision
  • Design patent in the US
  • A USB port for data transfer
  • It comes fully calibrated
  • Measurement quality proved by accuracy, load resistance, and component alignment testing

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2. Mitutoyo 500-196-30 Digital Caliper

Mitutoyo 500-196-30 Digital Caliper
  • Measures 0 to 6" (0 to 150mm) in 0.0005" (0.01mm) increments for precision...
  • Digital readout LCD shows inch or metric units for versatility when...
  • Advanced onsite sensor (AOS) electromagnetic inductive sensor for...

While most of the digital calibers in the market are water and dust sensitive giving error and false readings but this Mitutoyo 500-196-30 comes with the new absolute AOS. A caliper with electromagnetic induction type encoder, the signal is not affected by water and oil on the surface of the scale. The sensor repels dirt, oil, and water ensuring 100% accuracy. Although some regular wiping is required as the display is not waterproof. This IP67 certified caliper is suitable for extreme measuring environments. These ABS coolant-proof calipers scale requires no origin setting after turning on with no response speed limit. Having a size of 6-7.9 Inches, the slider is very smooth, comfortable and stable with a thumb-friendly and ergonomic design. With the new machining technique, the performance of the slider working surface has greatly increased (Ra: 0.071μm). Unlike other standard calipers, it can measure the tenth sized parts.

It is powered by an SR44 silver oxide battery that offers a battery life of more than 3.5 years through normal use. This digital caliper has 2 measuring modes that include metric and inches capable of step measurement. An accurate reading is shown clearly on high-contrast and large LCD with a 9mm font size. Also, the carbide-tipped jaw model is available that is ideal for measuring rough castings, objects, and grindstones. Talking about the data output, it allows an integrated measurement system that enables value to be temporarily set at zero. It is built from stainless steel having a silvery grey finish. Above all, consider this as the best digital caliper for woodworking.

Highlighted Features

  • High-resolution LCD
  • Advanced Onsite Sensor
  • 4 measuring ways
  • Silver oxide battery
  • Stainless steel made

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3. Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper

Neiko 01407A Electronic Digital Caliper
  • THREE MEASURING MODES: one button quick change between three measuring...
  • PRECISION | ACCURACY: Measurement Range: 0 - 6” and 0 - 150mm;...
  • STAINLESS STEEL: finely polished stainless steel frame with knurled thumb...

The Neiko digital caliper offers utmost usability and convenience to for beginners.

Neiko also makes one of the best digital calipers for woodworking and reloading with different sizes that include 6, 8 and 12 inches. This Neiko 01407A 16-inches caliper has three measuring modes which measure accurately in inches, millimeters, and fractions with just a touch of a button that facilitates the work with technical specifications. Precision and accuracy are two things that make vernier caliper the best measurement tool. It offers extreme accuracy down to the decimal (0.001” / 0.02mm) with resolution of 0.0005” / 1/128” providing precise measurements every single time.

You pay the price for versatility; Neiko 01407A has ultimate measuring capabilities in four ways. Inside diameter, outside diameter, step, and depth measurements have become so easy now with this tool. The finely stainless polished steel frame of Neiko digital caliper maintains measurement accuracy throughout the tool’s lifespan versus lighter plastic frames that are inaccurate, fragile and are easily damaged. Moreover, the use of stainless steel makes this useful caliper durable, accurate and rust-resistant. The jaws move smoothly producing no jams, catching or gaps when you move them quickly. This smooth slider operation is ensured by the knurled thumb roller and the screw lock. For easy readability to you, it features an extra-large bright LCD screen. This best vernier caliber works on 1 LR44 battery. The blow-molded, cushion plastic case keeps your caliper safe while on the go, making it portable for storage and carrying.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel
  • 3 measuring modes
  • Accurate and precise
  • Rust resistant
  • Extra-large LCD

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4. Digital Caliper, Adoric 0-6″

Digital Caliper, Adoric 0-6" Calipers Measuring Tool - Electronic Micrometer Caliper with Large...
  • Precise measurement: Measurement range: 0 - 6''/ 0 - 150mm; Resolution:...
  • 4 measuring modes: This digital caliper can be used to Measure inside and...
  • Inch/mm conversion: One button quick switch between two units: inch and...

If you are looking for the most affordable digital caliper that is accurate for professional, household and DIY measurements, an Adoric digital caliper is a tool you need. Unlike other heavy calipers, this is compact and portable weighing only 2 ounces. Being 9.4 x 3 x 0.6 inches in size, it allows measuring a range of 0-6 inches with accuracy at ±0.2mm/0.01″. For precise measurement, resolution is set at 0.01″/ 0.1mm. This electronic caliber also has 3 measuring modes: external, internal, depth and step measurement using a probe and 2 sets of small and big jaws.

Having two measuring modes; the unit conversion feature easily switches the units between millimeter and inch by pressing the top blue button to save your time. This is one of the best calipers as it is made from a premium material called carbon fiber composite which is rugged plastic giving strength, durability, portability and your objects won’t be scratched when measured. It is powered by a 1.5V LR44 battery and comes with auto on/off feature. When sliding, the caliper automatically turns on and if no operation occurs till 5 minutes, the caliper turns off to save battery though a spare battery is provided in the package. The large LCD screen allows you to read correct readings clearly and quickly. With the zero calibration function, the smart design lets you set zero at any point with a button touch.

Highlighted Features

  • 4 measurement ways
  • Accurate reading
  • Compact and portable
  • Unit conversion
  • Large LCD screen
  • 1-year warranty

5. Digital Caliper by EAGems

Digital Caliper by EAGems
  • Higher quality and value at a great price - our all stainless steel caliper...
  • Avoid frustration from inaccurate or imprecise measurements - eliminate the...
  • Stop wasting time trying to find different tools to measure SAE or Metric...

If you need your measurements to be done accurately and precisely in no time at all then you should consider buying digital caliber by EAGems.

This digital caliper is one of the top tool choices of all engineers, cutters, carpentry, mechanics, modeling, and woodworkers because of its precise measurements. You get three measuring modes: fraction (1/64), mm (+/- 0.01) and inches (+/-0.0005). It also features SAE and metric scale to save your time that easily switches between the 3 modes with just one touch. Those fields that require complicated dimensions measurements, this equipment will help you achieve accurate results. It comes with external and internal measuring jaws. Plus, it also features a depth gauge blade and steps measuring faces.

It is all built with hardened stainless steel that is durable, accurate and smooth in operation than other carbon fiber or plastic calipers. Having IP54 rating is protected from water and dust which means there’s no need to worry about water splashes and the readings will not be affected.  You won’t have any difficulty reading the values, this caliper features a large easy-viewable LCD with fine precision. It runs on a 3V lithium-ion battery and has auto on/off function to conserve battery. Push the ‘zero’ button to set zero value for measuring differences. Besides, you get a 30-days money refund and a 2-year warranty on purchase.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless Steel jaws
  • Depth blade
  • IP54 Waterproof
  • 3 measuring modes
  • Easy sliding
  • SAE and metric scale

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6. iGaging IP54 Electronic Digital Caliper

iGaging IP54 Electronic Digital Caliper
  • Easy read SUPER LARGE display (2-3/8"x7/8")
  • IP54 - Splash water, oil and dust resistant
  • Hardened stainless steel body

This easy count digital caliber is designed to meet the need of people with a lower price point in mind. iGaging IP54 electronic digital caliper is one of the best calipers in terms of accuracy, reliability, and construction quality. It is well-designed with very large LCD 2-3/8″x7/8″ with large numbers. If you want measurements in up to 4 digits decimal in SAE mode, then iGaging caliper is the best option since no other digital caliper offers this. Moreover, it does have a fractional measurement mode. No worries about dirt, dust or water, this caliper has an IP54 rating which means it is moist, oil, and dustproof. The measurement range is from 0-6 inches with accuracy and repeatability at 0.001″ and 0.0005″ respectively.

Talking about build quality, the frame and jaws are crafted from premium quality hardened stainless steel making it long-lasting and smooth. It offers internal, external, step and depth measurements with great precision and accuracy. The operation is quite simple and smooth.

This is not an absolute origin digital caliber but it does have an auto-off feature, it will turn itself off after a period of inactivity. It uses the cr2030 battery that has a good life expectancy. The caliper is extremely portable and compact weighing only 1.79 ounces.

Highlighted Features

  • IP54 oil, water, and dust resistance
  • 4 digits Decimal in SAE mode
  • Large display
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Precise readings

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7. Hornady Digital Caliper

Hornady Digital Caliper
  • Take Precise Measurements - having precision reloading tools and...
  • Large, Easy to Read LCD Screen - this digital caliper is quick to setup,...
  • Great Caliper Tool for Reloaders - Hornady digital calipers will ensure you...

You wanted to buy the best digital caliper for reloading; Hornady digital caliber is for you. The digital caliber precisely measures case length, inside and outside case diameter, primer pocket depth, bullet length, and total cartridge length. It is hard to measure millimeter differences with the naked eye but Hornady digital caliber offers .0005 inch/.01mm resolution with quick measuring speed. Built with premium stainless steel makes it durable, tough, and shock-proof making it ideal for reloading. To get exact readings, it comes with +/- 0.001″ accuracy so you can say bye to all faulty measurements.

The two modes of measurements are inches and millimeters than can easily switch with the help of a blue button on top of the LCD screen. Hornady digital caliber is capable of measuring 4 ways: step, depth, inside and outside diameter. To make your measurements more precise, there is a feature of slide lock in any position. Besides, to help you with smooth and simple sliding, the caliber comes with a thumbwheel to open and close easily. The LCD screen is large enough to read the measurements instantly.

Unlike other calipers, it uses smaller size battery with good runtime to ensure continuous functioning. It has zero function; ground zero to start measuring differences. For easy storage, a plastic protective case comes in with a spare battery for the caliper.

Highlighted Features

  • Extra-large LCD screen
  • Adjustable wheel
  • Easy and smooth operation
  • Accuracy of 0.001 inch
  • Knob locking

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8. MOOCK Digital Caliper

MOOCK Digital Caliper
  • [6 Inch High Quality Standard]: This Digital Calipers 6 inch are made of...
  • [Precision and Accurate Measurement]: With an accuracy within...
  • [Extra Large LCD Display]: Comes with a large easy-to-read LCD screen that...

Those who are looking are capable measuring tool for home, DIY and professional use should know about MOOCK digital caliber that comes with 0 to 6 inches measurement range. For extreme precise readings, it has 0.0005″/0.01mm accuracy. It is a great help to all the experts who need accurate and precise measurements. Being affordable, this caliper meets all high-quality standards. The frame and jaws are built and covered with stainless steel that ensures smooth gliding on the beam. Since moisture, dirt, and dust and cause an error in measurements, MOOCK digital caliber has an IP54 rating making it resistant to water and dust. Moreover, the stainless steel body makes the caliper tough and durable yet so light in weight. With the zero function, it lets the user adjust zero at any scale point and start a new calculation.

Determine the internal, external, depth and step measurements of small objects in multi-units that include fraction, mm and inches. The digital reading is super easy to read from a large 0.47 x1.22 inches LCD screen. For user-friendly operation, easy adjustments can be made with roller thumb and position lock. It comes with a built-in 3V battery and features auto on/off function. Moreover, this digital caliber has a plastic sturdy storage case, extra battery, a mini screwdriver to replace the battery and a user’s manual.

Highlighted Features

  • Accuracy 0.0005″/0.01mm
  • Body of stainless steel
  • Large LCD screen
  • The IP54 dust and waterproof
  • Multi-unit measurement
  • SAE and metric scale

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9. Digital Caliper DC01 by TACKLIFE

This vernier caliper is designed to be used by professionals, or anyone who has no experience using it. Offering wide applications, the DC01 caliper offers versatile measuring options that include depth and step function. It quickly measures the inside or outside diameter of objects with an accuracy of ±0.2mm inch. To get more clear and readable data, you get a non-backlit large LCD screen measuring 1.97 X 0.71 inches with a resolution of 0.01mm/0.0005 inch giving you precise readings. You get three measuring modes: fraction, mm and inches and can easily switch between units with a single button on screen’s top. Moreover, there are two other buttons for auto on/off and reset to zero.

This high-precision classic digital caliper is made from ABS plastic which makes it portable, unbreakable and light-weight. Also, this material allows resistance against water and dust for high accuracy of results. The tool measures up to 6 inches and powered by a 3V CR2032 coin battery. To save battery power, the system will turn off automatically if no operation takes place until 5 minutes.

As the device is opened, the depth jaws expand to allow the measurement of internal distances. When in action, the track glides smoothly however there is no measurement lock for holding the distance. You get 24 months warranty on purchasing this budget-friendly digital caliper that gives precise and exact values.

Highlighted Features

  • Large LCD
  • High precision measurement
  • 3 measuring modes
  • Versatile measurement options
  • Accuracy of ±0.2mm

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10. MeasuGator Safarium Digital Caliper

MeasuGator Safarium Digital Caliper
  • 🔸 Resolution: 0.0005"/0.01 mm. Accuracy: 0.001"/0.02 mm. Scale length:...
  • 🔸 EASY to use, easy to read, easy to replace the battery. Extra-large...
  • 🔸 5 measurement types: External, internal, step, depth, differential....

MeasuGator safarium digital caliper is gaining so much popularity in all industries due to its ease of use and unique design. Unlike other calipers, this comes with a graphic scale design called ‘Safarium’ having leaves as centimeters and rocks as inches making caliper more enjoyable to use. Since accuracy caliper’s most important property, the caliper has an accuracy of 0.001″/0.02mm for the scale that extends from 0 to 6 inches. A tremendous precision that covers all areas like engineering, woodwork, reloading, and jewelry!

Moreover, to test the accuracy of this tool yourself, a feeler gauge with 9 blades of different thicknesses is provided. A resolution of 0.0005″/0.01 mm is offered with a big LCD screen showing large and easy reading digits. This digital caliper has 2 measurement units: metric and imperial. By pushing the mm/inch button, the user can quickly toggle between the inch and mm mode. It uses an electronic measurement system having a capacitive sensor for high resolution and accurate measurements.

The thing which will amaze you is the smooth, pleasant, and silent gliding action that is achieved by using the high-quality, hardened and solid stainless steel for construction. Another great feature is the perfectly aligned jaws where the internal jaws are sharp and thin for great accuracy. With the Safarium caliper, you can determine internal, exterior, step and depth measurements. Moreover, it features a screw lock and thumb roller for your ease.  The caliper uses an LR44 battery of 1.5v that can last up to 1 year and comes with 3 spare batteries.

Highlighted Features

  • Accuracy 0.001″/0.02mm
  • Easy to use
  • High-contrast LCD
  • Precise and versatile measurements
  • Feeler gauge included
  • Steel workmanship
  • Metric and imperial scale

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11. Fowler 54-101-150-2 Xtra-Value Cal Electronic Caliper

Fowler 54-101-150-2 Xtra-Value Cal Electronic Caliper
  • Measures 1 to 6 “ (0 to 15 mm) in 0.0005” (0.01mm) increments for...
  • Digital readout LCD shows inch or metric units for versatility when...
  • Measures inside, outside, depth and step values for versatility

Fowler’s high precision electronic caliper is available in 6, 8, and 12 inches measuring range. It’s a general-purpose tool with characteristics of professional-grade models. The 54-101-150-2 caliper has a range of 0 t 6 inches with an accuracy of 0.0005″ (0.01mm). The tool comes fitted with the special condenser which capacity varies depending on the position of the jaws. Unlike optical and magnetic sensors, this solution provides a high measuring accuracy across the entire scale. It features a stainless steel frame that offers smooth gliding and long life. For easy measurements, it has thumb roll and carriage lock. The electric LCD reader display two measurement units: metric and inch unit. The incremental or absolute measurements are chosen by the user with one just button touch. It supports all 4 measurement methods that include depth, step, interior, and exterior values. The two sets of jaws attached with beams take internal, external and step measurements while the probe takes depth measurements.

Also, it offers difference measurement with the help of a zero set button allowing setting zero value at any point of the scale. The readings are displayed in digital form on the high-resolution LCD where the digits are arranged vertically centered for easy viewing. To give you error-free reading, it is made from premium stainless steel that makes this electronic caliber tough, rust and dust resistant. The caliper runs on CR 2032 lithium-ion battery and comes with a protective case for convenient storage.

Highlighted Features

  • Accuracy +/-.001″/.02mm
  • Stainless steel frame
  • 1-year warranty
  • 4 types of measurement
  • Metric and inch unit

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12. FineSource Electronic Digital Caliper

FineSource Electronic Digital Caliper
  • FEATURES: : Measurement Range: 0 - 6" and 0 - 150mm; This caliper measures...
  • DESIGN: This lightweight caliper is made of composite material. Safe to put...
  • VERSATILITY: measure inside, outside, depth and step with two sets of jaws...

If you are looking for a digital vernier caliper under $10, FineSource has one for you. It measures in millimeters and inches which can be changed easily by pressing the blue button. Moreover, the scale or beam also features mm and inch ruler on it. The light-weight caliper is made of composite ABS material that offers a 0 to 150 mm measuring range. Compact and highly portable; safe to put in your pocket and carry anywhere as it weighs only 2.4 ounces. The large LED screen is easy to read and the four measuring capabilities make it a must-have around any home or shop.

The red button near the screen is the auto on/off switch. It will turn itself off if you don’t use it for a while to conserve battery life; after 5 minutes of inactivity. The LED readout is quite clear and large to make measurements quick and easy. It is powered by the 3V LR44 battery that is placed in the battery compartment and comes with an extra battery to replace when the original one dies. Being versatile in measurement, you can measure outside, inside, step and depth of the item with this digital caliber very accurately. It comes with a hard protective case for storage.

Highlighted Features

  • Light-weight design
  • Measuring a range of 0-6 inches
  • Versatile measurement
  • Easy-readable LCD screen
  • 2 measuring modes

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13. RCBS Electronic Digital Caliper

RCBS Electronic Digital Caliper
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Hunting reloading case prep tools
  • Another quality Bushnell product

If you desire for the best digital caliper for reloading, RCBS electronic digital caliper is what you need. This high-end caliper is very easy to read, clear out and work with as it comes with auto on/off button on the front. It works very accurate and offers to measure range from 0 to 6 inches. In terms of durability, reliability, and precision, this caliper is built from hardened high-quality stainless steel that increases the tool’s life. Also, the gliding is smooth on the steel beam allowing quick readings to be taken without wasting your time. The small and large jaws are well-aligned offering versatile measurements that include the 4 types: internal, external, step and depth (using probe) dimensions with ease.

This digital caliper has an accuracy of +/- 0.001″/0.02mm and resolution of 0.0005″/0.01mm. To read the values easily, it features a large LCD screen with a wide number that reduces the guess-error. Users can easily shift between the metric and imperial unit mode (inches and millimeters) for their need with one button click. For measuring accurately without slipping error, there is a screw lock feature that holds the slider at one point. To let you know that the battery needs replacement, the low battery indicator flashes. Besides, it comes with a sturdy plastic case for storage and to avoid damage during delivery.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel body
  • 4 measurement types
  • Instant and accurate reading
  • Accuracy +/- 0.001″/0.02mm
  • Easy to use
  • Screw lock
  • Battery indicator

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14. SE 6″ Digital vernier caliper

SE 6
  • Extra-large LCD display screen
  • Measures from 0.001 to 6" or 0.01 mm to 150 mm
  • Resolution: 0.0005”/0.01 mm

Although it designed for small object’s diameter measurements, this electronic vernier caliper has a wide range of applications. It is extremely reliable for taking precise measurements with an accuracy of ± 0.001″ and a resolution of 0.0005″/0.01 mm. The measurement range of the SE caliber is 0-150mm.

This digital caliper is very easy to use featuring 3 different colored buttons only. It is capable of measuring in mm and inches with a quick toggle between the two units by pressing the metric/SAE conversion button. One wants the caliper with good built quality, this is made from hardened stainless steel that makes it long-lasting. Moreover, the steel material provides protection from rust, dust, and water that brings errors in readings. For smooth gliding and easy operation, it features precision thumb roller and finger traction.

The versatile caliber offers 4-way measuring: inside, surface, step and depth dimension of objects using inner, outer jaws and depth blade. With a zero tare button, you can quickly measure differences by setting zero on the scale at any point. To hold the object and lock the scale from sliding further, the caliper has a clamp screw on top to fix. This helps you get the exact measurement. Moreover, the extra-large LCD screen allows the user to read large clear digital minimizing the reading errors. It operates on an LR44 battery and comes with a protective case.

Highlighted Features

  • Large LCD
  • Accuracy of ± 0.001″
  • Range of 0 to 6 inches
  • Metric and SAE unit
  • Stainless steel construction

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15. MLTOOLS Digital Caliper

MLTOOLS Digital Caliper
  • Super high quality measuring device - Use for inside, outside, depth and...
  • Easy to operate, one button to switch between inches to mm or Fractions
  • Measures up to 6 inch / 150mm - Resolution: 0.0005"/0.01mm/1/128-in

All the workers who need simple, easy to use and accurate measuring tools, MLTOOLS digital caliber will provide you with the most accurate readings that cheap-quality calipers can’t deliver. It has a wide range of applications in manufacturing, automobile, jewelry, and model making industries. The caliper measures from 0 to 150 mm displaying results on a large LCD screen with a resolution of 0.0005″/0.01mm. Like other high-end calipers, this also has 3 in 1 unit mode allowing you to easily measure in inches, fractions and mm. You can instantly convert from one unit mode to another (SAE, metric or fractions) by one button press making your readings less time-consuming. It operates on a 1.5v LR44 battery. No worries of battery drainage, there is auto on/off feature which turns off the tool right after 5 minutes if there’s no activity to store the battery.

The high-quality stainless steel construction adds to durability, smooth operation, and precise measurements. If you require relative measurements, all you have to do is press the tare button to set zero value at any scale spot. The caliper features an extending depth blade for measuring the deepness of an object. The main body has 2 sets of jaws for measuring the internal and external diameter of items along with step measurement. Caliber comes in a protective plastic case with a spare battery.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel body
  • Automatic on/off button
  • Zero set function
  • The high-resolution large LCD screen
  • Resolution of 0.0005″/0.01mm

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Buying Guide: Things to Look When Choose Digital Calipers

If you want to buy a good digital caliper for measurements, make sure you consider all the following things before making a purchase.

Accuracy and resolution

No user can compromise for accuracy and resolution when it comes to digital calipers. To get the most precise and correct measurements, make sure you check the accuracy is 3 to 4 decimal points. Not all digital calibers offer this accuracy, but most offer 0.001″/0.02mm accuracy that is important when dealing with small-sized objects. A slight difference can cause a problem. Resolution is the smallest reading that digital caliper will provide. Don’t opt for calipers that have a resolution less than 0.0005″. If you are new to digital caliper, it is advised to look for a caliper that comes fully calibrated with an absolute origin so you don’t have to set zero each time while turning off.

IP rating

Digital calipers certified with IP ratings are very important because it not increases the durability, it also improves efficiency and performance under different environmental conditions. Moisture, liquids, and dust on digital calibers can cause faulty readings. To avoid these problems digital calipers come under 3 different ratings; IP53, IP54, and IP67 making them resistant to water and dust. The caliper models that meets IP67 protection standard are the best as they can be used in harsh conditions and boosts exceptional dust and waterproof properties to operate in a high humidity environment or even be immersed underwater. It also delivers correct measurements at extremely low temperatures along with ultimate protection. So if your work involves such conditions, it is better to go for IP67 rated digital caliper.


As you can’t buy a digital caliper, again and again, it has to be durable enough to last for years by withstanding accidental falls. The best and ideal material for caliper construction is metal, most commonly stainless steel because it is easy to use, offers smooth gliding and provides resistance against water, oil, and dust. Though the steel built calipers are expensive than plastic, ABS or composite materials, it offers high durability.

Ease of use

To make measurements super-easy and quick, it is better to look out for the following features. The large LCD screen with high resolution will make reading digits trouble-free with the naked eye. Having a smooth movement of the jaw is also essential for effortless measuring. Plus, you need a locking screw for exact reading by locking the jaw at the correct position so it doesn’t slip and deliver wrong values.

Data transfer

If you are not good at keeping records on papers or don’t have time, you might want to have this feature. All you need to do is connect the USB cable provided with the digital caliper to your computer to transfer data.

How to Use a Digital Caliper?

A digital caliper is by far the easiest to read and use as it can operate in both imperial and metric measurements. A caliper can take measurements in 4 different ways. The outside jaws are used to measure the outside width, length, diameter, or thickness of an object. The inside jaws measure the internal width or diameter of a slot, groove, hole or a bore. The depth probe or rod is used to measure the groove slot or step. The beam or caliper’s bar is stationary and houses the depth probe. Caliper also features a measuring scale which is used as a visual reference when using a digital caliper as the LCD provides the full read.

To take the desired reading, use the jaws to take measurements and apply the lock to prevent surface drag if needed. The caliper will provide precise reading with maximum accuracy. For step measurement, close the caliper and make sure it is zeroed. Adjust the smaller jaws slightly to help the measurement surfaces rest on the edge. Then push the caliper into place and apply the lock for final reading. To switch over to the metric unit, press the blue button. For depth measurements, extend the probe long enough so it’s able to bottom. The added length is needed which allows the measuring surface of the beam to close against the object and gives you the final measurement.

How Do Digital Calipers Work?

Most of the digital caliber uses a capacitive sensor or encoders to record the measurements. It consists of a pattern of copper lines or track on the 2 layers of PCB strip which runs the length of the slide beam. The reading head also comprises a pattern of lines etched onto a PCB forming a variable capacitor. When the reading head is moved, changes in capacitance are detected by the head and value is calculated that is shown on the LCD screen.

Below the caliper’s scale, a wide variety of rectangular-shaped plates are present on the glass or copper strip used. The circuit board is present on the lower side of movable jaws. A grid of capacitor is created with the copper plates. When the jaw slides along the main scale, alignment, and misalignment of the rectangular plates take place causing the capacitance to change among two plates. A signal is sent to the chip within the caliper’s screen to generate the value digitally on the LCD screen.

Frequently Ask Question About Digital Calipers FAQ’s

Q.1- What is the best digital caliper?

The leader of digital calipers is the Mitutoyo 500-196-30 Digital Caliper which is distinguished by Japanese top quality and accuracy supported by a calibration certificate. The tool is made from first-class stainless steel and the jaws embrace laser machined surfaces for precise measurements. This model measures both external and internal diameter as well as the depth. All the components are merged with each other. Thus you won’t find any axial floats or backlashes while carrying out measurements. The unit features a 6-inch measuring range and comes fitted with an advanced on-site sensor that provides correct readings even when it is stained with water, oil or dirt. This option allows using caliper in harsh weather like heavy rains and at metal processing facilities that make use of coolants and oils. Smartly arranged controls ensure user convenience and quick tool adjustment.

Q.2- Is skinfold caliper accurate?

The pinch-test or skinfold test requires the use of a skinfold caliper to check the skin’s thickness on certain areas of the body. The readings or numbers are then calculated by using a formula to estimate the fat% of your body depending on gender and age. These calipers are typically more accurate and precise than the fat percentage scales but results may vary based on the skill level of the one carrying out the test and the type of caliper used. Only the subcutaneous adipose fat layer can be measured with a skinfold caliper.

Q.3- Are dial calipers more accurate than digital calipers?

In terms of battery, dial calipers are more long-lasting as they work without any battery. They are more affordable than digital calibers but the magnetic or electric field may barge in with the measurements giving false readings. Dial calipers maybe not the best options for users who have eye-sight issues. The digital caliber not only gives fast readings, but the measurements are also highly precise and accurate. It provides better resolution, easy read-out and large screen than dial calipers. Moreover, digital calibers have functional buttons that help in quick and easy measurements. The high-end models also offer data transfer to your PC.

Q.4- How do you use vernier calipers?

There are the main jaws and small jaws with the scale on calipers for measurements. Take your object and close the main jaws around it. To read the measurement you just made, find the last value on the main scale before the zero lines on the vernier scale. Then find the first line on the vernier scale that lines up perfectly with the line on the main scale and note that value, divides the value by several divisions on the vernier scale. Multiply the value by the smallest division of the main scale. Following these steps will provide an accurate diameter.

Final Verdict

The digital calipers are a handy tool for precise measurements that you can use easily in harsh conditions. They can also be paired with your PC to transfer the measurements data in a digital form and recorded into files in text format without requiring any extra software. We hope the reviews of the top 15 digital calipers that we have selected from a variety of models available on the market help you select the best one according to your needs.

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