20 Best Permanent Fabric Markers 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

The simplest means of transforming an ordinary or plain looking clothing material or any item into an appealing and exciting one is to paint or draw a colorful pattern or design on it. You can achieve this easily by using permanent fabric markers. They offer you a convenient means of adding your creativity to your clothes and accessories. With the best fabric markers in your hands, you possess the freedom to utilize and display your imagination on any fabric. They are versatile, durable and convenient.

Making use of fabric markers to sketch or draw patterns and designs on the variety of fabrics can be included as a fun activity on different occasions such as family get-togethers, different parties, and kid shows. Thus, your event will not be short of fun when you have the best fabric pens available and some fabrics to play with.

5 Best Permanent Fabric Markers: Editor’s Pick

On a personal level, fabric markers offer you the thrill of producing captivating designs on fabrics no matter your level of creativity. The success or otherwise of your project depends on your ability to pick the best fabric marker. However, choosing the top-rated fabric markers is not always easy, considering that there are many brands in the marker. To save you the time and energy needed to test different brands, this fabric marker reviews will reveal the 10 best rated fabric markers that you can choose from to deliver your creative ideas in an amazing way. It also details what to look out for fabric markers for cotton and other fabrics.


20 Best Permanent Fabric Markers Review:

1. Crafts 4 ALL Fabric Markers Pens Permanent 12 Pack Dual Tip

The versatility of this fabric marker means that you can deliver your imagination on various fabrics in a fun way. It has dual tips which gives you a lot of options and flexibility, allowing you to choose either a fine or broad tip while creating designs and patterns. Hence, it enables you to deliver designs that you would have thought impossible in a simple manner. No matter the type of project you are handling, these fabric markers are one of the best permanent fabric markers you can find.

They work perfectly on a variety of surfaces including, different types of fabrics, handbags, canvas, baby wears, sneakers, bibs, placemats, and wall art, among others. Each pack contains 36 permanent markers of 12 colors, which means that you have a variety of colors to choose from. The feel of this marker is good and they are comfortable to hold and work with.

Furthermore, when you use this marker for your work, you will find that they are less messy than fabric paint, unique and outstanding. The deep and rich pigment used to make this fabric marker delivers a consistent high color retention capacity. Thus, no matter the number of times you wash these fabrics, your designs will not fade. It is very safe for children because the ingredients are non-toxic.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual tips for flexibility when working on broad or fine lines
  • Excellent color retention, design or drawing does not fade after many washes
  • Safe for kids use because it’s non-toxic
  • Package comes with thirty-six markers in twelve colors.

2. Fabric Markers with Permanent Brilliant Colors 

Never miss the opportunity to provide great fun for your guests or group by allowing them to draw their designs during any occasion. Creative Joy Permanent Fabric Markers allows you to achieve this with ease and excellence. Each pack contains a dozen premium quality markers that can be used to deliver beautiful designs on any type of fabric.

This means that you can deliver your imaginations on anything from sneakers to bibs, aprons, jackets and many more. The colors in each pack are black, red, purple, mint green, warm grey, lemon yellow, brilliant blue, deep violet, orange, sky blue, green and brown. Its dual tip means you can draw or add any detail to the fine point or fill designs using the thick point. This makes is the second choice fabric marker.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will get the best out of this fabric marker. Furthermore, it is made with non-toxic ingredients and meets many standard, thus it is safe for kids. To guarantee that the Creative Joy Permanent fabric marker is excellent, the company offers a full money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product. These fabric markers allow you to express yourself and for your creativity to shine.

Highlighted features

  • Dual tip offers you the versatility
  • Money back guarantee
  • Perfect for beginners and professionals alike
  • Has a dozen colors
  • Non toxic, hence kids can use

3. Fabric Markers Pens Permanent Color Art Markers 24 SET 

Your option among the best fabric pens is a fabric marker that is long-lasting and makes your designs look unique. Each set contains 24 professional quality fabric pens that come in a variety of beautiful earth, fluorescent and rainbow colors. The fact that the fabric pen uses rich pigments made from German fabric ink means that designs produced with this fabric pen lasts longer and looks unique.

It also allows you to be versatile, because its fine tip is perfect for outlining, sketching, decorating, doodling, underlining, thick writing, professional level calligraphic writing and many other DIY designs on fabrics. No matter your level of experience, this fabric pen is perfect for you because it does not get messy like fabric paints.   The deep and rich pigment used to make this fabric marker delivers a consistent high color retention capacity.

Thus, no matter the number of times you wash these fabrics, your designs will not fade. It is very safe for children because the ingredients are non-toxic. They work perfectly on a variety of surfaces including, different types of fabrics, handbags, canvas, baby wears, sneakers, bibs, placemats, and wall art, among others. Despite its many interesting features, the price is reasonable.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains 24 different colors
  • Fine tips for precision calligraphy, graffiti, etc
  • Rich pigments which enable excellent color retention, design or drawing does not fade after many washes
  • Comes with canvas to test the colors
  • Price is fair
  • Safe for kids use because it’s non-toxic

4. Fabric Markers Permanent 12 Pack premium quality bright dual tip 

The versatility of this fabric marker means that you can deliver your imagination on various fabrics in a fun way. It has dual tips which gives you a lot of options and flexibility, allowing you to choose either a fine or broad tip while creating designs and patterns. Hence, it enables you to deliver designs that you would have thought impossible in a simple manner. Each pack contains 12 colors, which means that you have a variety of colors to choose from.

Furthermore, when you use this marker for your work, you will find that they are less messy than fabric paint, unique and outstanding. The deep and rich pigment used to make this fabric marker delivers a consistent high color retention capacity. Thus, no matter the number of times you wash these fabrics, your designs will not fade. It is very safe for children because the ingredients are non-toxic.  This model is best for T-shirts and you can use it to personalize T-shirts, sketch your designs, make unique aprons for schools, different parties or summer camp, and create customized bibs and onesies for the baby shower. As a matter of fact, the fun possibilities you can produce with this fabric pen are endless.

Highlighted Features

  • Retains color and design for a long time
  • Have versatile dual tips
  • Is suitable for most fabrics
  • Pack contains 12 colors
  • Safe for kids because it is non-toxic

5. Colore Premium Fabric Markers -Non Toxic 

The unique designs produced by Colore Premium Fabric Markers makes you fall in live with it. These permanent markers have fine tips which are efficient on most fabrics. Best choice for cotton, each pack contains 20 strong pigment coloring pens. Furthermore, the Colore Premium Fabric Markers are colorfast, which means you will not get those annoying slow ink run. This means that it produces color evenly, thereby removing the need for you to put on another coating in your patterns and artwork.

Also, your final designs or artwork will be vibrant and outstanding because it is a professional quality marker. Some of the rich colors contained in the Colore Premium Fabric Markers pack are red, blue, orange, yellow, black, and green. If your friends or family members love painting or art, these markers are ideal gifts.

There are several things that you can use this fabric pen to design art and graffiti on, including jeans, different types and color of fabrics, canvas, purses, bags and sneakers. As a matter of fact, any material or item that can take the colors of this fabric marker is game. It is suitable for both beginners and professional users.

Highlighted Features:

  • Its tip produces thick lines and enables you to easily pick colors and produce professional quality designs
  • Your designs retain it colors for a very long time even after washing owing to its strong color retention
  • Each pack has twenty markers.

6. Crayola Fine Line Fabric Markers

The Crayola Fine Line Fabric Marker is perfect when you are handling small projects or just starting out as a designer or painter. Each pack contains 10 markers, which have both fine and think tips that offer you the versatility to deliver outstanding artwork. Apart from this, the 10-pack fabric marker from Crayola is part of this fabric marker review because the colors found inside are exactly as they are in the description and it does not also bleed on any fabric or material you are designing on.

The Crayola fabric marker is also suitable for kids because they are non-toxic. Thus, you can get this fabric pen as a gift for your children or grandchildren to boost their creativity. If you just starting out as a painter or designer, this fabric pen will enable you to produce awesome and satisfying designs and artwork.

Highlighted Features:

  • Each pack comes with ten color fabric markers
  • The colors produced by these fabric markers are bold and bright making it efficient on both dark and light fabrics
  • It is easy to use
  • Safe for children because it is non-toxic.

7. Permanent Fabric Markers – 10 fine-tip pens

With this fabric marker which is among the best fabric pensyou can now add an extra dimension to your clothes, T-shirts, backpack, sneakers, kitchen apron, baseball cap or other materials. Make them stand out by creating unique and captivating designs on them using this excellent fabric marker. Each pack contains thirteen marker colors, which means that you have enough colors to create anything you can imagine.

Furthermore, this marker has dual tips (chisel and fine tips), which offers you the versatility to design like a professional. With the fine tip, you can outline patterns, draw, sketch graffiti and include any small detail, while the chisel tip enables you to fill in color on your designs. Whether you wash the fabric with hand or with machines, your designs will remain intact for a very long time. Furthermore, this fabric pen is safe for children because they are non-toxic and its permanent ink formula means that the bleed is minimal.

The fabric marker comes with a free eBook titled: “Science of Colors” and artist quality sewing paintbrushes. To show their eco-friendly side, the fabric maker comes in 100 percent recyclable tubes. The company is so sure that you will like this fabric marker, which is why they offer a full refund or replacement if you do not like the fabric pen.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a dual tip that offers versatility
  • Comes with 13 colors
  • Have a minimal bleed
  • Non-toxic, making it suitable for children
  • Comes in eco-friendly, recyclable tubes
  • Money back guarantee

8. Best Fabric Markers -Perfect for Writing on Clothes

The bullet style tip and other excellent features to this fabric marker make its best quality fabric markers for cottonWith its bullet style tip, you can precisely control for thin or thick line writing or coloring, which makes your work smooth. The ink of this fabric marker is made from non-toxic and high-quality materials. you can use on your dry erase whiteboard.

It dries very fast and you can wash the designs with a machine over and over again and it will still retain its original color. You will also like the fact that these markers are non-toxic, which means they are safe for kids to use. With its fresh and vibrant colors, you will find joy in creating designs with these markers on any of your fabrics.

Furthermore, it comes with 24 fabric markers, including colors such as neon, black, red, purple, blue, yellow, pink, and purple. It produces excellent results in different types of fabrics such as polyester, T-shirts, denim and cotton. Therefore, whether you are doodling, designing, coloring art and many more, these fabric markers are perfect.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dries quickly and anything you draw or paint with it can be washed with machine
  • Can perfectly draw thick or thin lines
  • Contains 24 fabric markers
  • Gives you versatility for doodling, coloring, writing and other activities
  • It is perfect for designing different types of fabrics including cotton, polyester, denim and T-shirts.
  • Non-toxic, making it safe for children

9. Sharpie 1779005 Stained Fabric Markers

Sharpie, a trusted producer of top quality maker gives us the next level fabric markers for t shirts, giving you another excellent option for delivering your ideas of your T-shirts and other fabrics such as denim, cotton, canvas and almost any other materials.

Its brush tip is broad, allowing it to write thick designs and its pigments are heavy so that the designs you expend energy to create do not fade easily. It comes in eight different colors – red, orange, pink, green, purple, yellow, blue and black. The designs and drawings you create will be outstanding and long-lasting. While some fabric markers require you to iron the designs or sketches after drawing to prevent it from washing out, with this fabric marker, you need not to do any of that. All you need to do is to wait for the color in your design to dry before you try to add another drawing or another color.

Highlighted Features:

  • It has a broad tip which enables thick writing
    • The ink does not fade no matter how many times you wash the item
    • Each pack contains 8 fabric markers

10. Crayola 588215 Fabric Marker Classpack

You will also like the fact that these Crayola markers are non-toxic, which means they are safe for kids to use. With its fresh and vibrant colors, you will find joy in creating designs with these markers on any of your fabrics. It comes in eight different colors – teal, red, lavender, gray, pink, black, brown and white. The designs and drawings you create will be outstanding and long-lasting. While some fabric markers require you to iron the designs or sketches after drawing to prevent it from washing out, with this fabric marker, you need not do any of that. All you need to do is to wait for the color in your design to dry before you try to add another drawing or another color. The tips are not too thin, which can be tiring and not too thick, to allow you to create detailed designs.

The tips are nice and smooth which makes it nice for writing and it contains lots of ink, so don’t worry about running out of ink when undertaking your project. Its colors are bright and bold, lasting for a longer time no matter how many times you wash the fabric. Furthermore, since each pack has 8 of each color, you have fabric markers to last you a long time. However, it is better to allow each color to get dry completely before writing or coloring, because the bold colors probably bleed into one another.

Highlighted Features

  • The colors last for a long time
  • Perfect for kids because it is non-toxic
  • The tips are smooth
  • Has lots of ink in each marker
  • Has eight bright colors
  • Each box contains 80 markers: each color has 10 markers


11. Craft 4 All Permanent Fabric Marker

This premium quality non-bleed marker is a joy to use. It comes designed with ingredients that make it ideal for any fabric. It can works for different fabrics. So, as a consequence, you don’t need to get additional markers for different fabrics since it works well with any material you throw at it.

Another thing that sets this highly-rated marker out is the quality of the output. The finished work would always look beautiful and professional. The pack contains two sets of markers, which comes designed to offer users a chance to write in thin and thick lines.

This permanent marker is also ideal for kids, not only adults. Both come designed with materials considered to be non-toxic for kids. So, they are suitable for kids of all age groups. And considering the price point and quality, the Craft 4 All Permanent Marker would make an excellent gift for your little ones.

This Marker is also superb for marking any object you want. You can use it for marking fabrics, clothing, bedding material, and camping gear. It’s also machine washable. Another intriguing thing about these markers is that they do not bleed. In that case, your clothing won’t look rough and unattractive when you finish drawing. The lack of toxic odor and irritation also sets this marker apart.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile
  • Dual tip design
  • Non-toxic formulation
  • Machine washable
  • It does not bleed

12. Craft 4 All Fabric Markers 12 Bright Dual Tip

Here comes another superior marker from Craft 4 All. This one comes designed with one of the highest quality fabric ink that will make your drawings eye-catching. There are 12 diverse colors in the pack, and each color comes manufactured with high-grade materials to ensure long-lasting design.

The dual tips are among the added features that make this Craft 4 All Fabric Marker a wise choice for any DIY projects. It makes these sets of markers versatile and flexible, as you can create any style, sketches, and more! You will find broad and fine tips to create any marking you want.

However, being versatile and flexible are not the only factors that make the Craft 4 All Marker a wise choice. The quality of the finished work produced by this marker also makes it one of the best permanent markers for the money. And compared to fabric paint, this Craft 4 All Fabric Marker is less messy.

This product is also a breeze to use. The diverse colors it has will also allow you to express your creativity. There’s no limit with what you can create with this permanent marker. Plus, it’s also safe for children of all age groups to use. The reason being that it comes produced with non-toxic materials. So, it won’t harm your kids or become harmful to our environment.

Additionally, this permanent marker is weatherproof and washerproof. Now, what this means is that it would retain its attractiveness, irrespective of the weather condition of your environment.

Highlighted Features

  • Washerproof
  • Weatherproof
  • Non-toxic ingredients
  • Super easy to use
  • Features 12 vibrant colors

13. Tulip Dual-Tip Fabric Markers

This fabric marker is another top product to consider when seeking highly-rated markers. It features a pack of 14 different markers and suits whatever DIY art project you have. The Inks on this marker are something else. Unlike other fabric markers, the inks on the Tulip Dual-Tip can hold their shine even after multiple washing.

So, it does offer the great value for the money. First off, it has 14 different colors and features dual tips. And impressively, the fine tips are fantastic for the stippling effect. It’s easy to doubt the output produced by this marker, given its price point.

Many of the fabric markers out bleed. And what’s most surprising is that most of them have the same price tags as Tulip Dual Tip. But the Tulip Dual Tip Marker doesn’t bleed when washed. Its ink also works best on fabrics that are white or light-colored. That doesn’t mean you can use this marker on other materials. You can even use it on wood.

The tips on this marker hold up well, which is what anyone would expect from a marker that offers excellent value for the money. There’s no issue with this marker. Its ingredient indicates that it’s non-toxic. So it’s safe for your kids to play with any time.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use
  • Features 14 vibrant colors
  • Fine tip impresses for stippling effects
  • Hold up well when used on wood
  • More ideal for white or light-colored fabrics

14. Best Fabric Marker 24 Individual Colors

If you are seeking a better painting or drawing experience with a fabric marker, the Best Fabric Marker will make an excellent choice. It features everything you would need to create a stunning design. It’s one of the few markers you can use on a wide array of fabrics.

The Best Fabric Marker works well for any fabric or clothing. These include T-shirts, polyester, cotton, denim, among others. As a consequence, you don’t need to splash the cash on different markers. Just one pack of pen comprising of 24 different colors would do the job

The Best Fabric Marker features a broad range of colors, which is something every design would love. It gives you an edge in your design work. The thing is you can create whatever color mixture or paintings you desire. The design of the pens’ tip also makes them unique. You will find pens with bullet-style tips, designed to let you have total control of your drawings.

The bullet-style tips make these markers ideal for any kind DIY projects, be it smooth writing, coloring, or doodling. They also make it possible for you to create precise thick, and thinner lines.

Highlighted Features

  • Fairly priced
  • Features 24 vibrant colors
  • Unique bullet-style tips for precision.
  • Premium quality fabric ink
  • Works well on diverse surfaces

15. Mosaiz 26 Fabric Marker Pen and Stencils

This Mosaiz Fabric Marker is a must-have marker and stands out in different areas. It features a whopping 26 high-quality fabric markers and 36 stencils. So, you will have a lot of materials to work with and diverse designs to create. Having such a robust tool can awaken your creative spirit and let you create a portrait or design of choice.

Other added features make this fabric a top choice. One is regarding safety. If you are afraid of exposing your kids to harmful chemicals or have ugly experiences from the previous markers used, know that the Mosaiz Fabric Marker is different. This Mosaiz Fabric Marker contains non-toxic ingredients. Hence, it is safe for you and your beautiful kids.

The ability to dry quickly is something peculiar to this Fabric Marker. It’s also fade and bleed resistant, meaning whatever design you create will remain shiny for an extended period. Rain, heat, or water poured directly on the material can’t get the design created by this marker, off. It also doesn’t bleed when washed manually or with a machine.

The ingredient in this marker and stencil shows that they come built to last. So whatever you create would likely remain permanent for years. Impressively, this fabric marker is fade-proof and chlorine resistant. Its pens also come designed with pointed bullet tips, making it easier to create thin and thick lines.

Highlighted Features

  • Markers have unique bullet tips
  • Features gold and silver markers
  • Features 26 fabric markers and 36 stencils
  • Stencils are adhesive and reusable
  • Ideal for decorating T-shirts, jeans, bags, shoes, pillowcases, cushions, wall art, sneakers, and more!

16. Madam Sew Heat Erasable Fabric Marking Pen

Are you working on a needlecraft project? If yes, then this Madam Sew Fabric Marking Pen will be of use to you. Instead of using chalk, you can use them. The pen comes in 4 different colors, so you can mark different fabric colors and avoid mistakes. You can also use the pen to identify the thread color you intend using.

This pen is also heated erasable, meaning you can erase the markings with as simple as a pressing iron. You don’t have to pre-treat the fabric to get the ink stains off. That only happens when you utilize the tailors’ chalk. Additionally, the pen makes needlecraft projects a breeze. Unlike tailors’ chalk, this Madam Sew Fabric Marking Pen will never rub away, irrespective of how rough you handle the fabric.

The manufacturers also developed this pen with the comfort of users at heart. They ensured it comes with pocket clips so that you will always have them at your beck and call. This pen also comes with extra refill cartridges to ensure you don’t run out of ink. And the intriguing thing about these refills is that they are free.

Furthermore, it’s interesting to know that this pen works on all fabric types. And being that it also comes in different colors, means you would always want the ideal color for the fabric you have chosen. Again, the fabric pen is a breeze and fun to use.

Highlighted Features

  • Pens are well-made
  • Creates precise markings
  • Ink is erased easily by hot iron
  • Has four free ink which serves as refills
  • Pen cap comes designed with pocket clips

17. Tulip 33711 Permanent Marker

This permanent marker from Tulip comes designed with everything you need to create an outstanding artwork or any design of choice. It has 25 pens, coupled with different vibrant colors. A total of 15 of the markers have fine tips, making the creation of precise but thin lines possible, while the remaining 10 markers have brush tips.

So, this permanent marker does offer you a chance to draw and paint as you wish. So, whether you are interested in doodling, drawing, or coloring, the Tulip 33711 Permanent Marker is a wise choice to get the job done satisfactorily.

The colors these markers produce last longer. They also contain non-toxic ingredients, making their usage the ideal one for kids. You can offer these markers to your children to encourage them to unleash their creativity. In addition to being non-toxic, another thing that sets these permanent markers out is their simplicity.

So, your kids won’t have a hard time creating their artwork. Of course, they can hold the markers comfortably without hurting their tiny little fingers. The marker is also a hit for adults, given its price point, quality, and the range of colors available. Plus, the markers come stored in a reusable pouch.

Highlighted Features

  • Fairly priced
  • High quality and vibrant color
  • Comfortable in the hand
  • Comes stored in a reusable pouch
  • Markers consist of brushes and fine tips

18. US Art Supply Super Markers

The US Art Supply Marker is a highly-rated marker on the marker for apparent reasons. Its ink consists of bright, bold, and attractive colors. The colors also hold up well, and this means whatever you design will end up looking professional.

You can use this marker to showcase your creative skills on diverse materials. This includes fabrics of different kinds. Plus, the markers consist of pointed bullet tips, which let you create different lines. You will be able to create fine and thicker strokes as you wish.

However, the colors are among the features that make this marker more desirable. First off, they are resistant to fading, which means whether you wash manually or otherwise, the colors will remain sharp. But it’s advisable to air-cure the color after designing the T-shirt or fabric of choice.

The air-curing is to ensure that the color would remain sharp even when you wash the fabric. And you must do so before wearing or washing the finished work. The colors also blend well with others. And another impressive thing is that they blend well when missed with other colors.

So, if you are looking for a well-made marker your kids can play with, the US Art Supply Super Markers would make a fine choice.

Highlighted Features

  • Pointed bullet tips
  • Color is bold and vibrant.
  • Fade-resistant when washed
  • Ideal for premium fabric and T-shirts.

19. Andaa Disappearing Ink Fabric Marker Pen

Whether you are thinking of marking costumes or sewing, the Andaa Disappearing Ink will make everything easy for you. Erasing the marks after drawing is a breeze. Just apply a little water to the markings and scrub gently. All the markings will disappear as if nothing happened.

If you don’t want to go through the process of applying water, you can still have it that way. All you have to do is allow the marking to stay for at most, a week or less. They will disappear without you lifting a finger. The pens are water and air erasable. And they come designed in that manner to make your work easier.

You can also sew or create any design you want with this happen. It’s that versatile. Plus, the pack also contains a total of 10 colors, which is enough for a plethora of designs. You will find red, blue, green, deep blue and purple color. Each color has two markers, so you won’t run out of ink when you start designing.

Highlighted Features 

  • Water erasable
  • Air erasable
  • Non-toxic ink
  • Features 5 different colors and a total of 10 markers.
  • For dressmaking, craft, embroidery, quilting and more

20. iNee Retractable Heat Erase Fabric Marking Pens

This high-performance ink is a wise choice for any project that has to do with creating a design. You can use it to write or design whatever you want on any fabric. It’s called the retractable fabric marking pen for a reason. It makes the pen a breeze to use, irrespective of how demanding the design you are creating is.

You will also find this pen useful if you are a seamstress. Its markings are not only neat and precise. The lines are a breeze to erase. Just apply a hot iron to the spot, and that’s it. All the lines will clear off the fabric.

So what more can one expects from such a budget, yet highly-rated marking pen? It writes smoothly and erases with ease. Even if you make a mistake while creating any design, either on a white fabric, you won’t be put off by it.

There’s also provision for refills, in case any pen dries off. The 4 refills are available for free and stored in a plastic pen box for easy access.

Highlighted Features

  • Retractable design
  • Nicely packaged pens
  • Erases when heated
  • Super easy and fast pens
  • Four colors are ideal for all color of the fabric

How to Use Fabric Markers on t-shirts

Having a fabric marker allows you to design your t-shirt the way you want it. You can write your name, inspirational quote, or display your creativity via stunning artwork. It’s up to you to decide! Your kids can also use the fabric marker on their t-shirt, provided it’s the non-toxic marker.

So what’s the best way to use the fabric marker on a t-shirt? Well, first, whatever design you create is a decision you have to make. There are also diverse ways to use the marker on a t-shirt.

The first step is to buy your marker. Ensure it’s a good quality maker. And one with several tips can prove useful for different kinds of designs.

Now, place the t-shirt on a flat surface. The surface should also be neat to avoid staining the t-shirt. The fabric can also be of any color. But ensure the marker isn’t of the same color as the fabric. Otherwise, the color will not be catchy.

Next, you can place a piece of cardboard underneath the t-shirt to avoid bleeding. Even if you have a marker that doesn’t bleed, you should still set the cardboard underneath to be on a safe side.

Your next step after this would be to choose a suitable design. After that, you can start designing. You also should design if you want to create your design with bigger strokes or smaller ones. That will determine the marker you will end up starting your design with.

How to Remove Permanent Marker From Skin 

It might not have been your intention to paint your skin with a permanent marker. It happens unintentionally sometimes. Removing a permanent marker from the skin is quite a difficult task. But keep in mind that it’s not a mission impossible.

Below are steps you can use to get a permanent marker off your precious and delicate skin. These techniques are also safe for kids. If you find your kids’ skin covered with tattoos from a permanent marker, these techniques can help you get them off.

Step 1: Alright, the first step is to use rubbing alcohol. You may know it as isopropyl alcohol. Ensure its 90 percent solution or a bit higher.

Your first step is to take a cotton ball and dip inside the solution. Next, place it on the spot where you have the marker (make sure it touches the entire lines) and wipe with a fresh cotton ball. However, ensure the cotton ball containing the alcohol solution is left on the marked spot for a few seconds.

Step 2: Another way to get a permanent marker off your skin is to use a nail polish remover. This solvent contains acetone and considered effective for removing permanent marker from the skin.

What you have to do is to dip a cotton ball inside the solvent. Allow the cotton ball soaked with the acetone-based solvent to remain on your skin for a while. Then rub gently to get the marker stain off. That’s it.

How to Remove Permanent Marker From Clothes

A marker stain can make your clothes unattractive. It’s also more accessible for people to spot and different a stained cloth from a design you willingly created. So, if you have permanent marker stains on your clothes, ensure you wipe them off immediately.

It’s easy to wipe away the stain from clothes. They are always different ways you can achieve it. Let’s take a look at a couple of techniques to remove permanent marker stains from clothes without destroying the fabric.

One of the steps involves rubbing alcohol. Get a paper towel and place the stained cloth on it. It should be facing the towel. Next, dip a sponge in the alcohol and place it on the stained spot. You will have to use the sponge to dab the spot gently, and watch as the stains move to the paper towel.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fabric Marker

What can I use to write on fabric?

You can use a permanent marking pen or heat erasable pen. Instead of using chalk to mark your fabric before stitching, you can use an erasable heat marker. You can also use the permanent marker to draw or mark your t-shirt, denim, or any other fabric.

What is the best pen for writing on fabric?

The Craft 4 All Permanent Fabric Markeris the best marker pen for writing on fabric. Being non-toxic makes it suitable for kids and adults to use. It’s also simple, convenient and does bleed. Another thing that sets the Craft 4 All marker pen out is its versatility. You can use it for any fabric or create any design you wish. It features a dual-tip, which makes it possible to generate tin and larger lines. The markings created by this pen are also precise. So there’s no better pen on the market than the Craft 4 All Permanent Fabric Marker. It comes built to let you have fun creating designs that would please the eyes. Stylize your t-shirt with catchy quotes or artwork with this all-in-one permanent fabric marker

How do you wash clothes with fabric markers?

Fabric markers are permanent. They also contain colors that hold up well and stay permanently in the fabric. So do not wash out or fade even when you do the washing manually or use a washing machine.

However, you can wash clothes with fabric markers manually or with a washing machine. But there are things you need to consider during the process. First off, give the fabric sometimes to draw up accurately. Let it stay for at least 72 hours before you think of washing.

It’s also advisable to give fabrics sometime to dry up before touching them. That way, the lines, color, and design will remain sharp. By this time, the marker and color would have dried up properly.

Also, ensure you turn the cloth inside out, and the washing should be on a gentle cycle. The detergent also needs to be mild. Another thing you need to consider is the temperature of the water. It’s advisable to wash clothes with fabric markers in warm water. That way, the paint will hardly crack.

Do fabric pens work on black?

Yes, fabric pens work well on black fabric, but you should not use a dull color. You can use a bright color. But keep in mind that fabric pens won’t work well on black as they would on light-colored fabrics.

Can you wash fabric markers?

A permanent fabric marker comes designed to stay permanent on the fabric. Meaning, you cannot just watch off the colors with soap and water. You can wash the material quite well. But that doesn’t mean that the color would fade away. There are other ways to get marker stains or designs off a fabric.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider While Buying a Fabric Marker 

Fabric markers come in several sizes, colors, and numbers. Also, there are many good ones in the market and you may not know what to look out for if you are a beginner. Even for professionals, sometimes, they may not get exactly what they want, forcing them to start looking for a new one. However, if you are unsure about the fabric marker you want to purchase, it is not advisable to settle for one that will not give you the desired result. You can avoid this frustration by knowing exactly what to look for in a fabric marker before buying one.


It is always best to check if the fabric marker you are buying can retain the original color after washing the fabric several times. This is one of the most important features to look out for in a fabric marker. It can be very depressing if your graffiti or designs fade away after a few washes because the quality of the fabric marker is poor. The best fabric markers for cotton as well as other materials are fade-proof and you can simply test this by reading the description or carrying out a simple test.

Color retention

This is another important feature to look out for while purchasing a fabric marker for your projects. Fabric markers that are made with bright pigmented ink are more likely to have the ability to retain the original color in designs and drawings you will create. Look at the label very well and read the ink description. Also, carry out in-depth research online to determine the best ink for the project you intend to carry out. Never go for colors that will fade or get lighter after washing the fabric a few times.

Color Bleeds

There is no way a marker that is among the best fabric marker is going to bleed. This is not only annoying; it can frustrate your work because it may ruin your designs or drawing. When colors bleed into each other while drawing, they create a mess and it is even worse when it bleeds to the under the surface you are designing. To prevent this from happening, it is best to check for fabric markers that do not bleed when you are working. It is common to see it on the label as “non-bleeding or minimal bleed”.


There is no one who will intentionally want to harm his/her kids. This is why you should always go for non-toxic fabric markers. It does not matter if you are the one using the marker or giving it as a gift to your child, do not compromise on safety. This is because you or your kids may develop health challenges in future that are related to exposure to harmful materials. While it is true that most of the best fabric pens on the market are non-toxic and safe for kids to use, you may still find some that are not. No matter the other features it possesses, it is best to ignore them for the safety of your family.

The above are not the only things to consider when buying a fabric marker. Other important features to consider include the size and quality of the tip, whether it has one or dual tips and your budget for the fabric pen.

Final Verdict

Picking the best permanent fabric marker should not be a tough task for you now because this fabric marker review has revealed details of the best fabric markers as well as what to look out for when you want to buy a fabric marker. The fabric markers that we have discussed here are options that you should give serious consideration to when you are looking to buy a fabric marker. That said, others may still appeal to you.

However, it is important to keep in mind that any fabric marker you will choose will depend on what you need the markers for, if you are getting it for kids, the type of fabrics you will work with as well as the type of design you need to make. No matter what your requirements are, be rest assured that you will always get a fabric marker that is perfect for you.

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