10 Best Golf Clubs For Senior Ladies of 2021

Buying golf clubs is not as simple as going online and picking out the most attractive set. There are several considerations you should make before picking a set of clubs or purchasing individual irons.

Your skill level, differences in club design, and value for cost are all considerations when picking the best golf clubs. This review is designed to present options for a variety of golfers and answer some questions you may have about club construction and quality.

5 Best Golf Clubs: Editor Recommended

10 Best Golf Clubs For Senior Ladies:

1. Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Driver

Callaway Golf Men's Rogue Driver
  • Golf Digest 2018 Hot List Gold Medal Winner! The Rogue Driver delivers...

Callaway Golf is a trusted name in golf. They recently made waves with the Big Bertha Epic, considered by some to be one of the best drivers ever made. They may have topped that exceptional model with the Rogue Driver.

It can achieve more distance, has a more solid feel, and is more forgiving than its groundbreaking counterpart.

The Rogue comes outfitted with a modernized Jailbreak Technology. Jailbreak helps achieve more consistent, faster ball speeds from a larger portion of the face.

Whether the contact is on or off-center matters less due to the two internal bars that create a stiffer body. Energy transfer is heightened and exceptional distances can be achieved. This new version of jailbreak varies because the bars have been shaved and reformed for optimized efficiency.


  • Adjustable loft and lie
  • Forgiving compensation
  • Long off the tee


  • Single weight CG limits MOI adjustability

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2. Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra Package Set

Wilson Golf Women's Ultra Package Set
  • This package set is perfect for beginner golfers looking to improve their...
  • The super game improvement design focuses on generating more distance for...
  • Designed for Women's swing speeds with low center of gravity for improved...

The Wilson Ultra package comes with 8 clubs that range from drivers to putters. The 14-degree driver has a large sweet spot for maximized forgiveness. It is also graphite, so it has a lighter weight. A hybrid is included as a substitute for the four and five irons.

Six through nine irons are also included alongside a pitching wedge. All irons in the set have a cavity back. We like that a cart bag and head covers are included in the price and feel this set is a great value for the money.


  • Includes two wedges, one is a 56-degree sand wedge
  • Stand bag has several pockets
  • Two hybrids included


  • Driver has a loft of 10.5 degrees
  • No sand wedge
  • Only for right-handers

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3. Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set-Driver

Pinemeadow Men's PGX Golf Set-Driver
  • 460cc Driver, 3 Wood and Hybrid
  • 5-PW Irons
  • Graphite Shaft on Driver and 3 Wood

The Pinemeadow Men’s PGX is a nine piece set. It includes a graphite shafted 460cc Driver, three wood, four hybrid, and five PW irons. The larger clubs, driver, hybrid, and three wood, come with head covers.

We feel the standout pieces are the hybrids. The long range is fashioned out of stainless steel and titanium alloy, making it very durable. We also like that the hand orientation on this set is ambidextrous.


  • Affordable set
  • Good for newer players
  • Light irons
  • Excellent flex
  • Suited for right and left-hand players
  • More forgiving than standard


  • Driver is not durable
  • Not suited for professionals
  • No golf bag
  • Heads are white and prone to staining

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4. Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids

Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids
  • CLUB/LOFT: 3 Hybrid/19°, 4 Hybrid/22°, 5 Hybrid/25°, 6 Hybrid/28°, 7...
  • HYBRID MOVEMENT: More and more players are trading in their traditional...
  • BIGGER SWEET SPOT: All hybrids feature a nice balance of weight throughout...

The Pinemeadow Excel EGI clubs are fully hybrid. They have a larger sweet spot than most traditional irons and hit longer distances.

Their graphite shafts and club heads come in eight loft options and all come with head covers. Overall, we feel these are excellent, budget-friendly options for mid-skilled golfers.


  • Affordable hybrid option
  • High-performing
  • Durable
  • Forgiving


  • Paints chips easily
  • On the heavier side
  • Regular flex feels stiff

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5. TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Combo Golf Set

TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men's Combo Golf Set
  • Max-cor and low CG - moving discretionary weight lower in the head via the...
  • Face slot technology - engineered into M2 irons, face slots provide added...
  • Compact shaping - M2 features a smaller overall head design compared to...

The TaylorMade M2 set is a great choice for beginners. They are highly forgiving, so novice players have a more successful and enjoyable game. Their fluted hosels help lessen the weight of the club, lowering the clubs’ center of gravity.

The lofts are strong, allowing players to attain further distances. Overall, this set is priced well and helps achieve a strong game for beginners.


  • Fluted hosels
  • Great for beginners
  • Lower center of gravity
  • Large sweet spot


  • Could be more forgiving
  • Low feel and feedback

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6. Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady All Graphite Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag

Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady All Graphite Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag
  • Includes headcovers, towel ring and rain cover
  • Features 2 woods, 2 hybrids and 4 way full length dividers
  • Six irons and 4 exterior zippered pockets

Palm springs golf produces some of the best golf clubs for women. The set includes a 460cc oversized driver with a large sweet spot.

It is ideal for novice players of both sexes. The hybrids also have high cavity back designs and a low center of gravity. We feel they are an excellent value for the money.


  • Includes a driver
  • Very forgiving 460cc size
  • Higher MOI


  • Right-handed only
  • Lesser known brand

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7. Tour Edge Golf- Reaction 3 Complete Set With Bag Graphite/Steel

Tour Edge Reaction 3 is one of the best golf club sets we will feature. They have a lifetime warranty and include 15 pieces. The set includes a three wood, four hybrid putter, and five iron pitching wedge.

We like that it includes a stand bag and head covers for the driver, wood, and putter. Most notable is the 460cc titanium matrix driver with an exceptional MOI.


  • Large sweet spot
  • Four hybrid club that is an easy hit
  • Dual strap carrying bag


  • Clubs are on the shorter side
  • Expensive
  • Putter can be questionable

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8. Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge
  • 3 grinds for every shot, every Condition and every swing: we've developed 3...
  • S-grind: our most versatile option It's great for a wide range of...
  • Progressive groove optimization: the MD3 milled line has progressive groove...

The Callaway Mack Daddy 3 has a reputation for being one of the best golf clubs on the market with regard to price and quality. It is geared toward more advanced players.

It is available in multiple lofts from 46 to 64 in two-degree increments and multiple grinds. Overall, we feel it is a solid club with adequate forgiveness for its class.


  • Feel is consistent throughout the lofts
  • Good choice of grinds
  • Large round head profile
  • Chrome, Nickel, Black Nickel, and Nickel Gold finishes


  • Oversized aesthetic is not for everyone
  • Is is not forged

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9. Confidence Junior Golf Club Set With Stand Bag

Confidence Junior Golf Club Set With Stand Bag
  • Includes driver/ fairway 3 wood (39") with extra loft for easy hitting
  • 7 iron (32.5"), 9 iron (33") with graphite shafts, soft wrap grips,...
  • Comes with a white ball putter; 31 inches

The Confidence Junior set is one of the best golf club sets for children aged four to seven years and eight to 12 years. There are options for both age ranges.

The set comes with four clubs: a wood, two irons, and a putter. There is a combination of hybrids and irons. It also comes with a bag perfect for little ones to carry.


  • Dual harness strap
  • Budget-friendly


  • The near five-pound weight can be heavy for smaller children
  • Difficult to fit on

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10. Confidence LADY POWER III Golf Club Set

The confidence Lady Power III set has some of the best golf clubs for women when it comes to midpoint affordability and decent quality.

The set has seven clubs, including an oversized metal wood hybrid at 24 degrees, cavity-backed six through nine irons, and a pitching iron. It is ideal for more casual and novice female golfers.


  • One of the best golf clubs for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Unsuitable for professional use

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golf club with ball

Image via Flickr

What Are Component Clubs?

Golf clubs are comprised of a club head, shaft, and grip. Component clubs are clubs that were assembled by a club maker.

Generally, the clubs parts are purchased separately from supply companies who sell components for that purpose. The benefit of component clubs is it opens the selection of head, shaft, and grip pairings up to ultimate customization.

What Is COR?

COR stands for Coefficient of Restitution. Technically, it is a scientific term, but in the world of golf, the concept of energy transference between two objects bleeds over into club construction.

If an iron has a very high COR, less energy is lost when the golf club is impacted. Less energy lost equals more distance.

What Is MOI?

MOI, or moment of inertia, measures resistance to twisting. Typically, MOI will refer to club heads. However, you will also see the rating on some golf balls or even shafts.

A club with a higher-MOI will lessen the face’s open rotation or twisting back from the heel-side. Twisting causes distance loss, so lessening it has advantages.

What Is Bounce?

Bounce refers to the when the wedge touches the ground during address and the sole to be lifted. Bounce angle measures the degrees between the leading edge and lowest point of the sole.

The greater the bounce angle a wedge has, the higher the sole will sit. The angle should be noted as it leads to slightly different playing characteristics. Different sands require different bounce.

Generally, bounce angles are between zero to 14 degrees, but they can be higher. To gauge bounce, think of less than four degrees as low, five to ten degrees as mid, and above ten degrees as high bounce.

golf club with pink ball

Image via Pixabay

How Do Cast Irons and Forged Irons Compare?

There are two main ways to make golf irons: casting or forging. The biggest difference between them is that forged irons may have a softer feel when impacting the ball.

However, having said that, we also must say that technically the names only refer to the manufacturing processes. Cast irons are made by metal being melted and poured into a mold while forged irons are pounded and pressed into shape.

There is no noticeable difference in performance between the irons. If you have two irons with equal specs, but one is cast and the other is forged, the shots will fly identically. The idea of softness on impact stems from the fact carbon steel is a softer metal.

That said, the most likely reason for differences in feel is that forged irons are more expensive and geared toward experienced golfers. Therefore, cavity backs, sole width, and other features will be more finely tuned.

Are Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs Different?

There was a time when there was little difference between male and female golf clubs other than color. However as the sport has gotten less gender-neutral, manufacturers have moved away from simply jazzing up male irons with a feminine aesthetic and chopping down the shafts.

These days, women‘s clubs are an average of an inch shorter, have shafts with more flex, and tend to have more loft on the face. Such features accommodate for the height difference, give greater swing control, and compensate for swing speeds to get the ball up in the air and achieve a bit more distance.

Do Female Golfers Need to Buy Women’s Clubs?

Despite clubs being labeled male or female, outside of color aesthetics and superficial design, they are really gender-neutral. This does not dismiss what we said above; rather it acknowledges that golfers should buy clubs suited to their physique and playing abilities.

More than gender, you should look at aspects like height, swing speed, if you tend to jerk or move when swinging, and other practical factors.

In a way, there is an assumption that women are less athletically inclined than men, so the clubs are built to compensate. While it is true women often do have slower swing speeds and are smaller than men, some may find the best golf clubs for them are men’s irons suited to their game.

At the same time, there are some men who could improve their game by using “women’s” clubs.

How We Reviewed the Best Golf Clubs

man playing golf

Image via Pixabay

The following products were reviewed based on the following parameters Features, Pros & Cons, Price, and Where to Buy.

We also attempted to present single irons and sets for different skill levels and price points. You will find the products below are like a curated selection of the best golf clubs for a variety of golfers.

Overall Price Range

Golf clubs vary greatly in price. It is possible to spend only two dollars for a single club or 600 dollars. That said, if you purchase from a major manufacture, you will likely spend 250 to 600 dollars for new drivers.

In that price bracket, you will get drivers from companies that are household names with solid reputations.

What We Reviewed

  • Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Driver
  • Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra Package Set
  • Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set-Driver
  • Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids
  • TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Combo Golf Set
  • Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady All Graphite Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag
  • Tour Edge Golf- Reaction 3 Complete Set With Bag Graphite/Steel
  • Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge
  • Confidence Junior Golf Club Set With Stand Bag
  • Confidence LADY POWER III Golf Club Set

The Verdict


Our top pick for the best golf clubs is by Callaway Golf, specifically the Rogue Driver. We appreciate the distance it can achieve, its solid feel, and how forgiving it is. The upgrade in Jailbreak technology makes this one of the most reliable drivers on the market, yet it will not break the bank.

That said, if you are not yet an experienced golfer, there are a variety of other offerings in this review. Each one represents some of the best golf clubs in its class. There is literally something for everyone.

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