10 Best Reading Glasses Consumer Reports For 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you struggle to focus on small text, you’re not alone. As humans age, our eyes start going through the inevitable process known as progressive degeneration, or presbyopia. You can reduce the amount of strain on your eyes and be able to read better by using the best reading glasses for your peepers.

5 Best Reading Glasses Consumer Reports: Editor’s Pick:

It’s important to note that it’s not only older people who experience this deterioration of their sight. This condition can affect anyone of any age. The good news is that a good pair of readers can make things easier for anyone affected by presbyopia.

And while it’s always a good idea to get your eyes checked out by the optometrist to make sure everything is working fine, the glasses on our review list can be purchased over the counter so you don’t have to wait to start reading without the strain and headaches.

10 Best Reading Glasses Consumer Reports:

1. GAMMA RAY Anti UV-Glare Computer Glasses

If you do a lot of reading at your computer, this is the ideal set of reading glasses for you to consider. Whether you have perfect lighting or if you’re operating under fluorescent lights, the Gamma Ray anti-UV computer glasses are your best bet for avoiding eye strain.

They boast a combined optical technology that isn’t seen in any other products in the same category, and you can choose your magnification so your eyes are reading-ready in any kind of environment. These computer glasses also have affordable price points, which is why they are a firm favorite of a lot of people. In addition to helping you read better on your computer, these glasses also protect you from harmful blue light.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to choose from a stunning range of fashion-forward styles that will look great at home, at the office, or anywhere else you need to use the glasses. The Gamma Ray FlexLite frame is RX compatible, which means that you can fit the frame with your own personal prescription at your optometrist.

If you’re wondering whether replacing the lenses with your own sort of defeats the whole purpose, the fact is that if you wear corrective lenses, it’s smarter to get the coatings that are offered by your optometrist.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable, lightweight TR90 nylon frame
  • Very comfortable design for everyday use
  • Non-polarized, 53mm lens width
  • Amber tinted for minimal digital eye strain
  • Glare reduction and UV400 protection

2. ThinOptics Reading Glasses

These are amazing glasses that are compact and very easy to use. ThinOptics knows stylish design, and these glasses will have you looking great whether you’re writing an essay or playing video games! The reading glasses come with a ‘free replacement forever’ promise, which is great for anyone who intends to get the most out of their reading glasses.

In addition to being smaller than the size of a credit card, these glasses are so lightweight you might just forget you have them on. They are also flexible, which means you can take them anywhere. You’ll have all the style associated with this innocuous design without any of the fatigue normally experienced with normal armed glasses.

These classic glasses are also great for when armed ones are inconvenient or impractical. It’s great not to have arms that can sometimes cause irritation, but just be careful not to drop the glasses when using them.

While these are scratch ‘resistant’, it doesn’t mean that they will be able to survive hard falls. Having said that, these are the best mens reading glasses you’ll find for the price, and even if they do (somehow) incur some scratches, they will still be able to function properly.

Highlighted Features

  • Glasses come with Universal Pod case with non-residue adhesive for sticking onto your phone, counter, etc.
  • Lenses made from optical-grade polycarbonate for durability
  • Shatter-proof design
  • Super lightweight, lighter than a nickel and as thin as two credit cards
  • Ultra-flexible titanium bridge guaranteed never to break

3. Success Eyewear Reading Glasses

This amazing set of reading glasses from Success Eyewear includes two pairs of glasses, for your convenience. They come in popular Unisex colors (gunmetal and black) that will have you looking great no matter who you are or where you are. You can keep a pair handy in each of your favorite spots so you don’t have to go hunting each time you want to read something.

These reading glasses are extremely comfortable, and they are ideal for all size ‘noggins’. The frame is very light, and when you lengthen the temples, the glasses fit just right. You have the peace of mind of knowing they won’t fall off during any normal course of wear.

The lenses are exceptionally clear, and they will remain safe and sound and out of harm’s way in their hard, sturdy case. The included case is made from high-quality durable material that will last you a very long time. It also has a flip top with a tiny magnet on it so that the case stays closed.

The attention to detail is actually very impressive considering the price of these glasses – and that’s why they made it to the top three on our list of the best reading glasses you can buy.

Highlighted Features

  • Non-polarized reading glasses
  • Unisex design and colors
  • Best folding reading glasses for compact storage
  • Package includes two sets of reading glasses
  • High-quality, lightweight design reduces fatigue
  • Durable case included

4. Kerecsen Fashion Reading Glasses for Ladies

This offering from Kerecsen is one of the absolute best ladies reading glasses you’ll find on the market today. The high quality reading glasses are made from durable material and the construction is not only stylish and lightweight, but it’s also designed to be extremely comfortable to wear even on a daily basis.

You certainly won’t be feeling any pressure on your nose when wearing these glasses. The lenses are clear and they are scratch-resistant which means that you’ll have new-looking glasses for a long time to come. These fashion reading glasses make the perfect gift for parents and the elderly who struggle to read small text on pages.

You don’t have to worry about these glasses falling off of your nose whenever you lower your head as they hang over your neck. Each package that you purchase comes with 5 pieces to ensure that you get the most out of these extremely well-made reading glasses.

The last thing you want is to have to go searching each time that you want to read some bit of text in the next room. This set of glasses is ideal because it comes with several pairs of glasses, each with its very own soft case to keep it safe and sound.

Highlighted Features

  • Package includes cleaning cloth for your convenience
  • Various vibrant colors to choose from
  • Comfortable sizing even for larger faces
  • Each pair has its own soft case
  • High-quality construction ensures long-lasting wear

5. Reading Glasses for Men and Women

These reading glasses come in a set of four, and they give you exceptional value for money. Each of the glasses is well-crafted, with spring hinges that ensure long-lasting durability. You can keep one set at home, one in the office, one in the car, and one in your bag – or wherever else you want them.

The beauty of these glasses is that they are not only high in quality but that they are also versatile and easy to use. Their contemporary shape makes them suitable for men and women of any age, these reading glasses will keep you looking stylish any time you need to read fine text.

The lenses are made from high-quality material which is scratch-resistant. This means that you’ll have an easy time keeping your glasses looking new. The shiny black color of these narrow frames makes them ideal for any setting. In addition to that, the frames are made from a very durable and flexible material which keeps them from breaking easily.

Considering the fact that this set of four well-made glasses costs significantly less than a single drugstore pair of glasses, these are the best reader glasses that provide unrivaled value from an exceptional brand.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality eyewear at bargain prices
  • Durable plastic frame that won’t break easily
  • 51-mm Non-polarized lenses
  • Comes in a set of 4 for an amazing value
  • Classic shape suitable for any age and face shape

6. TIJN Blue Light-blocking Glasses

These glasses from TIJN have blue light filtering properties that most people will appreciate. Blocking blue light helps to reduce strain on the eyes that leads to blurred vision and headaches. Recent studies have revealed that exposure to too much blue light can even lead to permanent eye damage, which is all the more reason why you need to protect your eyes as much as you can.

The square nerd frame on these reading glasses transforms any face instantly, and it ‘smart’ is the look you’re going for, these are the glasses for you. You’ll be able to look great while protecting your eyes from all the digital devices we use at home and at work.

Now that you know the hazards of blue light that can cause injury to the structure of your macular, possibly resulting in vision loss. If you’ve been suffering from visual fatigue which affects your learning or working efficiency, then these glasses could be the answer to your problems.

Without blue light blocking readers, you may also experience issues falling asleep, and when you do get to sleep, it’s usually poor quality sleep. The importance of having glasses that filter out that blue light from digital devices cannot be overstated, particularly for anyone who works with such devices for extended periods of time.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable plastic frames that don’t break easily
  • High-quality composite lens
  • 53-mm width lens, Non-polarized
  • Blue light blocking properties
  • 30-day quality guarantee in case of any issues

7. ANRRI Blue-Light Blocking Computer Glasses

ANRRI is a well-known brand in the field of readers, and this product from their line is one of the absolute best reading glasses that focuses on blue light-blocking technology. The digital era that we live in means that we’re constantly exposed to blue light everywhere, from the home and school to workplaces and even where we go to relax, unwind, and get away from it all.

There’s no escaping the harmful blue light – but there is something we can do to protect our eyes as much as possible. These glasses will give you a clear view while keeping the blue light from devices away from your eyes. Few other glasses on the market filter out this harmful light quite as well as these glasses do.

They are precisely engineered to decrease strain on the eyes incurred from staring at computer screens too much. This is a real breakthrough in lens technology, and it comes at a surprisingly affordable price.

If you’re looking for reading glasses for either men or women that can serve to not only help you see the text better but also to keep your eyes from getting fatigued from digital screens, this is a great pair to consider.

Highlighted Features

  • Anti-blue light lenses cut out 90% of blue light
  • Designed for both men and women of any age
  • Frame made from durable polycarbonate plastic
  • Technology to help you sleep better by reducing eye strain during the day
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

8. DOUBLETAKE Slim Compact

The DoubleTake brand is good at providing high-quality products that actually serve the needs of its customers. These slim compact pocket reading glasses are a great example of such products. If you have a need for reading glasses but find that you’re often misplacing or even losing them, then this set is great for you as it comes with an extra pair of glasses, just in case.

You can keep one at each of your favorite reading spots. The metal frame doesn’t bend easily and the lenses are made from high-quality, scratch-resistant plastic that is non-polarized. Polarized glasses sometimes mess with the anti-glare technology, and this is why these glasses have the advantage in that regard.

If awesome value is what you’re looking for, these glasses will be ideal for you. The slim frame comes with a hard clip case that makes it super easy to store the glasses. It also helps to protect them from getting scratched if they are accidentally dropped or stepped on while inside the case.

With a 90-day full money-back guarantee from the manufacturer, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying these reading glasses. This is undoubtedly one of the best reading glasses you’ll find that gives such astounding value.

Highlighted Features    

  • Very ‘distinguished’ looking design for both men and women
  • Package includes two pairs of readers for your convenience
  • 44 mm non-polarized lens
  • Hard clip case with a shirt clip to keep your glasses handy anywhere
  • 90-day money-back guarantee and 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

9. ThinOptics Reading Glasses

These glasses from ThinOptics made it onto our list of the top 10 options available right now because of their unique features. In addition to having a sleek, slim design which makes them compact enough to store anywhere, these glasses come with a keychain case that ensures your glasses will never get lost – unless you lose your keys, of course!

Simply pop your glasses out of your keychain wherever you are, pop them on your nose and you’re ready to go! The black frames give these reading glasses a sophisticated, elegant look, and they are suitable for either men or women with any shape face.

The lenses are scratch-resistant and give a nice clear view of the text you’re reading. They are just as superb as the regular ThinOptics but more portable and convenient for carrying around. This is particularly true during the summer months when you don’t normally wear jackets or clothing with big pockets.

These glasses are so compact they will fit into tiny pants or shorts pocket. Now you can read your menu, newspaper, price tags, etc. hassle-free. These are the best portable reading glasses offered at a great price.

Highlighted Features

  • Package includes handy keychain for attaching glasses case
  • Optical-grade polycarbonate lens used in high-end prescription glasses
  • Scratch-proof and shatter-proof lens for long-lasting use
  • Flexible titanium-alloy bridge guaranteed never to break
  • Available in four different magnifications of 1.00, 1.50, 2.00, and 2.50

10. Success Eyewear Reading Glasses for Men and Women

You get the ultimate value with this set of four readers from the Success Eyewear brand. Each of them is well-crafted and made with durable, flexible spring hinges to ensure that you’ll be using them for a very long time to come. You can keep a pair anywhere you do your reading, such as at home, work, in the car, and in your bag.

The classic contemporary design of these glasses makes them ideal for both men and women of any age. They provide a perfect fit thanks to the flexible frame that won’t snap or break easily. The non-polarized plastic lens won’t interfere with any anti-glare technology.

If you’re someone who reads a lot, these glasses could help you avoid straining your eyes during those long reading sessions. If you’re looking for good quality, well-constructed, bargain-priced glasses, these are a great option to consider.

Few other manufacturers offer such value where you get four pairs of reading glasses for the price of one pair at Walgreens or Walmart. You won’t find great quality like this at such an affordable price anywhere else. Try these glasses out to improve your reading vision and look good at the same time.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality plastic lens for a clear view
  • Durable, lightweight plastic frame
  • 51mm, Non-polarized lenses
  • Comes in a set of four reading glasses for your convenience
  • Classic shape suitable for men and women of any age

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Choose Reading Glasses

If you find that you have to hold reading materials farther and farther from your face in order to be able to focus on the text well, then you already know that you may need reading glasses. While an appointment with your optometrist is the best way to go, you can still use the factors below to help you choose the best non-prescription reading glasses available on the market so you can easily read small text while protecting your eyes from strain.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when looking for the best reading glasses.

1. Ready-made versus custom-made reading glasses

One of the first things you need to consider is whether you’re going to get ready-made reading glasses or customized ones. The main advantage of ready-made glasses is quite obvious; they are easily available without the need for consultations and long waits. However, customized reading glasses might be necessary if you have different issues in each of your eyes.

2. Type of reading glass lens

You can choose from either single-vision lenses, bifocal lenses, trifocal lenses, and progressive lenses depending on various factors such as whether you need to correct a single field or double field of vision. Bifocals have an optical focal point for reading at the bottom while trifocals have three different points, and so on.

3. Reading glasses strength

This is measured in diopters and ranges from +1.00 up to +6.00. The poorer your sight is when reading, the higher the strength of reading glasses you’re going to need. There are various tests available online to help you determine the right strength for your needs.

4. Frame material

Most reading glasses have either a plastic frame or a metal frame, each of which is available in a wide variety of styles. Plastic frames are also available in a huge selection of colors and they are usually the least expensive choice, but they are not nearly as durable as metal frames.

5. Lens material

Reading glass lens are made from several different materials such as polycarbonate lens that are comfortable, lightweight, and resistant to breaking. However, these can distort some images. Trivex lenses are also lightweight and shatter-proof but they don’t distort images the way polycarbonate lenses do. High index plastic lenses are great if you need a higher strength of reading glasses because they are slimmer and more lightweight for added comfort.

6. Frame color and style

As with prescription glasses, most reading glass frames come in a wide array of colors and styles. Choosing the right one for you is really just a matter of individual preference, but oftentimes, it does help to consider the shape of your face as well as its width when picking your frames.

7. Anti-scratch, anti-reflective coating

Some reading glasses come with a coating that prevents scratches or one that is anti-reflective. This helps to keep your glasses looking new longer and to reduce glare that can make it difficult to see through them.

8. Case

You’re not going to be wearing your glasses at all times, which means that you need to consider the case that you’ll keep them in to protect them when they are not in use. Some pairs come with soft cases others come with hard cases. Yet others have cases that can be attached to your key chain, phone, shirt, etc. Choose one that’s most convenient for you.

9. Number of pairs

This is something to consider if you find yourself losing or misplacing your reading glasses a lot. When you purchase multiple pairs at once, you can keep them in all the different spots where you love to do your reading.

How to Clean Reading Glasses

Even the best quality non-prescription reading glasses need to be kept clean for them to function great. Cleaning your glasses is something you need to make time for if you want to keep your view crystal clear. To begin, run your reading glasses under warm water. Do not use hot water as this will significantly reduce the lifespan of your lenses if they are coated.

Gently rub a drop of ordinary dish soap on both sides of the lenses and nose pads using your fingertips. Kitchen dish soap is gentle, and it’s recommended by the American Optometric Association. Just make sure it’s not the citric-based kind as that can damage your lenses. After rubbing your lenses for about 30 seconds, rinse them with warm water until they don’t feel slippery anymore.

Gently dry them using a clean microfiber cloth that won’t leave any fluff, and everything will look a lot clearer! Inspect your frames to ensure they are perfectly clean and that there aren’t any stubborn smudges still on the lenses.

If there are, just repeat the steps outlined above until your lenses are totally clean. As for the small smudges that occur during the day, you can just keep a small microfiber cloth handy for the dry touch-ups.

Frequently ASK Question About Reading Glasses

1: What strength reading glasses do I need?

The strength of reading glass lenses is measured in diopters that increase by 0.25 for the different strengths, from +1.00 up to +6.00. The exact strength that you will need is going to depend on how you do on your ‘reading test’. This is a simple chart that you can print out online or pull up on your monitor.

Read the lines from the top to the bottom, and when you can’t read the next sentence down, the number at the side of that sentence will show you what strength you need to get. Obviously, you’ll need stronger reading glasses the poorer your vision is when reading.

2: How do you know what strength reading glasses to get?

The chart mentioned above is very precise when it comes to helping you choose the right strength of glasses to get. If you’re still worried about how to know the exact strength of reading glasses that you need to get, simply visit your optometrist so that they can conduct the test for you. However, this is not necessary to do when you’re buying over the counter reading glasses.

3: How do you read an eyeglass prescription?

First, you need to understand what ‘OD’ and ‘OS’ mean. OD is the abbreviation for oculus dexter, and OS stands for oculus sinister. These are just the Latin terms for the right eye and left eye. Your prescription may also have ‘OU’ on it, which stands for oculus uterque (both eyes).

Some modern doctors prefer to use RE and LE, for the right eye and left eye. The information for your left eye always comes after the right eye on your eyeglass prescription.

4: Is wearing reading glasses bad for your eyes?

Reading glasses do not damage your eyes. All they do is improve the level of your vision so you can focus on small text without straining your eyes. As previously mentioned, as we age, our sight is not as clear as it used to be, which means that we struggle to see the same text we could clearly read a decade ago.

For those affected by this condition, your sight will continue to degrade as time goes by if you don’t use corrective glasses. Reading glasses come in very handy in such situations and allow you to reclaim your vision.

5: Can you use reading glasses for the computer?

Using your reading glasses for the computer is not recommended. Conversely, you’re not supposed to use your computer glasses for reading. This is because the screen on your computer is usually a few inches away from you while your book is typically a lot closer to your eyes.

This means that if you do a lot of reading and if you stare at the computer for prolonged periods of time, you may need to get both, reading glasses and computer glasses as they work in two very different ways.

Final Verdict

Even if you are one of the lucky few who has healthy eyes, reading printed text in a small font can be a huge strain on your eyes. This is why you need to ensure that you get the right glasses to help you focus on text without causing headaches. This is particularly true for people who read a lot and not in ideal lighting. Use our buying guide to help you choose the ideal pair of reading glasses from our list of the best reading glasses on the market right now.

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