10 Best Led Under Cabinet Lighting For Kitchen 2021

Finding the best under cabinet light products can be tough if you don’t really know what to look for. Sure, there are so many options out there it is easy to be confused and pick lights that might not be the best solution.

You may want under cabinet lights to spruce up your space a bit or for a practical reason that has nothing to do with aesthetics.

Whatever your reason you can be sure that a reliable under cabinet lighting review would point you in the right direction.

5 Best Led Under Cabinet Lighting For Kitchen: Editor Recommended

10 Best Led Under Cabinet Lighting For Kitchen:

1. Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light 6 Pack Under Cabinet Lighting

If you love bright lights for your cabinets, shelves, closets or other areas, then the Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light 6 Pack might be the best LED under cabinet lighting you’ll need. Not only is this LED Puck light quite bright at an astounding 55 lumens, but it is also capable of 3000K for a warm white glow. From as far as 15 feet away, you can turn these lights on or off with just a remote control.  Actually, you can use one remote control to activate up to a dozen puck lights. You can also use the tap lens to turn your lights on or off.

You won’t have any problems adjusting your brightness levels either. That’s because the preset dimmer will do the job for you, so that you may go to 50% or 100% brightness if you like. Or, alternatively, you may use the – or + buttons for the exact brightness you need. These puck lights also operate automatically with a timer that you can set at 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes. The Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck lights are designed to run for more than 100 hours which is four times longer than puck lights of a similar class.

Highlighted Features

  • At 55 Lumens, the lights are very bright. The LEDs can go for a long time without needing to be replaced so often;
  • Use a wireless remote to turn your puck lights on or off;
  • You can precisely set the brightness level to whatever setting you like;
  • It is easy to set the auto shut off timer for your lights. You have from 15 minutes to 120 minutes to choose from;
  • You receive 18 double A batteries that will allow this light to last four times longer than other puck lights.

2. American Lighting 3LC-32-DB LED 3-Complete Dimmable Under Cabinet Fixture

American Lighting is known for producing the best under cabinet light fixtures. So, with the 3LC-32-DB LED dimmable under cabinet fixture you should have no fear of things going wrong. It is easy to choose your color temperature with this product as options range from 2400K, to 4000K. Installation is easy and hassle-free as the light fixture comes with captive mounting screws that you screw in place with a screwdriver. You can also link other accessories to this lighting fixture with an inline connector which also comes with your package.

One of the best features of the American Lighting 3LC-32-DB LED is its brightness adjustment function. You can adjust the brightness of your lights to any level you want.  This feature is crucial given that the lights have a capacity of up to 951 lumens. Furthermore, this lighting fixture features a 32-inch aluminum housing that is coated with a powder coating. You can rest assured that your purchase of this lighting fixture will not be a wasted investment as it is also designed to last a long time owing to its durable design.

Highlighted Features

  • Easily connect more than one fixtures together with jumpers or inline connectors;
  • Also features a mounting hole cover that matches with the housing;
  • Light is diffused evenly across the entire work area thanks to the Acrylic lens;
  • You don’t need to open the wiring compartment when installing the light (there is a quick access door for that);
  • Mounts quickly and easily with captive screws.

3. GE Premium 48 Inch Fluorescent Under Cabinet Light Fixture

You can trust General Electrics to produce the best hardwired under cabinet light system on the market. This GE Premium 48 Inch Fluorescent Under Cabinet Light is just what you need for your home office, studios, kitchens, and other spaces where lighting is required. Not only does this light feature an “instant on” operation, but it also features technology that offers no hum. It is also free of flickering on start-up, which is another excellent feature. You will have to hire a professional electrician to connect your direct wire light fixture. You might also need additional wires to wire this light fixture in your home effectively.

Highlighted Features

  • This fluorescent under cabinet light is a 48-Inch warm white light designed with an electronic ballast system that does not flicker or hum;
  • Fluorescent lighting that is suitable for the home office, workshop, garage, kitchen, studio, utility room, basement, etc;
  • This light unit is assembled fully for installation and comes with hardware and instructions;
  • You need a professional electrician to install this hardwire light fixture.

4. URPOWER Motion Sensor Light, 10 LED Bulbs Battery Operated Wireless Motion Nightlight

The great news for users of the URPOWER 10 LED Motion Sensor Closet Lights is that they do give powerful light in any space. The other great news is that they are designed with motion sensors based on passive infrared technology. You can’t ask for a better option from among the best LED under cabinet lighting products on the market. Once you are within ten feet of these lights, they come on automatically and stay on as long as you are still within range or are moving around.

They switch off whenever no motion is detected. These lights are versatile as you can keep them in a fixed position or you can move them around to suit your situation. Installation is quite simple, all it takes are the magnetic strips to stick it anywhere you like. The only downside is that the lights can’t be aimed once you stick them on (bummer!) You do need four AAA batteries to insert in each light but once you get them, expect the lights to last up to 100,000 hours (sweet!)

Highlighted Features

  • Effective motion sensor based on passive infrared technology, so lights automatically switch on for movement within 10 feet and shut off after around 30 seconds without motion;
  • Strong light provided with ten LED per bulb, so you can see around the whole room easily;
  • Uses four triple-A batteries which you must buy separately;
  • You will have no trouble installing this magnetic strip as you don’t need tools, nuts or screws to do so;
  • Great for closets, basement entryways, stairs, pantries, and other areas needing LEDs.

5. WenTop Led Strip Lights Kit DC 12v Power Supply Non-waterproof

Colorful strip lights are certainly useful whenever you wish to set the décor in your home or garden. The WenTop LED Strip Lights Kit is, therefore, the best under cabinet lighting kit for the job. The WenTop LED strips are supplied in 5-meter lengths and are designed to prove in excess of 50,000 hours of low power use. Because these strips run on DC 12 volts, they are reliable and safe to use. You have the flexibility of choosing the colors you want using the easy to operate controller. The strips are also flexible ribbons that can curve anywhere you like. Not only is the light extra bright, but it is also evenly spread and perfectly smooth. You should not have any issues with dark spots or hard to reach corners with these LED strips.

Highlighted Features

  • The standard kit includes RGB LED strips, a remote controller, an AC adaptor with connectors;
  • The 44 key controller also contained a DIY function and you can also set the brightness control;
  • You can cut these colorful LED light strips to every three LEDs and stick them on any dry flat surface using the adhesive backing;
  • You can have different colors as you choose such as Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White.
  • Lights are great for décor and indoor lighting for a patio, garden, balcony, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and even for weddings and parties.

6. Stick-on Anywhere Portable Little Light Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lights

If you love the convenience of sticking portable LED lights anywhere you please, then the Stick-on Anywhere Portable Little Light Wireless LED is just the ticket. You might say these qualify as the best under kitchen cabinet lighting kit you should buy. These handy lights are very easy to install and as the name means, you can put them anywhere. The light produced is quite impressive for the small-sized LEDs.

The motion sensor is very effective, so you know you can rely on the lights to go on whenever you are in the area.  Lights will shut off if nothing is moving after twenty seconds. When installing these LED motion sensor lights remember to allow space for the motion sensor to work. Any blockage will prevent the motion sensor from detecting movement in your home. You will also need to allow sufficient space between lights so that all lights will work properly. Follow the installation instructions for best results.

Highlighted Features

  • Lights operate with a three-way switch featuring the ON, OFF, and G functions. You can set it to “always on” or “motion-sensor”;
  • Lights are rechargeable through the built-in 850m Ah polymer lithium battery;
  • With its sensitive motion sensor movements are automatically detected from within 10 feet or 120°. It shuts off it there are no movements after about 20 seconds;
  • Lights are quite easy to install or mount, you don’t need a drill. You can take the light from the magnet to charge it, or use hand-held;
  • You can put these lights anywhere they are needed – drawers, closets, cabinets, and other dark places.

7. SE FL8403-10-3 10-LED Sensor Light

While this product features ten very bright LEDs as well as a big motion sensor that is easy to activate, it does not come with batteries.  You would have to purchase those separately. At least, you do not have to wire these lights up to your existing electrical connections.  That said, the strong points of the Goldengulf Wireless Motion Sensor LED Light is their three operating modes – constant on, constant off, and automatic. You might find this light useful for home security for both inside and outside your home.

This light system is perfect for lighting up your hallway, bathroom, walkway, and other areas you would like to have a spotlight on. It is easy to install as the light casing comes with a hole at the back to make mounting easier.  When shopping for the Goldengulf lights, be on the lookout for inferior imitation products that are not the best under cabinet light to use. You will also need to keep a steady supply of AA batteries handy as they go very quickly with these lights.

Highlighted Features

  • Package contains six bright white LED bulbs and a big motion activated sensor;
  • With infrared technology heat and movement are sensed so the light does not come on accidentally;
  • Lights can be used both indoor and outdoor and are also great for hallways, passages, cabinets, closets, and stairs;
  • Lights are easy to mount because of the hole provided at the back of the sensor.

8. EShine LED Dimmable Under Cabinet Lighting

When it comes to the best under kitchen cabinet lighting you can afford, look no further than the Eshine brand. An outstanding feature of this under cabinet lighting system is the super sensitive motion sensor that you can activate with a simple wave of your hand. With just a wave, your entire cabinet space is lit up with an impressive light that cannot be replicated by standard incandescent bulbs. The Eshine lights are quite easy to install – with either screws or double stick tape – so anyone can put it together and enjoy results immediately. You would, however, ensure that you place these lights correctly under your cabinet to enjoy the remote-free light control.

Highlighted Features

  • With a wave of your hand you can turn these lights On or Off, thanks to the ultra-sensitive IR Sensor. Say goodbye to the remote control;
  • You will save on energy because of the low consumption (12 Watts). Not only will you save money, but you also protect the environment,
  • The EShine Under Cabinet Light is constructed with superior quality materials that are also built to last for a long time. You can get them in either Warm White (3000K) or Cool White (6000K);
  • You won’t have trouble installing these Eshine light panels. You have two easy ways to install, either with 3M sticker tapes or with screws.

9. Hyperikon LED T5 Integrated Single Fixture, Basement, Ceiling and Under Cabinet Light

Without a doubt the Hyperikon LED T5 Integrated single fixture is a high performer that also allows you to save on energy costs. Not only is this LED lighting system created to last a long time, but it is also quite easy to use. Expect high-quality lighting from the producers of one of the best led under cabinet lighting system on the market today.  That is thanks to its patent-pending Helios technology that gives a superior brightness, appearance, and ambiance anywhere this system is used. The Hyperikon LED T5 Integrated single fixture is all you will need for your cabinets, counters, and other places in your home or business location. You might, however, be a little peeved with the tiny screws and small mounting clips you get with your order. That should not stop you from enjoying this quick action light system.

Highlighted Features

  • With the 22-watt Hyperikon LED T5 Integrated single fixture you save up to 60% on electricity bills;
  • Your lights will also last an incredible 45,000 hours or twenty-one years if used 6 hours per day. You don’t need to worry about replacing bulbs;
  • Lights go all the way into any dark corner as they carry an unbelievable minimum brightness of 100 lumen / watt;
  • Lights turn on immediately on the flip of the built-in switch, so you don’t have to wait on fluorescent tubes to get warm ever again.

10.  Albrillo Under Cabinet LED Lighting

And finally, there is the Albrillo Under Cabinet LED Lighting strips which you can regard as the best led under cabinet lighting strip for your home or business. Not only does this strip allow you to adjust the brightness up to 2000 lumens, but it also does better than the energy-guzzling 150-Watt fluorescent bulbs. With an Albrillo Under Cabinet LED Lighting strip you save more than three-quarters of the energy you usually use.  These under cabinet lights are so versatile you can use them in your garage, workshop, pantry, recreation room, and anywhere else in your home where there are cabinets, counters, or shelves. Use these cabinet lights together or separated, it does not matter.  They are quite versatile, effective to use, quite easy to install, very affordable, and attractive to your cabinets.

Highlighted Features

  • Save up to 85% of electricity with these ultra-bright 2000 lumen lights that brighten any dark corner; Every 4-Watt LED lighting strip gives the same brightness of 40-Watt incandescent bulbs;
  • Lights are very easy to install with screws or adhesive tape. Just plug & play;
  • Brightness can be adjusted up to 100% so that your various lighting needs can be met. The lights feature smart memory, so you don’t need to reset it again;
  • Very versatile for kitchen sinks, counters, bookshelves, and other cabinets. Constructed of durable plastic and aluminum for a long lifespan.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider When Select Under Cabinet Led Light

As you look for the best LED under cabinet lighting product available today, consider your main purpose for buying that lighting product. Is it to put light into a dark area so you can see better? Or is it that you want your kitchen or other areas to have a certain ambience that lighting provides? If you intend to put other fixtures under the cabinet apart from lights, consider what that will also be. Your purpose will determine which lighting product you will eventually purchase.

You see, under cabinet light usually comes in four types –  the puck light, strip light, tape light, and rope light.

  • The puck light is supplied in different finishes that suit your décor if they can be seen. You have the option to position puck lights to light up the backsplash to give the area an ambient glow, or to set it to point down at the work area of your countertop. Puck lights are also easy to install in display shelves or your glass cabinet front. These lights make excellent accent lighting too. The space you will be installing puck lights is an important consideration as you will need room to allow one light for every eight to twelve inches so that the lights can be arranged evenly without pooling.
  • As light strips go, these are available in different lengths which you can select to suit your cabinet, shelves, or other spaces where you need to install strip lights. If your cabinet is irregularly shaped, strip lights are the best bet. Also, you can choose strip light fixtures that match the length of your cabinet to allow your lights to be distributed evenly. If you install more that one light strip look for those you can link together and control with one parent fixture.
  • If your aim is to install lights that are also space saving, consider the tape light These are tiny LED lights in flexible tape strips that you can stick to the bottom of your cabinet with an adhesive. The tape light strip can be operated from one standard outlet but you must be careful when linking many light strips together. Ask for professional help if you must link tape lights together and install them.
  • A rope light is bigger in diameter than the typical tape light. These LED light strings come inside a plastic tube that you can install under your cabinet or along the toe-kick. You can select rope lights from the 12, 24, and 120-volt options.

Other considerations for buying under cabinet lights from the best under cabinet can opener options on the market include the color temperature. You can choose bulbs that provide warm light that range from 2,700 to 3,500 kelvins, which is best for ambient lighting or cool light that range from 3,500 to 5,000k which is best for task lighting.

The appearance of your countertop is also important to the light you choose. A matte countertop creates a smooth lighting scheme and the glossy counter gives off a reflection. To reduce light reflection, select light fixtures that come with lens that soften the light produced. With regards to the color of your countertop and how that affects the light produced, lighter colored countertops are more light reflective than darker countertops. If your countertop is dark, choose lights with higher lumens for the desired lighting effect beneath the cabinet.

Final Verdict 

Under cabinet lights are convenient not only for decoration, but also for lighting up your cabinet, shelves, passageways, stairs, or any area that could use extra light. You might even want them for special events that these lights can jazz up. With many great options to select from you will certainly find the best under cabinet light for your purpose. We have found ten recommended under cabinet lights that you can definitely use. Have you found the perfect under cabinet lights for your home or business? If not, this under cabinet lighting review is here to help you choose.

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