20 Best Yoyo for Beginners 2021 – Reviewed By an Expert

People say the player makes the yoyo, but every yoyo expert will tell you that the best yoyoing tricks depend on the yoyo as much as the player. Getting the best yoyo turns your yoyoing experience from a mere hobby into an art. Whether you are buying your first yoyo or simply doing an upgrade, you need a combination of the best axle, yoyo shape, and string to perform the best UFO, rock the baby, or any advanced yoyo tricks.

The advance in the quality of yoyos is evident with over 100 brands of yoyos in the market priced almost similarly but suitable for different yoyoing experience levels and tricks. Buying a yoyo without knowing what it can actually do can be very costly.

Buying a yoyo a decade ago even for experts was as simple as deciding on the axle and a shape, however, Yomega, Duncan, and other major manufacturers are coming up with more powerful hybrids that can perform very complicated tricks with a longer spin time.

10 Best Yoyo For Beginners: Editor’s Pick 

If you are buying your first yoyo, you still need one that will allow you to apply your new mastered tricks and not stick to beginner tricks forever. The complication of choices in the market makes a search for the best yoyo for both adults and children a very difficult one. That is why this guide has a collection of the 10 best yoyos from top brands suited for all types of yoyoists. You will have everything you need to know to buy the best yoyo but first, here is a look at the market’s best yoyos:

Top 20 Best Yoyo For Beginners:

1. The yoyo king Green Merlin Responsive yoyo

Yoyo king Merlin has some of the best yoyos for sleeping that will suit both intermediate and advanced skill players. This is a modernly modified shape yoyo designed for string tricks. Its designed with a
C bearing that allows the yoyo to spin for long aided with the perfect side balance to land back on the string easily. It is basically a yoyo for everyone.

Yoyo king used the famous C shaped bearing axle that allows the yoyo to sleep for long while maintaining its balance. The strengthened plastic material makes it soft on your middle finger and your arms even with the strongest throws and string tricks. It is designed as a responsive yoyo but the removable bearing axle actually allows you to upgrade it to a nonresponsive yoyo by simply replacing the bearing.

The yoyo is extra light and small in size, you can slip it in your pocket and roll it off your arm easily. Green Merlin comes with an extra string for the replacement which also saves you money. It is a standardly priced yoyo with an attractive appearance too. This yoyo is great for your children if you want to give them entertainment away from electronics. With this yoyo, beginners can actually learn and master intermediate tricks like split the atom in no time and pros will also enjoy new tricks with the tricky silicon bearing.

Highlighted Features:

  • The yoyo is light which makes it easy to handle even by young children.
  • The C bearing has elongated spin times and a stable spin making string ticks more fun.
  • You can easily dismantle and replace the bearing without risking the functionality of the yoyo.
  • The bearing axle reduces string tension which gives your string a longer lifespan.
  • The yoyo combines the traditional responsive axle with the modern modified shape that allows it to land evenly on the string while still accommodating the most advanced yoyo tricks.

2. The Magicyoyo k1-plus Responsive yoyo

This Chinese yoyo giant is known for high-quality aluminum alloy yoyos that are standardly priced almost like plastic brands. The K1 model is however made of plastic and compactly fitted with children in mind. The K1 yoyo is one of the best plastic yoyo models for children. The need for extra eye coordination and quick response with every throw keeps the children challenged and engaged full time.

This is a proyoyo shaped responsive yoyo that uses a bearing axle that can perform advanced acrobatic tricks as well as simple string tricks that allow young children to master their skill quickly. It is heavier designed with no weighting rings which means you need a balanced throw for the longest spin with 1A, 3A, and 5A string tricks. This allows you to master the best throws quickly which offers good training for beginners.

Magic yoyo has a package that includes three extra 100% poly strings which are less prone to tangling and immature wearing. You will also get an extra yoyo glove to protect your middle finger from bruises caused by the string and reduce the impact of the yoyo on the arm with string tricks. The yoyo is small and can fit in the pocket as well as the glow in the dark.

Pure poly strings are prone to get stuck and may need extra care when mounting. The package, however, has great instructions for unaided string mounting making replacement easy. The yoyo is not designed to be taken apart which prevents your children from losing the parts.

Highlighted Features:

  • A wider V-shaped gap that allows the yoyo to land perfectly on the string and maintain stable spins.
  • An attractive appearance with a glow in the dark loved by children.
  • A training design that requires more focus allowing beginners to master tricks fast.
  • The yoyo is heavy but small to fit in the arms of small children while still attaining a long spin with every throw.

3. The P. Lotor polished aluminum alloy unresponsive yoyo

This is still a Magicyoyo brand simply designed as an upgrade from the K1 beginners’ yoyo. It is one of the best upgrade yoyos designed to sleep for a very long with maximum stability in 1A, 3A and 5A yoyo tricks.

The C bearing is aided by a polished VI shape that allows the yoyo to land on the string from the sides. This is actually the best yoyo for sleeping designed with an unresponsive bearing axle and a wide gap that makes it spin perfectly and fast. It is designed for intermediate and advanced players but beginners will also learn to use it with little effort.

P.Lotor still comes with the MAGICYOYO package extensions which include a set of 3 extra strings and a yoyo glove and a mesh storage bag. This particular yoyo is smooth and shiny with a wide polished gap that achieves stable fast revolutions and feels great to hold in the arm. The aluminum alloy is also resistant to corrosion. The yoyo weighs 68 grams for smooth solid spinning when performing advanced tricks. It is one of the best butterfly yoyos for intermediate and advanced yoyoists.

Highlighted Features:

  • A smooth polished finish that allows for a stable handle when performing advanced tricks.
  • The wide V-shaped gap allows you to master new tricks easily on the unresponsive yoyo.
  • The extra weight with a silicon response pad allows you to perform a bind easily.
  • The extra package contains three extra strings that save you the cost of replacement.
  • A Durable material makes this yoyo a one-time purchase.

4. The sidekick pro unresponsive yoyo

Sidekick is one of the best yoyo manufacturers and this is their best high-end unresponsive yoyo with aluminum alloy. It has a shiny blue silver appearance with gold splashes making it attractive but its biggest advantage is the high-speed spins. Sidekick pro has a ball bearing axle with an extra widened gap that can run for a long time before your string is exhausted.

The aluminum alloy body also extends the lifespan of your yoyo up to 10 years. This yoyo is butterfly shaped with more room for your string which results in better balance when performing a bind on the yoyo. Sidekick also has an extra string with every purchase for replacement. The yoyo is compact and not designed for axle replacement. You have to be an intermediate or advanced player to perform most tricks on it. Like all sidekick yoyos, it is quite small in size and you can carry it around in your pocket.

Highlighted Features:

  • A butterfly design with a wide gap for easier binding.
  • The smooth aluminum alloy finish allows a strong grip when you catch the yoyo.
  • The advanced center track bearing boosts the power of the yoyo even with a weak throw.
  • The yoyo is basically designed for long-term service which offers value for its high range pricing.
  • The three color design with gold splashes makes the yoyo stand out and attractive to carry around due to the small size and a small weight.

5. The MAGICYOYO N8 Unresponsive yoyo

This is probably the best yoyo in the world for motor skill training. This is like a hybrid of all magicyoyo brands combining the advantages of the K1 and the P. Lotor yoyos. It is also the best yoyo design for beginners in unresponsive yoyos due to the butterfly shape and a U-Shaped axle that allows more spinning time and room to coordinate your tricks. It can b used for 1A, 3A and 5A tricks by nearly anyone.

The aluminum alloy with an extra strengthened center makes it hard for children to rip it apart making it suitable for children as young as 5 years. It can also sleep for long on the bow-shaped axle while retaining the high speed. The yoyo is extremely engaging with an attractive silver lining that makes it very attractive. The balanced butterfly wings weigh 68 grams which means you need little or no effort to achieve a maximum velocity spin with every throw.

Compared to other metallic yoyos, this yoyo is very cheap and suitable for any kind of user. MAGICYOYO offers a very attractive package with this yoyo including 6 extra strings with their usual glove to protect your arm and a bag to carry around. The u-shaped axle allows you to replace the ball bearing although Magicyoyo designed it to balance well on an unresponsive axle. You can easily put it apart to check if your string gets stuck and put it back together within a short time.

Highlighted Features:

  • A standard pricing for the same value of a high-end metallic yoyo.
  • A U-Shaped ball-bearing axle that allows for super long stable spin times even with weak throws.
  • A shiny smooth finish with a silver lining making it look unique and attractive.
  • The wide gap on the butterfly-shaped yoyo is perfect for binding and performing motor skills easily by beginners.
  • The 6 strings attached to the package cover your replacement costs for a very long time.
  • Using the slippery poly string on this axle needs extra attention to make straight throws which make this a very engaging yoyo.

6. The yomega Brain XP Transaxle yoyo

Yomega has some of the best classic yoyos in the world and this transaxle yoyo allows you to switch between responsive and manual returns depending on the skills you have mastered. This is a very simple yoyo to train on for young children with a 2.55mm space that gives a long spin time to walk the dog and rock the baby beginner tricks. This will give you the best experience as your first yoyo. As you master more skills, you can switch to manual return and customize your spins with time.

Yomega designed it to please both boys and girls with a transparent plastic that allows you to see the gears making it attractive to children. It is best suited for beginners and intermediate players but as you master more tricks, you will have to advance. It is engaging with the manual/auto return flip switch that allows you to test how well you mastered a trick after every lesson. This will keep your children entertained both indoors and outdoors.

Yomega classic yoyos are extra light and very small allowing children to hold in one hand easily and also catch the yoyo from strong throws without hurting their arms. It also offers a slight tickle on the middle finger instead of a tight bruising grip that makes it an enjoyable experience for kids.

When throwing during the day, the shiny finish with the Yomega logo combines to give rainbow colors with fast spins which are very impressive. It is basically designed to teach yoyoing without the disappointment of being an amateur. It is good as you literally grow with the yoyo. The price is also very standard and the plastic material with the clutch axle allows the string to unwind on its own for a longer string life.

Highlighted Features:

  • The switch between automatic return and manual return allows new players to correct errors in their throw making them pros in basic tricks within a short time.
  • The classic design allows you to catch and hold the yoyo with a firm grip for perfect spins.
  • The extra weight from the gears and the clutch is distributed evenly on both sides of the yoyo to avoid wobbly spins.
  • The transaxle allows elongated spins with very little effort.
  • The yoyo is easy to take apart for oiling and string adjustment.

7. The Yomega Fireball Transaxle yoyo

If you want to buy a yoyo, any professional recommendation will tell you of the fireball yoyo from yomega. Yomega is still the best yoyo brand after they invented the first transaxle yoyo and this is designed for beginners and intermediate skill yoyo players. The fireball yoyo runs on a plastic sleeve placed over the ball bearing that allows it to spin faster and for longer. This enables you to loop faster and more effectively.

The string spins are simple and super fast for any intermediate players, advanced level players can still switch to the manual return and still perform advanced loop skills. The yoyo weighs 69 grams with strengthened plastic material and a wide gap to maintain the stability. The sleeve on the steel axle is designed to streamline the spins by eradicating bot string and ball friction for efficient spins and longer string life.

When you flick, the fireball spins at the bottom of the string allowing you maximum autonomy over the size and length of your spins. Fast spins can be achieved with a simple flick and the tug return is also made easy with the streamlined axle. It is classic shaped making it smooth and easy to hold and catch after performing a trick.

Highlighted Features:

  • The plastic sleeve that covers the steel axle makes spinning super fast and streamlined.
  • Yomega designed the axle for easy disassembling in case you have to adjust the string.
  • The fireball yoyo comes in all colors for your child’s preference.
  • The classic shape allows the yoyo to perform the most advanced loop skilled meaning you can use it to learn and still employ it in acrobatic performance.
  • The light material with a soft string allows young children to make a strong throw with a simple arm flick without bruising their middle finger.

8. The Sidekick Pro Unresponsive red yoyo

The Sidekick yoyos are basically designed to be your ultimate yoyo purchase with the aluminum alloy body that is extra streamlined. The yoyo has the perfect v shape that lands it on the string when drilling sidekick binds while still retaining a high speed for looping.

The yoyo uses a C track ball bearing that requires skill to perform looping tricks which makes it very engaging. You don’t have to be very strong to make powerful throws with this yoyo, it is butterfly-shaped and lands back on the string with little effort. It is best suited for intermediate and advanced players. You will never stop learning new tricks with the wide ball-bearing axle.

This yoyo is designed with a smooth finish and silver splashes that make the yoyo stand out. The spin time is long sustained by the ball bearing axle and the H-shaped axle. The balance is uniquely maintained by the fine V-shape of the butterfly wings. It also comes with three extra strings for replacement. The coordination needed to perform loops on this fast spinning yoyo will actually keep you or you occupied for a long turning you into a yoyo master in a short time.

Highlighted Features:

  • The aluminum alloy is resistant to corrosion making it the best yoyo for a gift for your child that can build long-term memories.
  • The slight shrink in the gap size allows you maximum stability and control of the bind.

9. The yoyo king Merlin Blue unresponsive yoyo.

This is a hybrid yoyo designed by Yoyo King Merlin to suit professional yoyo players while offering room to switch back to traditional yoyoing. The yoyo is typically designed to sleep for the longest possible time. It is your best sleeping yoyo with a butterfly shape and C bearing axle for maximum control of your string tricks.

The Blue Merlin has a whopping 40mm gap that allows long fast spins that require maximum coordination to perform advanced tricks. The great thing about Merlin yoyos is that you can switch to a responsive type axle without changing the functionality of your yoyo. The flared modified butterfly shape puts more weight on the sides as compared to the center which still makes the long spins very stable.

The coordination of your tricks is highly supported by the narrow C bearing that leaves you in full control of the string. Yoyo King Merlin also gives you an extra string for replacement. The wide gap allows you a firm grip when you catch as well as a smooth strong throw. The C string also makes the tug return flick simple and effortless allowing you to regulate the impact of the yoyo on your arm when catching without affecting it’s landing on the string. This could be the best proyoyo choice for any advanced yoyo player.

Highlighted Features:

  • An extra wide gap that literally achieves the longest spins with any kind of throw.
  • The outward weight focus allows you to bin effortlessly and get a perfect return.
  • The C string is designed to hold firmly on the string to throw and return perfectly with a soft flick.
  • Yoyo King Merlin also uses a hardened and durable plastic material on their yoyos for durability.
  • The yoyo has a standard price and you can switch to a responsive axle with little effort and not change the performance of your yoyo.

10. The Magicyoyo V6 Locus Responsive yoyo

Magicyoyo has great unresponsive yoyo models but this design of their responsive yoyo is incredible. Magicyoyo used their normal aluminum alloy on a simple response axle wide gap yoyo that can achieve the extreme speeds of a high-end metallic yoyo. It is butterfly shaped with just 66g weight making it easy to catch and gentle on the hands of children when they catch. This makes it one of the best yoyo for beginners and intermediate players.

It is well suited for 1A, 3A and 5A string tricks with a simple flick that won’t disappoint a beginner. The yellow silicon pad is attractive while managing friction on the spins which elongates your string life as well. The C bearing of this yoyo is very slim and High speed oriented which allows it to maintain stability when spinning. This makes it suitable for trying out loop tricks for intermediate players. Magicyoyo uses a silicon bearing that can be taken apart easily to adjust if your string is stuck. The wide focus also allows the yoyo to balance perfectly for learners to train easily. Magicyoyo attaches an extra 5 strings with this yoyo for replacement.

Highlighted Features:

  • A multicolored aluminum alloy finishes improving appearance as well as boost the durability of the yoyo.
  • A narrow C bearing that helps beginners maintain a grip of the bind when learning to return the yoyo on the unresponsive axle.
  • The butterfly shape works well with the narrow C bearing to land the yoyo perfectly on the string.


11. Yoyo Factory Loop 360

Yoyo factory Loop 360 is a high-performance yoyo made of metal, and plastic sleeve placed over its axle, to enable long and smooth spins. The yoyo uses aerodynamic design principles and reduces its drag coefficient when rotating, thus offering fun and perfect performance. The yoyo can be configured as responsive or nonresponsive, thus being an ideal fun toy for kids, collectors, pros, intermediate, or beginner players.

Yoyo factory Loop 360 is made of long and smooth spin design and is easy to unscrew, depending on its modular design. The yoyo is made of premium and durable polycarbonate, wood, and metal material, which adds on to its durability and return on investment. It also comes in competition, round, and butterfly shapes, making it easier to use and play.

The yoyo factory loop 360 package consists of one factory loop 360 yoyos, a pair of gloves, extra strings, and a storage pouch. The yoyo weighs about 2.88 ounces while its shipping weight is about 4.8 ounces. The yoyo is ideal for Christmas, birthday, or thanksgiving gifts to family, friends, or colleagues.

Highlighted Features:

  • The yoyo comes in round, butterfly, and competition shapes.
  • It comes in different colors to choose from.
  • Yoyo factory loop 360 is durable.
  • It makes smooth and long-lasting
  • It can be configured as responsive and unresponsive.
  • Its package consists of extra strings, pouch, and gloves.
  • The yoyo is lightweight for easy portability and storage.
  • It is ideal for all types of players.

12. Duncan BUTTERFLY Yoyo

Duncan BUTTERFLY yoyo is an original, wide body, and bestselling string trick fun toy in the market. It is made of strong 6061 aluminum material, adding onto its durability, with its recommended age being between 6 to 10 years. The fun toy is lightweight and has a wide shape, which makes it easier to play with and do advanced string tricks.

Duncan BUTTERFLY yoyo is specifically tailored for beginner players who want to learn basic string tricks. It features a steel axle and a wide string gap, which enables the user to make smooth spins and simpler string landing. It also comes in different colors, making it a favorite fun toy for kids.

The fun toy has an average shipping weight of about 2.4 ounces, and its product dimensions are 2 by 2 by 2 inches making it perfect for easy portability and storage. It also comes with extra strings, gloves, a pouch, and storage bag; you, therefore, don’t have to incur additional costs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Duncan BUTTERFLY yoyo is durable.
  • It is lightweight for easy portability and storage.
  • The yoyo is ideal for all types of players.
  • It comes in different colors to choose from.
  • Its wide butterfly shape makes it easy to operate and do string tricks.
  • It comes with extra strings, a storage pouch, and gloves.

13. YOYOFactory Velocity Yoyo

YOYOFactory Velocity yoyo has a metal or plastic sleeve placed over its axle to make long and smooth spins. The fun toy uses aerodynamic design principle, which reduces its drag coefficient when rotating to execute a perfect performance. The fun toy is, therefore, ideal for every player, be it a kid, beginner, collector, intermediate, or pro.

YOYOFactory Velocity yoyos are made using a modular design, which makes them easy to unscrew at the center, untangle the strings, or lubricate for smooth spins. Built with premium and durable polycarbonate, metal, and wood, among others, the durability of this fun toy offers you a return on investment. The yoyo also comes in different shapes that are round, competition, and butterfly for easy play and varies in weight and width to give you the chance to choose.

YOYOFactory Velocity yoyo package contains left and right-hand gloves, a storage pouch, a bag, and extra strings, thus averting any additional costs. The fun toy weighs about 3.68 ounces making it lightweight enough for kids to play with, while its shipping weight is 4.8 ounces. The yoyo is an ideal Christmas, thanksgiving, or birthday gift to family, friends, and colleagues.

Highlighted Features:

  • The YOYOFactory Velocity yoyo is durable.
  • The yoyo is ideal for every player.
  • It comes in different shapes.
  • Its package includes a storage pouch, a bag, gloves, and extra strings.
  • The yoyo is lightweight and easy to play.
  • It executes smooth and long spins.
  • It is easy to unscrew its center.
  • The yoyo is an ideal gift to family, friends, and colleagues.

14. MAGICYOYO V6 Locus yoyo

MAGICYOYO V6 Locus is a responsive yoyo excellent for beginners. The fun toy weighs about 66 grams, has a diameter of 55mm, a width of 39mm, and a gap width of 3.2mm, making it lightweight enough for kids to play. The yoyo comes in different colors of black, blue, and silver, thus giving you freedom of choice.

This yoyo comes with a butterfly shape, which makes it easier, responsive, and excellent to use and play. Built with top quality aluminum MAGICYOYO V6 Locus is durable, with its shelf life being one month to 70 years. Its standard slim and responsive bearings enable the YO-YO to do balanced and stable high-speed spins and rotations, which underlines the reason why it is a pro yoyo players’ favorite.

MAGICYOYO V6 Locus product dimensions are 2.2 by 1.5 by 2.2 inches while the shipping weight is 2.88 ounces. The yoyo is an ideal birthday, thanksgiving, or Christmas gift to family, friends, and colleagues.

Highlighted Features:

  • Its package comes with additional accessories like strings, a bag, and a pouch.
  • Excellent for beginner yoyo players.
  • It comes in different colors, adding to its aesthetic look.
  • The yoyo is durable and gives a return on investment.
  • Great for birthday, Christmas, and party gifts.
  • It is responsive and performs high speed and stable spin tricks efficiently.
  • It offers smooth and clean spins and rotations.
  • Its butterfly shape makes it easy to play.

15. MAGICYOYO Silencer M001-B

MAGICYOYO Silencer M001-B is a fun toy designed to train eye-hand coordination and excellent motor skills. The unresponsive alloy yoyo has a more prominent polishing rim to give smooth spins and rotations. The yoyo is mainly used for both entertainment and acrobatic performances, due to its entertaining fancy.

MAGICYOYO Silencer M001-B cultivates creativity, rapid reaction ability, and imagination and is suitable for beginner, intermediate, and pro players. Its 66.5 grams weight, 57.12mm diameter, 40.87mm width, and 4.53 width gap makes it lightweight enough for kids. The yoyo comes with alloy 6061 body construction, which adds to its durability, with its recommended age being over eight years.

The yoyo uses 1A, 3A, and 5A string trick measuring 110cm, a stainless steel center T bearing with stainless screws, with a yellow silicone pad response to make long-lasting high speed and stable spins. It also adopts CNC lathe for precision processing while its increased density enables it to perform more significant momentum and increase challenges. Its T bearing makes the string to be at its center, thus reducing friction between the ball and the string.

The YOYO is made of high quality anodized 6061 aluminum while its strings are 100% polyester for durability. Its package includes one black MAGICYOYO Silencer MOO1-B, six strings, a pair of gloves, a yoyo holder, and a user manual. The shipping weight of the YOYO is 3.2 ounces, while its product dimensions are 0.1 by 0.1 inches.

Highlighted Features:

  • The yoyo is durable.
  • Its package consists of gloves, a storage pouch, and extra strings.
  • MAGICYOYO Silencer M001-B yoyo makes smooth and stable spins.
  • Its stainless bearing doesn’t rust.
  • It offers eye-hand coordination, creativity, and imagination training.
  • It is ideal for all types of players, be it kids, beginners, intermediate, and advanced.
  • Its butterfly shape makes it easy to use and play.

16. MAGICYOYO N11 Alloy Aluminum Professional Yoyo

MAGICYOYO N11 is another unresponsive yoyo that comes in black color with silver splashes. The yoyo has a zero recess feature and butterfly body shape, making it comfortable and simple to use. It also uses 1A, 3A, and 5A string tricks, thus enabling you to create advanced spin tricks.

The yoyo weighs about 64.6 grams, has a 54.0mm diameter, 42.0mm width, and 4.62mm width gap. Its body construction is made of top quality aluminum while its strings are made of polyester, which underlines its durability. The yoyo also has an eight ball KK size C bearing and a silicon pad response to improve its functionality and durability.

MAGICYOYO N11 comes in a package containing a pair of gloves, a storage pouch, and five extra strings. Its shipping weight is 4.8 ounces, while its product dimensions are 2.1 by 2.1 by 1.6 inches. It has a long idling time and a strong recovery system, thus offering more fun and longer spins.

The fun toy is designed for eye-hand coordination and excellent motor skills and can be used for daily entertainment and acrobatic performance.

Highlighted Features:

  • MAGICYOYO N11 yoyo is durable.
  • Its shapes make it comfortable and easy to use.
  • It is ideal for all types of yoyo players.
  • The yoyo is designed to train eye-hand coordination and motor skills.
  • It is ideal as a gift to family, friends, or colleagues.
  • It is lightweight for easy portability and storage.
  • The YOYO has an aesthetic feel.
  • Great for advanced spins, rotations, and tricks.

17. Volcano Splash Yoyo King Watcher

Volcano Splash Yoyo King Watcher is a professional metal yoyo with a narrow C ball-bearing axle measuring 0.25 by 0.25 by 1.87 inches, which gives it longer spin time. Its perfect shape and top quality 6061 aluminum body construction gives you the ideal control to perform advanced tricks like trapeze or atom. The yoyo is suitable for kids, beginners, pros, intermediate, and adults alike.

Volcano Splash Yoyo King Watcher weighs about 65 grams, has a width of 39.4mm, and a diameter of 55.9mm, making it lightweight and easy to play. It’s an aluminum body, and stainless bearings add to its durability with its recommended age being over 96 years. Its narrow flat C bearings enable the YOYO to make longer spins while the silicone system allows superior play.

The shipping weight of this yoyo is 0.8 ounces with its product dimensions being 3 by 3 by 3 inches. The yoyo offers its users the freedom to configure it as responsive and nonresponsive. To set it as unresponsive, you only have to install the angled C wide bearing.

Highlighted Features:

  • Volcano splash yoyo is durable.
  • It offers longer, smooth, and stable spin tricks.
  • The yoyo can be configured as responsive or nonresponsive
  • It is ideal for all types of yoyo players.
  • It is lightweight, making it easy to play.
  • Its package comes with extra strings, gloves, a storage pouch, and bearings.
  • It has an aesthetic look.
  • It is corrosive resistance.

18. MAGICYOYO V6 Locus Space

MAGICYOYO V6 Locus Space is an excellent yoyo for beginners, due to its responsive configuration. The yoyo has a perfect butterfly shape, weighs about 66 grams, has a diameter of 55mm, a width of 39mm, and a 3.2mm gap width, which makes it easier to operate and play. Its eight ball flat bearing measuring 6.35 by 12.7 by 3.175 mm enables it to make smooth spins for a longer time.

The yoyo has an M4 eight millimeters stainless axle, standard slim responsive bearing, and 6061 aluminum body construction, with matte finishing, which adds onto its durability. Its 1A, 3A, and 5A string styles and yellow silicone pad response enable users to perform high speed and stable spinning tricks.

MAGICYOYO V6 Locus Space’s shipping weight is 4 ounces, while its package dimensions are 4.4 by 2.5 by 1.9 inches. Its package includes one yoyo, a pair of gloves, a storage pouch, and five extra strings making a perfect Thanksgiving, Christmas, anniversary, graduation, or birthday gift. The yoyo is ideal for kids over the age of 8 years.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is lightweight for easy portability and storage.
  • The yoyo is made of durable and long-lasting
  • It makes a perfect gift to family, friends, or colleagues.
  • Ideal for all types of players, be it beginners, intermediates, or pros.
  • It is responsive, making it easy to use and perform spinning tricks.
  • It comes with a set of additional strings, pouch, and bag.

19. Juggle Dream Jester Diabolo

Juggle dream jester diabolo is an ideal fun toy for kids aged between 6 to 12 years. The diabolo comes with aluminum sticks, polyester strings, rubber cups, smooth plastic hubs, as well as metal axles, making it ideal for grinds. Its aluminum sticks are durable and come with a thin shaft, which makes them suitable for perfect stick grinds.

The juggle dream jester diabolo has an advanced string fixing system that allows the string to pass straight to the top of its hand stick. Its package consists of one juggle dream jester diabolo, one pair of the aluminum sticks, as well as a cotton bag, large enough to carry the diabolo and its props. The diabolo weighs about 255 grams, has a diameter of 4 inches and 4.4 inches width, for easy portability and storage.

The shipping weight of the juggle dream jester diabolo is 14.4 ounces, while its product dimensions are 13.8 by 7.2 by 4.3 inches. Its manufacturer recommended age is more than five years if well maintained.

Highlighted Features:

  • Its package consists of aluminum sticks and a cotton bag.
  • The juggle dream jester diabolo is durable.
  • The diabolo is lightweight for easy portability and storage.
  • It comes with durable aluminum sticks.
  • The diabolo is made of high quality material.

20. 36 Mini Yo Yo Assorted Colors

36 Mini YO-YO comes with a pack of 36 assorted colors mini yoyo fun toys of different colors, giving you options to choose. The fun toy comes in green, blue, red, and purple colors, which underlines why it is the kid’s favorite yoyo. Each yoyo approximately measures 1.5 inches and weighs about 0.16 ounces, making it lightweight enough for kids to play.

The 36 mini Yoyo, assorted colors fun toy, doesn’t use batteries, giving players, and hands-on playing experience. Besides, the yoyo comes with extra strings, a pair of gloves, and a storage pouch, thus averting any additional costs. The product dimensions of 36 Mini YO-YO are 1.5 by 1 by 1.5 inches while its shipping weight is 8 ounces and is ideal as a handout gift to guests, students, and class friends at parties.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is easy and fun to play.
  • The yoyo is durable.
  • 36 Mini YO-YOs is lightweight for easy portability and storage.
  • It comes in different colors to choose from.
  • It comes with 36 mini yoyo balls.

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Choose Yoyo

If you want to buy the best yoyo, there are simply three factors that you should be fully aware of. The design of the yoyo, your ability and skills as a player and the type of tricks you want to perform. The best yoyo brands will not necessarily provide you with the best yoyo in the world but a look at this guide will give you the factors you have to consider before paying for your best yoyo.

The Shape of the Yoyo

The shape of the yoyo affects the type and quality of yoyo tricks you can perform. The stability and off-axis performance of your yoyo is simply dependant on the shape of your yoyo. The two basic shapes of a yoyo are the classic and butterfly shaped yoyos.

The classic yoyos are the traditional version suited for almost any kind of trick but the butterfly yoyos have a longer sleep time due to the increased weight on the sides.

The modified hybrid shape yoyos bridge the gap of these two shapes to offer a double benefit. The smoothing of the wings also creates an impact on the shape of the axis gap which is a great consideration before making a purchase.

  • A perfect V shape allows your yoyo to spin more aggressively allowing you better control when spinning horizontally. This yoyo is also suited for a perfect catch.
  • An H shaped/ C shaped axis offers the most firm hold on the string when spinning. They are the best for professional acrobatic tricks as you are in control of every direction of the spin.
  • A flat walled yoyo is the best yoyo for both 5A and 2A type tricks as you can control the tilt of the yoyo easily.
  • The raised response pad closes off the string from the wings of the yoyo. It increases the string life and prevents tangling.

The Responsiveness of the yoyo

Your responsive yoyo will either run as an automatic response or a manual response yoyo. All responsive yoyos are suitable for beginners and intermediate yoyo players due to the little effort and skill needed to achieve the return of the yoyo to your arm. Automatic response yoyos come back to your arm quickly due to the clutch that flicks it automatically back to your arm when it reaches the end of the string. Unresponsive yoyos are well suited for advanced level players as you are free to design and perform your tricks better.

The size of the yoyo

When buying a yoyo for entertainment, you probably want to carry it around with you all the time. This means you will take a yoyo below 55mm in size although mastering this yoyo will need more time and training. These super small yoyos are however suitable when playing advanced string tricks such as the 3A string plays.

4A and some other loop trick players prefer oversized yoyos above 60mm but beginners and intermediate players will have a hard time mastering this. Full and medium-sized yoyos ranging from 50mm to 55mm are the most common sizes in the market and they offer the best balance for most of the common string tricks.

The material and weight of the yoyo

The longest lasting yoyos are made of metallic material. The most common type of material is the aluminum alloy which is basically light and your yoyo will reach about 70g. The increased weight on the yoyo does not necessarily affect it’s speed, most modern metallic yoyos spin really fast. The biggest advantage of the metallic yoyos is the durability and stability of the spin.

Traditional wooden and plastic yoyos spin really fast but they are less stable. They are however still good for learning most string tricks and loop tricks combined. Plastic yoyos are also very cheap. Derelin plastic yoyos are high-end yoyos as they are strengthened to perform almost the same way as metallic yoyos.

String and yoyo maintenance

Before you buy a yoyo, make sure you are covered in terms of lubricating and string replacement. overlubricating the yoyo makes its spin more unstable and the string also gets greasy making your catches messy. If the seller offers yoyo oil as part of the purchase, it is an added advantage. A regular string will be about 100cm to 110 cm and a strong string is necessary to keep your yoyoing safe.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yoyo

1. What Tricks can I perform on my yoyo?

There are 5 common classes of plays you can perform on the yoyo.

  • 1A where you use a single yoyo in one hand. It is the basic starting point for most beginners in string tricks.
  • 2A where you use two yoyos in both hands. It is the basic looping trick play.
  • 3A where you use dual yoyos for string plays. You may have to use a small yoyo for perfect catches.
  • 4A. This is a method of play that can use both multiple or a single yoyo to perform off-string looping tricks.
  • 5A which is the most advanced freehand yoyo play for string tricks. You can use one or two yoyos.

2. How do you put a string on a yoyo?

  • Putting or adjusting a string on the yoyo does not have to involve separating the parts. Simply unwind the string at the bottom end and hook it into the axle. You should check the axle type as non-fixed axles may require you to loop the string twice or thrice around the axle.

3. How is a yoyo lubricated?

  • Lubricating a yoyo is necessary for transaxle and bearing axle yoyos which can go unresponsive after some time. You should use a specific yoyo lube for the best performance. Take the yoyo apart and remove the string, the axle, and the response pads. Line the section that will come into contact with the bearing on both sides of the yoyo. Don’t do too much of it, just apply enough to allow the bearing to spin smoothly.

4. What return techniques are necessary to learn in yoyoing?

There are 2 basic return methods that will allow you to flick a yoyo back into your arm for both responsive and unresponsive yoyos.

  • a) The tug return method which is used to return responsive yoyos. It is simply a quick sharp pull on your arm that rolls the yoyo onto the string back to your arm.
  • b) The bind which is necessary for returning unresponsive yoyos. With this return, instead of tugging at the string with a simple movement of your arm, you have to tug at the string. You will need to loop the string at an angle that forces the yoyo to roll upwards on the string before it returns to your arm.

5. Can I repair my yoyo?

  • Most yoyos don’t malfunction easily except when they get wobbly when the axle loosens or the string simply gets stuck. You can definitely adjust and bring it back to its original functionality. If the string is stuck, take the yoyo apart and replace it or simply hold the yoyo upside down and allow the string to unwind until all tension tangles are streamlined if it is rolled due to tension.
  • An unbalanced yoyo can be tightened by simply adjusting both sides of the yoyo on the axle until you feel the firm hold. a Teflon of a loctite will help put the yoyo back in place tightly.

Final Words

A yoyo that allows you to challenge every trick you have learned helps in turning you into a yoyo master. Practice makes perfect in yoyo and the more your yoyo can grow with you the better companion it will make. This guide has the best yoyos in the market with all the basics you need when buying a new yoyo or doing an upgrade. The market has good yoyos but only the best will help you perfect your tricks and this guide has all you need to get value for your money.

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