10 Best Watercolor Paints For Professionals

Watercolor painting is an easy and fun activity for individuals of all ages. It also is a phenomenal way to practice your painting skills, decorate signs, nameplates, or other pieces of paper, and create unique works of art. With the best watercolor paints, you can create anything you imagine! Watercolor painting is an easy way to relax and practice mindfulness after a busy day or to add a fun activity into a long afternoon. Because it’s such an easy activity to learn and can entertain all ages, it’s the perfect family activity.

Top 5 Best Watercolor Paints For Professionals: Editor’s Choice 

​What We Reviewed

  • ​Sakura 24-Colors/set Assorted Watercolors Field Sketch Set with Brush
  • ​Watercolor Paint Set by Crafts 4 All 24 Premium Quality
  • ​Kuretake GansaiTambi Watercolor Set, 24 Colors
  • ​SHINHAN Professional Watercolor Paint 7.5ml Tubes 30 Color Set
  • ​MozArt Supplies Watercolor Paint Essential Set
  • ​Sakura XNCW-60N Studio Watercolor Set, 60
  • ​Prang Oval-16 Pan Watercolor Paint Set
  • ​Beginner Watercolor Painting Wood Box Set
  • ​Pelikan Opaque Watercolor Paint Set
  • ​St Petersburg White Nights Watercolour

Our 10 Best Watercolor Paints For Professionals:

​1. Sakura 24-Colors/set Assorted Watercolors Field Sketch Set with Brush

Sakura 24-Colors/set Assorted Watercolors Field Sketch Set with Brush
  • ALL-IN-ONE-KIT: Ultra organized and compact kit contains great quality...
  • CAPTURE THE MOMENT: Portable kit makes it easy to take on hikes for plein...
  • UNIQUE COLLAPSABLE WATERBRUSH: Sakura’s water brush separates into two...

​These paints from Sakura are a great choice because they come with a refillable koi water brush. This brush allows you to store and transport water within the stem of the brush and releases the water into the brush when you squeeze, making water coloring on the go a breeze. These are some of the best watercolor paints because there are 24 mini watercolor cakes in bright and vivid pigments.

The half pan watercolors are created to easily blend together, allowing you to create an infinite number of colors. The pigments come in a lightweight pan that you can easily transport.

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​2. Watercolor Paint Set by Crafts 4 All 24 Premium Quality

Watercolor Paint Set by Crafts 4 All 24 Premium Quality
  • LASTING VIBRANT COLORS – These Non toxic watercolor paint set comes with...
  • COLOR BLENDING – Our Watercolour paint are designed to be delicate and...

​These are some of the best watercolor paints because they offer professional quality at an affordable price. Unlike other watercolors, these paints are concentrated in tubes that allow you to easily squeeze a small amount out and blend with water or other pigments. These pigments are uniquely formulated to give you the maximum brilliance and clarity.

Plus, this watercolor kit comes ready with 3 free paintbrushes to help get your creativity flowing. These artists’ quality pigments are both lightfast and permanent. The smooth blending allows you to easily use pigments in a dark or light tone by varying the amount of water you use.

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3. ​Kuretake GansaiTambi Watercolor Set

Kuretake GansaiTambi Watercolor Set
  • [36 Colors] Gansai is traditional Japanese watercolor, utilizing colors...
  • [Flexible Techniques] Paints do not leave hard edges when dry, making...
  • [Brush Dexterity] Gansai Tambi Pans are much larger than typical watercolor...

This set is one of the best watercolor paint sets because it’s a traditional Japanese watercolor that uses specifically chosen pigments that are seen in nature. The traditional paints are vivid and opaque and presented in pans as smooth, instead of granulated like other watercolor paints. This smoothness gives your paint a shiny finish when it dries.These traditional watercolors dry without leaving hard edges, making it easy for you to do a flat-wash and layer paints with proper technique to achieve a flawless blend of colors.

The GansaiTambi pans are larger than typical pans used to hold watercolor paints, so you can easily use larger paintbrushes that might not easily work with smaller watercolor pans. Also contained in each set is a protective sheet that works to keep your paint pans from shifting, and it can also be used as a mixing palette.

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4. ​SHINHAN Professional Watercolor Paint

SHINHAN Professional Watercolor Paint
  • 30 bright and lively colors in tubes
  • 30 ESSENTIAL COLORS : Pure pigments and high-grade gum arabic - Our color...
  • PREMIUM GRADE : High degree of lightfastness and High adhesiveness - High...

​These professional watercolor paints, from Shinhan, are the perfect choice for any professional painter. This set offers 30 bright and brilliant colors condensed into 7.5ml tubes. These are the best watercolor paints for professional painters who appreciate being able to purchase paint on a budget.

This set costs considerably less than other professional grade paint sets or purchasing the colors separately at the art store. These colors offer a greater pigmentation than competitive brands that won’t fade with time or exposure to light.

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​5. MozArt Supplies Watercolor Paint Essential Set

MozArt Supplies Watercolor Paint Essential Set
  • 6 CLASSIC Metallic COLORS - Our Metallic Komorebi Watercolor paint set...
  • HIGH-QUALITY PAINT - Our Metallic Watercolor Paints are perfect for both...
  • HIGH-LEVEL PIGMENTATION - The pigments in this paint pallet have been...

​This MozArt supplies watercolor set brings you 24 essential colors that have been carefully selected by a team of artists to help you bring your artwork to life. These brilliant and crisp colors also blend easily with one another, giving you an infinite number of possible colors. The pans of paint come in a lightweight and sturdy metal box that you can easily slip into a bag to transport from place to place without your paints shifting or getting damaged.

This set comes with a high-quality paintbrush and the metal lid is split into three partitions that allow you to use the lid for blending. These premium paints are non-toxic, so they’re perfect for kids who are learning to paint or are passionate about arts and crafts. These are also the perfect back-to-school choice for your little art student.]

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​6. Sakura XNCW-60N Studio Watercolor Set

Sakura XNCW-60N Studio Watercolor Set
  • 60 high quality student grade half pan watercolors formulated to blend...
  • Two 9ml water brushes to transport and store water includes one #2 small...
  • Two palettes in set are one on reverse side of top lid and the other is a...

​These professional-grade sets offer some of the best watercolor paints in a shocking 60 shades! If you’re looking for a set that will give you every possible pigment, this is the watercolor set you’ve been waiting for. Plus, it comes from Sakura, one of the most well-trusted names in the painting and art supply industry.The half pans of watercolor paint in this set are specially formulated to blend easily and smoothly.

This set also comes with two water brushes that allow you to transport and store 9ml of water. When your paints require more water, you simply squeeze the brush to help it release more. The set also comes with two sponges for dabbing excess water from brushes. This sleek design is easily transportable and can allow you to paint on-the-go.

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​7. Prang Oval-16 Pan Watercolor Paint Set

Prang Oval-16 Pan Watercolor Paint Set
  • Pure pigments with no wax fillers provide smooth laydown and vivid colors
  • White mixing tray and brush included
  • Sturdy box with easy to open lid and refillable pan save you time and money

​Go back to basics with this 16 pan watercolor set from Prang. It offers pure pigments that aren’t full of wax and other fillers. The purity of this paint gives you a smooth finish and bright, vivid colors to make your artwork come to life. A paintbrush is included in the set, so you can get right to painting. The lid of the tray can also be utilized as a mixing tray. This affordable and easy-to-carry option is perfect for students and beginners.

The sturdy box will protect your watercolor paints if you need to transport them, and the hard plastic cover keeps them safe. Plus, if you run out of a particular color or colors, you can order more pots and refill your carry case, saving you time, money, and frustration. These 16 colors give you everything you need to start creating beautiful paintings.

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​8. Beginner Watercolor Painting Wood Box Set

Beginner Watercolor Painting Wood Box Set
  • Beginner artist sets by royal and langnickel are ideal for the beginning...
  • Art set features all the essential tools to start experimenting and...
  • Includes 10 watercolor paint tubes, 5 brushes, 1 watercolor pad, 1 plastic...

​These are some of the best watercolor paints because they come in a wooden carry box that gives you both a beautiful and organized way to store your paints and allows you to easily transport them from place to place. Simply grab onto the handle and bring your paints everywhere you go. Plus, this beginner art set comes with a “how-to” guide to teach new painters the basics of their new medium.

This set comes with everything a beginner artist needs to get off the ground. It comes with 10 watercolor paint tubes, 5 brushes of various sizes, a watercolor pad, a plastic palette knife, a drawing pencil, a pencil eraser, and a sharpener. If you have an artistic little one looking to grow into a painter, this is the perfect gift.

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9. ​Pelikan Opaque Watercolor Paint Set

Pelikan Opaque Watercolor Paint Set
  • Brilliant colors and excellent lightfastness
  • Set features a push-button box and includes a tube of Chinese White
  • Hollowed paint tablets for quicker solubility

​This opaque watercolor paint set gives you 24 brilliant colors in half pots, as well as a tube of Chinese white paint. The paints offer excellent lightfastness. The watercolors come in a push-button box that opens to give you access to all the colors at once. The sturdy case unfolds to show two levels of paint.

This durable carry case easily helps you transport these paints everywhere you need to. Plus, the removable lid has large mixing pans that allow you to mix and store your own colors. The separate tube of Chinese white allows you to apply a thick layer of the color as needed.

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​10. St Petersburg White Nights Watercolour

St Petersburg White Nights Watercolour
  • artist watercolor paints
  • nevskaya palitra
  • artist watercolor set

This set of 36 colors gives you all the shades you need and gives you the ability to mix these colors to create even more hues. These world-famous watercolors are created from single pigments of the highest quality. These half pans of paint are kept neatly inside the hard plastic case that protects it from bumps along the road. Easily take your paints with you and paint on the go.

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Product FAQ: Frequently Ask Question About Watercolor Paints

​What Are Watercolor Paints?

​Watercolor paints are a type of dried pigment. The painter adds water to the pigment to create workable paint. They are made of four main ingredients: a pigment, a binder, additives, and preservatives. The water works as a solvent used to make the paint applicable, as well as to dilute the color.

​What Is the History of Watercolor Paints?

​While it’s believed that using some type of water-based pigments has been utilized since at least Egyptian times, we can only date watercolor use as a formal art medium since the Renaissance. Watercolors were also seen in use by Baroque easel painters for sketches, copies, and cartoons but not as a serious medium of its own right. The Renaissance artist, Albrecht Durer, from Northern Germany, is widely thought of to be one of the earliest users of the medium.

​Where Can I Purchase the Best Watercolor Paints?

​Watercolor paints can be purchased at any art store or online at Amazon.

​How We Reviewed

Finding quality watercolor paints can be tricky, so we’ve scoured the web to find you the best watercolor paints for artists of all ages. We’ve reviewed them as well as compared them against each other, so you can easily find the perfect paint set.


​Image source: pexels.com

​Overall Price Range

Depending on what you’re looking for in your paint set, the price of watercolors can cover quite a span. You can expect to spend somewhere from around $10 to $60 on the best watercolor paints. For a cheaper price, you can find some paints that are perfect for beginners or kids. And, the more expensive watercolor paints will give you professional-grade paints to create masterpieces.

​The Verdict:

​Whether you are a professional artist, or you’re just beginning to explore your creativity and artistic side, watercolor painting is perfect for creating unique decorations and pieces of art. It’s also a perfect activity to unwind after a long day or to bond with your artistic little one. Whether you’re looking for the best watercolor paints for professional or beginner use, the perfect option is out there.If you’re looking for professional-level, watercolor paints, the Sakura XNCW-60N Studio Watercolor Set 60 is your best bet. It gives you 60 pigments of the highest quality to allow you to easily paint or mix every hue you could possibly need. Plus, this set comes with two brushes that allow you to store and transport water. These brushes also make watercolor painting easier because you can add in more water with an easy squeeze.

Girl with a watercolor and laptop

​Image source: pexels.com

If you’re trying to find some watercolors for the beginner painter or little one in your life, try the Beginner Watercolor Painting Wood Box Set. You can’t go wrong with this box set because it includes everything your kid needs to start creating their own masterpieces. Plus, they’ll love being able to carry their art supplies around with them in their own briefcase. The cool design will also encourage your little one to keep their art supplies organized.Creating and painting is the best way to bring your family together and get them involved in screen-free fun that all ages can enjoy. Grab some paints and papers, gather around your loved ones, and start letting your creativity flow!For more reviews on everything you love, visit our website today.

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